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 (Approved) [Relaxed]Senshi :Haruka Tenoh /Sailor Uranus

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Relaxed]Senshi :Haruka Tenoh /Sailor Uranus   27th September 2016, 9:21 am

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Haruka Tenoh
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Character Image:
Personality Traits: Masculine with a feminine touch. Does not hesitate to say what she thinks. Likes to tease and flirt with other girls. Separates her actions from her emotions. Deeply devoted to Usagi and to her life partner, Michiru. Protective of her loved ones.
Storyline Specific Information:
A whirlwind Relationship : Haruka seems very sad and depressed after she lost Neptune .She hangs out more with Ami trying to make a relationship with her but not quite sure how to start .

RP Sample: Haruka was just being late with her meeting with Ami at the cafe .She already arranged everything but is late just because Usagi stopped her on the street and started telling nonsense .Haruka wanted to be polite and leave but Usagi always stopped her .

Usagi ,please !I'll be late !Haruka didn't wanted to tell her more.

Huh ?Late to what ?Usagi wanted to find more about what Haruka will do .

To an important meeting !Shortly after replying to Usagi ,Haruka started running to the cafe .
Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)
Senshi Name: Sailor Uranus
Senshi Fuku:
Powers and Magical Items:
"Uranus Planet Power ,MAKE UP!" - Her first transformation phrase .
"World Shaking!" - Her first attack .Summons an earthquake .
"Space Sword Blaster !" - Uses the Space Sword to destroy enemies by a wave of energy .
"Uranus Crystal Power ,MAKE UP!" - Uses the Uranus Crystal to transform into Super Sailor Uranus .
"Space Turbulence" - Attacks the enemy with an energy blast .
"Galactica Space Turbulence" - Sailor Uranus used this attack when she was under Sailor Galaxia's control in Stars arc .


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Relaxed]Senshi :Haruka Tenoh /Sailor Uranus   28th September 2016, 1:02 am



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(Approved) [Relaxed]Senshi :Haruka Tenoh /Sailor Uranus

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