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 You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...

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Senior Member  Small Lady Emeritus

Title : Queen of the Cat Kingdom
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PostSubject: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   28th September 2016, 10:34 am

I remember finding these lists all over the internet back in the heyday of fansites. I remembered them suddenly and lo and behold I was able to find a few lists. We should tots start adding to it with our own. xD

List below is from

Quote :
You dress up as your favorite Senshi/Sailor Scout.

You have named your pets after Luna, Artemis and Diana.

You make your own variants on their attacks, "Dish Cleaning Activation!... and "Palmolive Bubble Blast!".

While watching a videotape, when it gets to a commercial, you yell, "Fast Forward Activation!"

Your dream wedding dress looks exactly like the Moon Princess's dress.

You know how to do all the Senshi/Sailor Scout poses.

You take a look at your life... and decide you should be more like your favorite Senshi/Scout.

You go down to your local arcade to attempt to contact Central Control.

You sing the theme song in the shower.

On weekends you watch two episodes from previous weeks to avoid withdrawl symptoms.

You get invited to a wedding and think "Oh, cool, I get to dress like Tuxedo Mask.".

You carry a hard-plastic rose in your jacket... just in case.

You can't pick up a rose without having the temptation to throw it at someone.

You can't seem to ever get the theme song out of your head (even in your dreams).

You are hungry, and you wish Makoto/Lita could come over to your place and cook for you.

You petition your local school board to introduce sailor-schoolgirl uniforms.

You only get 31 points on your test, but you feel good because you scored 1 point more than Usagi/Serena did.

You watch copies of Sailor Moon over and over and over...

Your notebooks have more Sailor Moon doodles than notes!

Your friend who is ALSO a Sailor Moon fan says, "I think YOU've been watching too much Sailor Moon!".

You get into a fist fight, but before your first swing you take the time to say..."In the name of the Moon, I will punish you.".

You're eating M&Ms and you associate each color with a different character from the show:
Yellow = Sailor Moon
Red = Sailor Mars
Blue = Sailor Mercury
Orange = Sailor Venus
Green = Sailor Jupiter
Brown = Tuxedo Mask

And once you're down to your last six, you eat them in the order that they died in "Day of Destiny", (Green-Blue-Orange-Red-Brown-Yellow).

Someone tells you, "You act, look, or sound, just like Sailor Moon". AND you take it as a Compliment!

You call your local radio station and request one of your favorite Sailor Moon songs to be played.

Your room is wallpapered in Sailor Moon posters.

You grab a car key and start yelling at it to take you back to the time of the Moon Kingdom.

You start thinking of which one of your friends is most like one of the Senshi/Sailor Scouts.

You get personalized license plates that say something like "SLR MOON", "SLR MARS", "TUX MASK".

You go out and buy a black cat and name it Luna.

You celebrate the Senshi/Scout's birthdays.

While playing a card game, you suddenly throw down a card and say "Cardian King of Spades, come forth!"

You are constantly trying to recruit people into watching Sailor Moon.

You collect all of the Sailor Moon trading cards.

You spend hours watching Sailor Moon, frame by frame. In an attempt to learn all of Sailor Moons hand movements.

You've developed Serena's "Sloth-like sleeping habits", and are proud of it.

You read all the Sailor Moon FanFics you can get a hold of.

You write Sailor Moon FanFics.

You have dreams about Sailor Moon.

You can name any episode title from the number or vice-versa instantly.

You have every episode on tape.

You have to move to another city, and your main concern is, 'Will the local TV stations play Sailor Moon?!'.

Everytime you hear Aerosmith's song "Dude looks like a lady" you can't help but think of Zoisite.

You can name off all of the Senshi/Sailor Scouts, but you can't name the last four US presidents.

You are a Master of Sailor Moon Trivia.

Your parents tell you that you can't watch Sailor Moon anymore because you are obsessed with it.

You decide that if Sailor Moon goes off the air you will move to Japan.

You have Sailor Moon sheets on your bed.

Instead of yelling obscenities, when you are mad at someone. You call them "Spore!" or "Fungus!".

You start renaming all of your friends after different Sailor Moon characters, whether they like it or not.

You can play Alan's flute music on your own flute.

You start calling good looking guys "hunkmiesters".

You can make Moonies out of people who have never even seen the show.

You always wear some type of Sailor Moon item to school, in hopes of attracting other Moonies to you.

You write a letter to your local tv station, asking them to put Sailor Moon back on the air.

A hard core 'Trekker' calls YOU an obsessed fan.

You buy Sailor Moon video game cartridges from Japan, but can't play them right because you can't read Japanese. And yet you still love to play them.

You mail order the Sailor Moon playing cards, and don't even care that the shipping and handling costs more than the cards themselves.

You find yourself saying "As if!" constantly.

You have a locket, (just like Serenas moon locket), especially made for you.

Someone teases you about liking Sailor Moon and you no longer get mad. Instead you just pity them.... For they know not, what they are missing.

"Wicked Cool" is suddenly your choice statement.

You actually managed to convince your boyfriend/girlfriend that the show is cool.

You cried when Nephlyte died.

You listen to Sailormoon music more than you do other kinds of music.

You start up a Sailor Moon fan club at school. And in six weeks you have more members than the French, Chess, and Drama clubs combined.

You get insanely jealous when someone says that they're more of a Moonie than you are.

You design your bedroom to look like Serena's or one of the other Senshi/Sailor Scouts.

You no longer say 'goodbye'. Just "I'm outie!".

You think of 'Sailor Moon Says' as a 65 step program to a better life.

You know that CD's are tough. But, you wonder if you may be wearing out your Sailor Moon CD by playing it 10 times every day.

You can do very convincing impressions of any Sailor Moon character.

Every time you see a cute guy, you say "He looks just like my old boyfriend!"

You have little cute bunnies on your clothes and other things.

You even know the names of all the Negaverse monsters.

You take a picture of one of the Sailor Scouts to your hair stylist and say... "Make my hair look like hers."

Your girlfriend is similar to Serena in so many ways, it's scary. (And you love to be scared! Smile

You write to NASA, and try to convince them that they should have another mission to the moon, to search for the ruins of the Moon Kingdom.

You make up Sailor Moon jokes... ie: What do you get when you cross Sailor Moon's cat and a clock? A Lunatick!

Every calendar in your house has the Sailor Scout's birthdays marked on it.

You buy a new ZIP disk drive, just so you have a place to store all of the Sailor Moon pictures and sound clips you have downloaded.

You set up a .wav file to play a Senshi/Scout transformation music whenever your computer reboots.

Your two big thrills during the day are watching Sailor Moon and reading the newsgroup.

You change your DOS prompt to read "C:\>Type here, Meatball-head!"

You have an email address that is related to Sailormoon.

Your E-Mail's 'signature' file quotes Sailor Moon episodes and/or has ascii art of Sailor Moon characters.

You make your own Sailor Moon Web Site.

Your dream is to own the largest Sailormoon web site on the net.

You have just about everything on the internet that is related to Sailormoon on your hard drive.

The only reason you go on-line, is to view Sailor Moon web sites.

Once every week, you do a search for "Sailor Moon" on one of the net search engines. Just to keep up on the constantly growing number of Sailor Moon web sites.

You are on a never ending quest, to collect every Sailor Moon picture on the internet.

You can type "Sailor Moon" faster than your own name!

You subscribe to the VERY active Sailor Moon mailing lists.

You receive 200+ messages a day from Sailor Moon mailing lists.

You SEND 200+ messages a day to Sailor Moon mailing lists.

You have actually been to every Sailor Moon web site that exists.

Every time you see a link to a new Sailor Moon web site, you simply have to check it out!

You've downloaded every Sailor Moon .midi file you could find, and are listening to them regularly.

You buy a faster modem, just so you can download more Sailor Moon multimedia files.

You run out of hard drive disk space because of your overwhelming Sailor Moon files. And to free up some space you decide without hesitation to erase Microsoft Office 95, instead of touching any of your precious Sailor Moon files.

You have Sailor Moon for your PC wallpaper.

You use Sailor Moon character names, as handles online.

Every bookmark in your web browser is a Sailor Moon link.

You have completed a full circle of the 'Sailor Moon Ring of Power'.

You start signing all of your e-mails "I'm Outtie."

You don't surf the net anymore, you SAIL it!

Every time you see a new Sailor Moon item, you simply HAVE to buy it!

You spend 3 days of your 4 day trip to Japan, just buying Sailor Moon merchandise.

You spend more money on Sailor Moon merchandise, than you do on food.

You call many stores looking for Sailormoon merchandise and are willing to drive long distances away to get them.

You hang out on eBay.Com looking for Sailormoon merchandise.

You decide where to go for vacation, based on whether or not they might sell Sailor Moon merchandise there.

You carry around a bunny backpack. And you actually use it.

You can sing along to the Japanese theme song, and you don't even know Japanese!

You take classes to learn Japanese, just so you can watch the original Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon.

You can recite the dialogue even though you don't know much of Japanese.

Your purpose in life is to convert the dub fans to the Japanese show.

You go crazy when people call the Senshi, "Scouts".

You come close to strangling anyone who uses the english attack phrases.

"Baka" is your most frequently used insult.

You watch the NA version, and say "Hey... they cut out a scene!!" and proceed to explain the cut scene in detail, annoying everyone in the room.

You start to pronnounce Sailor Moon as Serra-Muun when you talk about the show to your friends.

You involuntarily slip a few Japanese words into a conversation... and you don't even speak Japanese (due to watching too many fan-subbed episodes). Then you apologize... in Japanese (gomen.. er.. I mean.. Sorry...).

You call out the Japanese attacks while watching the NA version... and realize you've forgotten what the NA attacks WERE!

You talk to your friends about the characters of Sailor Moon, like Naru, Motoki, Umino, Unazuki, etc. and receive blank faces.

You forget the NA names.

You drive your friends and family crazy because you only listen to Japanese music... *and* you sing along!

You pronounce the Senshi's names the Japanese way (e.g. Seeraa Jupta, Seeraa Buinasu).

You know all the attacks, items, weapons, and henshin phrases by heart.

You actually know their meanings as well!

You use this list as a checklist to see just how obsessed to Sailor Moon you really are.

On all the sleepovers you go to, you carry a bag around full of sailor moon tapes in hopes of watching them.

You try to play sailor moon songs on your piano or other instruments.

You start calling your friend, Amy, Ami-chan without even realizing it! -- ~MT~

You insist all of your friends wear their hair like the Sailor Moon characters (i.e, red-heads gotta do the Naru/Molly thing, brunettes gotta wear pony-tails with blue "baubbles", blondes gotta do the Moon/Venus look, exc), and drive them nuts in the proccess. -- ~MT~

You die your hair pink and attempt to do Chibi Usa's/Rini's "pine cones". -- ~MT~

You create a Sailor Senshi for yourself, and you swear you can sometimes "feel" your sign glowing on your forehead... -- ~MT~

You got grounded for shaving a cresent moon on your cat's forehead, and insist you were just trying to see if it came from the Moon Kingdom! -- ~MT~

You start wearing glasses like Unimo's/Melvin's. -- ~MT~

You call the characters by their Japanese names so much, that it feels awkward using their N/A names. -- ~MT~

When you get mad at someone, you point your fingers at them and shout "Mars Fire Ignite! Your moon-dust!" and walk away leaving them in confusion. -- ~MT~

"Gotta book-it!" becomes your new phrase for when you have to leave. -- ~MT~

You have mastered that art of Usagi/Serena wailing! -- ~MT~

Your always late for class... -- ~MT~

You try to see if any of the people you know look like people from Sailor Moon. -- ~MT~

You start trying to *make* the people you know look like those from Sailor Moon. -- ~MT~

My personal one: You know you're obsessed with Sailor Moon when you're addicted to a Sailor Moon forum and even staffed it for 5 years. xD


Last edited by Brit-chan on 28th September 2016, 12:51 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   28th September 2016, 11:49 am

I love how dated these are; this list makes me feel so nostalgic.
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Senior Member  Small Lady Emeritus

Title : Queen of the Cat Kingdom
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   28th September 2016, 12:52 pm

Oh I know, especially the watching it on videotape one and having to wait a week for the next episode. XD I remember those days!


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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   28th September 2016, 2:02 pm

Oh wow, these made me laugh. Even back as a child, I thought some of these were a bit obnoxious. There was one list that had usagi-I mean serena's- famous "crusin for a brusin" line to say to your younger siblings, and I did start using that one, totally stolen from that particular list with my sister...for about two days, before I got in trouble. I was like 10 years old at the time.


 GC's Official Sailor Cosmos
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Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   28th September 2016, 2:36 pm

oh wow, these are funny and i do many of them now, it drives my mom crazy
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   1st October 2016, 9:12 am

Quote :
Your always late for class... -- ~MT~
That's right...


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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   1st October 2016, 9:48 am

when one month your bedroom walls are bare..and the next their covered in Sailor Mercury posters and wall scrolls..


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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   10th October 2016, 8:09 pm

When you watch a Science Channel program and discussions about the hypothetical planet Nemesis makes you laugh for a full minute and you can't stop smiling like a geek for the next five minutes. Yup.


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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...   10th October 2016, 8:47 pm

@Brit-chan wrote:
Quote :

Instead of yelling obscenities, when you are mad at someone. You call them "Spore!" or "Fungus!".

You start calling good looking guys "hunkmiesters".

You find yourself saying "As if!" constantly.

"Wicked Cool" is suddenly your choice statement.

You no longer say 'goodbye'. Just "I'm outie!".

You start signing all of your e-mails "I'm Outtie."

"Gotta book-it!" becomes your new phrase for when you have to leave. -- ~MT~
When you're 5 and convinced that people actually talk like this^^  

When you own more toys at age 20 than you did as a kid because you collect sailor moon merch


sig by Neptune ♡
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You Know You're Obsessed With Sailor Moon When...

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