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 [Advanced] General: Hiraeth

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PostSubject: [Advanced] General: Hiraeth   3rd October 2016, 12:48 pm

Character Name: Von
It's to note that though he was born Von, nobody calls him that. Hiraeth is more used that his real name ever was.
Gender: Male
Age: 45 years old

Used Canons: General Sailor Moon Knowledge

Appearance: Hiraeth has that youthful appearance of those who never age, appearing twice younger that he actually is. When his friends were still alive, it wasn't rare to see him with a smile on his face, often charming and with eyes that burned with happiness, playfulness and a certain innocence Mercurio would often both mock and praise. Now, his face is still gentle, he hasn't become a monster or totally aloof, but his gaze is more often melancholic and his smiles don't always reach his eyes. So where the blue of his eyes used to shine, the color now seems dull. His lips often trace a thin and straight lines, but his features didn't harden.

Though he wasn't a fighter, he has a body that would allow him to fight in bars and even wars, since he was his prince's general, but being more of a shield than a sword, he doesn't need to drown in muscle. He's well drawn, and in shape enough not to become out of breath after five minutes of physical activities, but he also appears very lean and wears his clothes well-adjusted.

He has short and blond hair, strands usually going in all direction in a sort of ordered mess.

His clothes are generally blue. He likes leather, loose clothing, long jackets. He doesn't really care. He used to wear more clear blue, but now it's often a darker shade of blue.
Personality: If Mercurio was always the most mischievous of them both, even if he appeared dreadful of ideas that could quickly backfire, he rarely said a definitive no, following with mild complaining in any shenanigans the other would pull him. If he shared the untamed mind, he was more peaceful, preferring a resolution that didn't rhyme with conflicts. If he saw a possibility to avoid any violent altercation, he would take it, taking his friend away as well. It never stopped him to join the fight would his friends be in trouble already.

If there was one trait he should be remembered for (under his flaws and bad habits), it would be his loyalty. Torture could have been in the menu and Hiraeth would have rather died than betray his friends. Irony then that he was the one who survived his friends and a fact he resents the universe but he would never think of joining them by himself.

He loved women, he loved dancing, he loved everything a young man could hope to love (and maybe more), unabashed by years of mindless flirts. If he grew out of it, he does retain some body language of a former lover of women.

He is incredibly fragile and unstable, able to go from one end of the emotion spectrum to the other in certain situation and since he became dependent of the help provided by Mercurio, he has trouble controlling his emotions and the effect they have on his surroundings. He is at risk of hurting others, even if he doesn't want to. In other situations (mostly when Mercurio was still alive) he could actually control his emotions and decide whether to seek sadness, anger or peace of mind depending of what was needed.

He lost all hope when he lost his friends.

Hiraeth needs to touch someone to feel grounded and comfortable. It can be just a simple brushing of the tip of his fingers against a wrist, a shoulder, a back, etc. He would stop doing it if the person accompanying him is not comfortable with it, but he might do it again hours later if under stress, often without noticing at first. It's an unconscious way for him to make sure the person with him is real, alive and breathing beside him. It happens even more after a panic attack.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Sixth Sense: He can see Death, or at least a representation of it, when people are fated to die soon. Sometimes he can do something to save them, sometimes he can't.
Emotions: Sadness heals. Rage destroys. Affection, love, sympathy protects. Happiness boosts his strength and others'. Despair hurts him and can kill him. Hatred poison and corrupt. Hope renders him untouchable.
Long lifespan: He doesn't age as fast as normal humanoid forms would. The real lifespan of his kind is unknown, but they're known to live long. When they don't get killed.

History: Hiraeth is born on a planet on which politics, really would seem much simpler than on most others: the power was shared by only two royal families, the North and the South. The North was ruled by a Lady, soon to be given to her son, Remi and the South was ruled by a Lady and her Lord. They had a girl: Julia. Hiraeth was a child of the North and he was, with Mercurio, a childhood friend and General of the prince. Both families were respected for the North's son was powerful, his strange abilities making him a good choice to defend the planet from possible invaders and the South's daughter was the planet's senshi protector. So of course, Hiraeth and Mercurio had both been chosen for their own talents, but also for how baby Remi would react to them.

Hiraeth's abilities made him a useful shield and Mercurio's ability made him a useful sword, but better yet, Mercurio had this soothing mental wave he could send on others and both of them soon discovered it could calm Hiraeth's emotions and thus give him a better grip on his own powers. They became close after that.

Soon adopted by Remi, Hiraeth was certain life couldn't get better.
And in retrospection, it probably only got worse from there.

Hiraeth was 5, Mercurio was 8 when they were introduced to Remi and when the prince was 20, Hireath was 25 and Mercurio 28. Maybe they weren't the best to influence the prince's hobbies, but Remi wouldn't let them leave and they didn't want to. The young prince was mature, entertaining and Hiraeth loved him to bits. Mercurio was the one who pushed them all towards women, however, poet that he was and despite everything his feelings told him, Hiraeth accompanied him everywhere.

They were soon with a reputation everywhere they went and Mercurio seemed proud of their little prince. Life was rather easy to live and the boys mostly partied, Hiraeth's life was only them, but he was happy with it and wouldn't have changed it for anything in the world.

It went on until Remi met her.

Her being the South's precious daughter, precious princess, Julia.

Mercurio wouldn't stop mocking her, but Hiraeth knew the truth: Remi was in love. Fiercely and desperately so. He knew the feeling. He just kept it hidden better than his prince. So he watched. He watched, worriedly so as Remi and Julia slowly came together. This wouldn't end well. Not with the Tyren, a lord of the south, turning around Julia like that. Tyren, Mercurio, Hiraeth and Remi were all rivals. Hiraeth knew Tyren wouldn't take well to Remi loving the woman he wanted for him and he knew Mercurio would jump on the opportunity to kick Tyren's ass.
He feared for them all.
He feared tenfold for them all when he started to see Death near them. Sometimes walking near Remi, sometimes brushing Julia's hair, sometimes whispering in Tyren's ears, sometimes hugging Mercurio and once, only once had Death kissed his cheek.

The old hatred between the South and the North wouldn't help them.

Remi's love was forbidden and Hiraeth, after a while and on Mercurio's own philosophy of love being fabulations, tried to warn him, but Mercurio unexpectedly teamed up with their prince and he could only give up.

Hiraeth almost thought it could maybe work when out of the blue, Remi married Julia. This time, even Mercurio lashed out on their prince, scolding him greatly. They were frustrated for betraying his clan like this, Mercurio insulting their love, saying it wasn't true and that Remi would get bored easily enough, that he would be haunted by that mistake for all his life.

But no anger would keep them from their duties so when Tyren came to kill their prince, Mercurio intervened, but Remi trying to keep them apart finally allowed Tyren to stab Mercurio as soon as Remi made a mistake. Mercurio died and Hiraeth almost followed, his despair enough to send him in the grave, but Remi's grief kept him grounded. His prince needed him, so when Remi avenged Mercurio, Hiraeth was the one who took him out of the territory and hid him among neutral people, nor for the South, nor for the North.

When he came back, he warned Remi's mother, but didn't think about telling anyone else.

Julia took her life soon after, thinking Remi had died.

Hiraeth was seeing their entire existence crumbled and was sent to warn Remi. Unable to explain anything without breaking down, his lash out made him blind to Remi's distress and he arrived too late to keep him from dying as well.

But when Hiraeth thought his turn had come, Death turned away from him.

Peace slowly broke up between the mourning royals, the two Ladies of the planet crying together over their children, over their love they shouldn't have judged or condemned. Angry at them, he left the planet. He couldn't live on this planet of hope, not after it took all of his friend, his love and his life to finally become what it was.

Maybe travelling, maybe being elsewhere would allow him to find something to control his abilities. He was afraid to hurt people, being so used to Mercurio's own ability to calm his emotions that he rarely could control them by himself.
Other Noteworthy Facts:
One of Mercurio's power allowed him to control Hiraeth's intensity of emotions, which made them easier to use.

Storyline Specific Information: None

General Information

General Name: Hiraeth
Realm of Influence(s): Emotions, Irregularities, Visions
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: None, he's always powered, he has no civilian form.
Senshi Fuku: N/A 
Screaming: when angered, he can use his screams to send shockwaves against people, but uncontrolled, these waves can touch both allies and foes. If he wakes up from a nightmare screaming, it can break things like vases or glass. Anger needed.
Shield: Hiraeth puts both hands on his heart and closes his eyes. If he can muster enough positive emotions from a person or a memory, he can summon a forcefield around him, someone else, or him and others. Affection, love, friendship needed.
Melting: If he can muster enough hatred, all he has to do is get really close to an enemy, put both hands on their shoulders and the hatred sipping from him will start burning or melting the skin of his opponent. It can work on allies if he doesn't control it. Intense hatred needed.
Void: If his negative but passive emotions (sadness, melancholy, helplessness, etc) take too much place in his heart and mind, he will disappear. Meaning he will become invisible and intangible, even if he will still be real and he will still be alive. Only coming out of this state will revert him to his original form. He can't control it.
Weapons or Magical Items: None.
Guardian: None

RP Sample:
Why are they all sad right now?:


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] General: Hiraeth   4th October 2016, 5:56 pm

Ready for review :/


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] General: Hiraeth   10th October 2016, 11:44 am

I hereby command you to stop ripping what's left of my heart to pieces and make a profile about a character born from a rainbow and who lives the happiest of happy lives.



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[Advanced] General: Hiraeth

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