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 [Advanced] Knight: Eilert

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Knight: Eilert   16th October 2016, 3:53 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Eilert (strong edge)
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years old

Used Canons: General SM knowledge

Appearance: Eilert is a rather small child (firmly believing that he will grow up quickly enough), light on his feet and fast. He appears obviously well-fed, in good health and strong. His skin, generally pale, is more rosy like on his cheeks, his face sometimes invaded by small freckle when he's been outside too long or when he used a lot of energy. He has large blue eyes that glint a lot with glee and more rarely will any negative emotion be seen in them and short golden hair. He can be seen often running bare feet when inside the castle or in the garden, but never when he fights.

When not transformed, he prefers loose clothing, but doesn't always gets his way. Being the knight to the princess, he is often asked to wear more noble clothes, which he hates, a lot. He would mildly complain, but never overly reacted to having to wear them. Whenever he can, he will simply run off with a simple pair of loose pants and a large and light shirt on.
Personality: Eilert can be slightly peculiar for a child. It's not that he's more mature than children his age, he does sound and act like a six years old boy, but there's something about him, something about the way he carries himself that conveys a confidence that belongs more in an adult than a child. Sometimes, it's over confidence, of course, moreso when it comes to battles or his own powers, but it's not a question of childish arrogance. It's really confidence in its purest form: "I know I can do this, so I will do it". Maybe it's a remnant of the knight he used to be, sleeping in the back of his mind, maybe it's because ever since he can remember he was always told he would be the greatest protector for the chosen princess, but either way, it worked to at least give him a boost and a boldness that's probably as endearing as it's annoying.
Dreams: To become strong, to protect his princess, to be respected as a great knight and not only pandered like a young boy. He secretly wishes to become stronger than Femke so she doesn't have to do everything by herself and he also wishes to see the world. He kinda knows his responsibilities, but he's nothing but a young boy and a castle is rarely that interesting. He dreams to see everything outside of it, he wishes he can travel around the world, discover new places, animals or anything really. Just explore something new, something unknown.
Fears: His biggest fears right now, despite his young age is to fail his princess. He acts like he doesn't care or doesn't know, but sometimes, he does realize how weak he is compared to Femke and how he is way too young for the job. He won't stop because of it, but with time, it does nurture a fear of failure, a fear of seeing his princess die or be severely hurt and not being able to actually do something. At six, it's really about all he fears as he doesn't question the world much.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Speed Control: Eilert can control the speed of things, whether fasten them or slow them. It works on attacks, people, objects, animals and even on the growth of plants. Thus, it works on time, but not how we see time to be. If he speeds time, it works as if the plant had grown in months or years, but in Eilert's world, not much time would have pass for real. So he's not controling Time but moreso the speed of time.
The Princess' Knight: Despite them being different than before, Eilert knows where his princess is at any given time, even if she tries to hide from him. His powers also can't hurt her or not as much as it can others while others of his abilities can help boost her own in many different ways. She's his homing beacon and he's always very enthusiastic when she borrows from his energy to fight, no matter how taxing it can be for him.

History: Eilert doesn't know why his destiny was to become a knight, nor is he aware of who he had been in another life, but his parents knew, at his birth, that his destiny wasn't with them. Being the parents of the noble soul of the well-known knight was an honor and the year they got with him was enough for them to wish all the best years for this child who would become an important man one day.

The rest of his short years were lived at the castle of the Princess under the care of the family's nurse. 
Other Noteworthy Facts: 

Storyline Specific Information: None yet.

Knight Information

Knight Name: Knight Qartz
Realm of Influence(s): Speed, Time (slow vs fast)
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Lightning Qartz Awaken!
Senshi Fuku: 

Powers: Please include the name of the attack, a description of how the attack looks when performed, the effects of the attack, and the strengths/weaknesses of the attack.
Weapons or Magical Items:
Shield of Valiance: Right now, he has this shield in the form of a toy, but when he will learn to use its energy, it will become a real shield that can protect him from magical attack and never breaks.
Sword of the Lost Love: A sword way too big for him that's sitting in his room for the time where he will be able to wield it again.
Guardian: None

RP Sample:


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[Advanced] Knight: Eilert

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