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 [Multiverse][Advanced] Aidana Telmarend

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PostSubject: [Multiverse][Advanced] Aidana Telmarend   17th October 2016, 2:15 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Aidana Telmarend
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Universe: Dragon Riders of Pern
Canon or Original: Original

Appearance: She has long dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, and she's 5'8" tall. She's the type that looks feminine and gentle on first sight, but give her some weapons and she can show you how well she could fight.

Personality: Aidana is graceful and elegant by nature, but it also helped that she was raised in an environment very close to that of a royalty’s. She is usually polite and soft-spoken, but is by no means weak; she can defend herself very well if the situation demands her to. She’s a dedicated and focused woman and takes her responsibilities seriously.

To make up for the lost twelve years of her life, she tries to give as much as she can to the  and always tries to find ways to better their lives. She’s fiercely loyal and could be rash sometimes, because that passionate blood does run in her veins. When someone has wronged anyone she cares about, she’ll be happy to charge first and ask questions later. Despite having been a rider for more than ten years now, in some deep down part of her where she masks her insecurities with confidence, Aidana sometimes still secretly doubts that she’s cut out to be a queenrider, considering her past.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:


The first five years of her life was a mystery to Aidana. [Something about kidnapping - idk if I want to keep this part or not]

As fate would have it, Aidana arrived in Southlyn Weyr exactly on a Hatching day. Something drew her to the crowd of people, and the moment she saw the eggs, the sole purpose of fulfilling her task disappeared from her mind. So fascinated was she to witness a hatching with her own eyes, she found herself glued to the spot outside the Hatching Ground where most of the adults stood watching. One by one the eggs started to hatch, and she observed as the young riders impressed the newborn dragons, somehow always knowing which dragon was meant for them. In all that she’d learned about the riders, their dragons and their connections to them had always intrigued her the most. She stayed until only one egg was left intact; the beautiful gold one, the biggest of them all. As it finally started to crack, she looked around at the eager faces of the remaining candidates, wondering which one would be worthy of the special dragon. She was betting on the tall girl with blonde hair who was staring solemnly ahead, when suddenly she heard the voice in her head.

I am Niveth.

Aidana was startled, and she looked around in confusion. Everyone around her was watching intently and no one opened their mouth, and yet someone was talking to her. It was also not a sound she caught with her ears, it was reverberating within her and it panicked her, thinking at first she’d been possessed. When she turned in her hurry to leave, the creature spoke again. Wait. Don’t go. Take me with you. And then the most amazing sensation filled her, as if a switch had been turned on inside her. In an instant she knew who was talking to her, and she turned straight toward the only dragon left in the Hatching Ground, its gold scales shining beautifully under the sun. She was more amazed than confused about the fact that she had impressed a dragon.

But before she could even think, her feet had brought her into the sand, surprising the people around her. And then she knew she didn’t need to try and make sense about it anymore. She just knew it was what she was supposed to do. The kind of knowledge that was stored at the core of her soul, more important than all the ones that had been taught to her.

I’m sorry. I’m here now. And I won’t ever leave you.

And the moment she touched the queen, her memories came surging back to her. Who she was. Who her real parents were. And how the last twelve years of her life had been a lie. Still shattered by this sudden revelation, she found herself too overwhelmed to regard anything else but Niveth, who was assuring her that everything would be alright. The other riders all around the Hatching Ground were asking each other if anyone knew who she was, but no one had any idea. The fact that a total stranger had just impressed a gold dragon caused enough confusion for the next several hours, especially because she was still too shell-shocked to answer any questions of where she came from.

Thankfully, her father, who’d been standing among the crowd, saw her and recognized her as the daughter he’d lost more than a decade ago. Even though she was all grown-up now, he was able to know right away that she was indeed Aidana Telmarend, and when Aidana saw him, she recognized him too from her earliest memories. A tearful reunion ensued, and although it took a while to tell her story to everyone, eventually what really happened became clear and she was accepted back among her people. Some people doubted her regardless of her true identity, but as the years passed and she grew to become nothing but a responsible and dedicated junior queenrider, the suspicions started to fade away.

It sure took a while for the whole community to trust her, but the fact that she had impressed a gold helped. Aidana gave all her life for the good of her people now, and she never once looked back to her life before.

Aidana loved to fly, but she was one of the few riders who loved hand-to-hand combat better.

[MORE REVISING: Long story short, married a non-rider, had a child, then got caught up in a mating flight and ends up doing the do with another rider, gets pregnant as a result, cue complicated marriage]

Other Noteworthy Facts: Niveth is a female gold dragon with a body that’s a bit more slender than the average queen. She has the wingspan of 65 feet and despite her large size, she is very agile. She’s patient and always comforting, a great friend who’s never tired of guiding her companion no matter how lost she still feels sometimes even if years have passed since the drastic change that shook her life.

Universe Specific Information: TBA

Storyline Specific Information: TBA

Source: N/A

RP Sample:


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[Multiverse][Advanced] Aidana Telmarend

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