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 [Advanced] Knight: Iga Knight/ Nami Saizō

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Knight: Iga Knight/ Nami Saizō   18th October 2016, 1:01 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Nami Saizō
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 24, October 1

Used Canons:
Manga and Anime
Appearance: Nami has long, violet hair, going all the way down to her back, which she generally leaves loose. Her face doesn't have many hard angles to it, and her skin is smooth and unblemished. Her eyes are ice blue, and they're the only part of her that shows off another side of her, betraying a hardness that doesn't appear to match her at all. She can near flawlessly change her expressions to cover her actual feelings and intentions, though under her many masks, she comes off as smug, grinning at those she's tricked like an imp. 
Nami is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and slender, though she does have some muscle on her slimmer frame. Her wardrobe is a mix between cheap tee-shirts, skirts, and pants, and a much more expensive set of clothing. She wears designer outfits with carefully coordinated colors and patterns when out in public, and loves necklaces and earrings. Her training outfit is a dark blue martial arts gi and a set of running shoes.

Nami is a perfectionist, and has enough confidence for two people. She thinks she's the best, and that mindset carries her far in life, as others can pick up on her never-ending charisma and what seems to be raw talent. There are very few people that Nami can't charm with the right words or actions. She sees herself as a rebel without a cause, and a bit of a rogue too, and has no issues manipulating people for her own reasons. Nami is certainly selfish, but does draw the line at harming people she deems as undeserving of it. Everyone else is fair game, however. She's naturally a flirt, but has no true interest in romance, claiming her first love is power, in any form. Her morals are a bit skewed, and stealing from people she thinks are "well off" is something she has no issue with. She takes from the rich and gives to the poor, and then pockets a bit of it for herself. Sometimes she even skips the middle step.

She isn't one for hard work unless she thinks that's the only way to get what she wants, and would rather persuade someone else to do it for her if possible. Nami will do nearly anything with the right bribe, however. Her dream is, with no modesty at all, to get rich and retire in luxury. She loves over-expensive and shiny things, and hates being shown up in any form. If her reputation as the best at anything is threatened, she'll jump thorough hoops to defend it, and she has a strong rivalry streak.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Nami is a student of Iga-ryū, the Iga school of ninjutsu. She is focused on ice and illusory fog magic, along with sword and stealth skills. She's also skilled in lock picking and pick-pocketing. 
History: Long ago, in the time before the Silver Millennium's fall, there was a planet known as Sanada. Sanada was home to a large kingdom, led by a powerful family of Warlords who controlled much of their planetary system through their influence. Though they had their own Sailor Senshi, the royal family was guarded by ten exceptional heroes, called by a variety of titles. Some considered them knights, others as loyal generals, but they were rumored to be assassins who did the kingdom of Sanada's dirty work. Legends said that together, they could turn the tide of an entire army's battle, and they were individually sent out to sabotage other planets and destabilize them. Their reputations spread throughout the galaxy, including the Silver Millennium itself, and one of these ten was known by the codename of Iga. In a solar system-wide rebellion, Sanada was overcome and destroyed, Iga and his companions dying defending the throne to their last breath. It was only the power of their Princess that saved them all from completely disappearing in the annals of history, and with the Sanada Crystal, many powerful souls were given the chance to reincarnate in a new era.

Nami Saizō was born in Yokohama, Japan, though her family came from Iga City in the present day Mie Prefecture. Her parents died while she was young due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the casualties of a crime. No one from her extended family could take her in, so Nami became an orphan at around age 7. She was eventually adopted by a couple a few years later, though she was rather unruly and rebellious by then, having grown bitter from her situation. After feeling like she could only rely on herself, she hated taking orders. Her defiance came to a boiling point in high school, where she got entangled in very low level Yakuza activities after befriending a few members of the local Yokohama gang. She narrowly escaped any serious trouble, but Nami never forgot how to gamble and steal. The experience did scare her into becoming more organized and levelheaded, and she finished school without much issue. Instead of trying to aimlessly rebel, Nami began to look inward for a sense of closure. She turned to her old family's past, and with that stepping stone, she grew a love for history, myths, and legends. 

She earned a scholarship for a university in Tokyo, and moved there to pursue a degree in Japanese mythology and history, though her old habits of pick-pocketing and swindling never really died. As she got older, she only seemed to learn to deceive people even more efficiently. She rented out a nice, expensive apartment, compelled to live in as much comfort as possible, and attended her classes dutifully. Content with her grades, her adopted parents mostly left her be. Nami first awakened as Iga Knight in self defense, having tried to trick the wrong people in a less than safe part of Tokyo. The people she had conned had cornered her, and her star-seed awakened to protect her. Her pursuers were terrified by the icy fog that she summoned, and just a few blows from the back end of her blade were enough to send them running. Confused but intrigued, Nami researched her form and tested her new abilities in her spare time. She stumbled upon the legend of the Iga-Ryu school of ninjutsu, and leaned the arts via books, old manuscripts, and any source she could dig up. To her, this power was the last connection between herself and her dead parents, and she needed to posses as much of the ancient Iga Clan knowledge as possible.

As Iga Knight, she was free to circumvent the laws to collect more secrets, and occasionally the rare jewel or gold watch that caught her wandering eye. Monsters in the form of demons and spirits sometimes appeared in her neighborhood, and she battles them mostly to test her own strength. It was during one of these fights that she encountered Koga Knight, another ninja with powers. To her, he's nothing but a fool playing hero, but she agrees to meet his master in order to see what he knows of her ancient clan. Hiruzen used this drive to persuade her into becoming his student, and she and Koga are reluctant allies in the fight against an upcoming evil that has yet to fully revel itself. Iga just wants the scrolls that Hiruzen protects, but will work with them to gain access to those secrets. Deep inside, Iga feels like she's forgetting something important, but she can never seem to recall it. 

Other Noteworthy Facts: 
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Knight Information
Senshi Name: Iga Knight
Realm of Influence(s): Shadows, Stealth, Ice magic
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: None
Senshi Fuku: Iga Knight's main colors are white and shades of blue. She wears a pair of dark blue boots that connect to her ceramic ankle guards, and a lighter blue and white pair of thick material pants that cling to her. She has a light blue tunic under a white ceramic chest plate, and her bare arms are wrapped in bandages. Her belt is wide, and has slots to strap scrolls and weapons to. her arms are guarded by blue and white gauntlets and gloves that keep her fingers exposed for delicate movements. The bottom half of her face is obscured by her tunic's tall, stiff collar, and she wears one white shoulder guard on her left side. A ninjato sheathe is strapped to her back, and a scaling hook is tied at her waist. Her forehead is guarded by a tied bandanna with a larger metal plate attached to it, and her long hair is tied back into a high ponytail. A long blue scarf drags behind her, wrapped around her neck.

  • Shadow Step- Iga can step into darkened areas and walk between them, seeming to bend reality and move far faster than possible. If the shadows disappear, she can be interrupted. Outside of shadows, this can be used to silence her footsteps.
  • Ice Ninpo- Iga's ice based magic can form a thick fog, making her invisible to her enemies within the affected area and boosting her overall speed. She can also create intangible clones to fool people within it, and summon and manipulate the shape of ice to form structures and weapons. Using this too many times in a day is draining.
  • Awakening: Same no Seishin- A last resort technique, Iga can channel her Iga Crystal's full power for a few minutes. She summons a blue aura around herself, taking the form of a thrashing shark. She can use this spirit to battle directly, or can absorb it once more to boost her own abilities while it lasts. During the Awakening, she has extreme control over water and ice.

Weapons or Magical Items: 

  • Mizugumo Boots- Nami's boots allow her to walk on the surface of water.
  • Kirigakure Blade- An ancient ninjato sword that appears to be made of water instead of metal when unsheathed. It can alter its shape and size and harden into ice.
  • Iga Crystal- Her stronger than average starseed that she can use to transform, and draws her magic from. It's a glowing sphere that appears pale blue, and it stays within her body. Not a true Sailor Crystal.
  • Scaling Hook- This rope and hook are indestructible, and can be used to latch on to and climb walls. It's also good for crossing open gaps.

Guardian: Hiruzen, an old, white furred monkey that claims to be a master ninja from a time long ago. He lives in an abandoned shrine outside of Tokyo and teaches the lost arts of Ninjutsu to the ones he accepts as worthy students. He can move extremely fast, and has a vast trove of knowledge of ninja arts, including some ancient magic.

RP Sample:

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[Advanced] Knight: Iga Knight/ Nami Saizō

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