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 [Relaxed] Civilian: Vivien

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Civilian: Vivien   Sat 29 Oct 2016, 01:51

Relaxed Character Profile

Character Name: Vivien (alive)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown

Character Image:

Personality Traits:

  • Creativity: Vivien likes to create, in any form of art she happens to be good at. Mostly she will pour all of her creativity into clothes. She also loves to daydream about another life where she's not as mundane.
  • Energy: She's enthusiastic, dynamic, she loves everything that makes her move, or smile, or laugh. She's not one to just stay in her corner while everyone else has fun. She likes to be in on the fun, and sometimes, she likes being the center of attention.
  • Gentleness: Vivien is incredibly friendly. She likes everything and everyone until someone truly hurts her (then she holds grudges for years). She likes to take care of people, to give rather than take and she wouldn't wish illness to anyone (except archnemesis but she doesn't have any yet).
  • Manipulation: She often thinks about herself more than others often enough that despite her generous strike, she can be seen as a perfect hypocrite. She might use different means for someone to do what she wants them to, sometimes guilt-tripping them (even if it seems inoffensive) or more implicit tactics. She rarely not get what she wants and thus sometimes loses friends over it. However, when she ends up hurting someone, she feels incredibly bad and will try to make up for it, but it doesn't stop her from doing it again.

Storyline Specific Information:
Royal Trouble: Vivien and Oberon go to a cosplay convention together. While she doesn't know anything about her friend, or not very much, she clearly sees something between the strange fairy queen cosplayer and he. She's curious as to what it is and she's also very admirative of the girl's talent when it comes to creating dresses.
Additional Information: Vivien's soul is actually reincarnated, but she doesn't know it as she hasn't awakened yet. She met Oberon while he was searching for a strangely big apartment for someone alone and his age and since then, they became good friends.

RP Sample:


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Civilian: Vivien   Sat 29 Oct 2016, 05:39



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[Relaxed] Civilian: Vivien

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