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 (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Yuliya Vilyueva (Viluy)

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's official Eudial
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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Yuliya Vilyueva (Viluy)   1st November 2016, 10:49 pm

Character Name: Yuliya Vilyueva
Nickname: Viluy
+In canon, the name Viluy is derived from the sorosilicate mineral wiluite, which is named for its location of discovery, Вилю́й (Vilyuy) a Central Siberian river basin. In the case of this profile however, Yuliya's nickname comes from her family name Vilyueva, also derived from the location Вилю́й (Vilyuy), which is part of the Sahka Republic of Russia.
+Yuliya is the Russian variant of the name Julie meaning youthful, soft-haired, beautiful or vivacious, and was chosen in reference to Viluy's civilian name from the original English dub.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Affiliation: Death Busters (& Chaos Syndicate)

Used Canons: Some aspects were inspired by the Anime and Manga, but most of the information is AU-specific based on what was decided for the Love and Justice League RP

Appearance: Yuliya is a tall, adolescent girl with piercing turquoise blue eyes and pale skin. She has straight shoulder-length, silvery white hair with grown-out bangs. The ends of her hair are subtly curled under giving her lob-style haircut a more voluminous appearance. When she is not wearing her Juuban High uniform, she likes to wear longer-sleeved knit outfits. She is particularly fond of sweater dresses and tends to pair them with leggings and fashion scarves. Whenever it's cold out, Yuliya likes to keep herself warm with a periwinkle ushanka, scarf, and mittens.

Negative Traits: Arrogant, Condescending, Pedantic, Apathetic, Cold, Manipulative, Aggressive
Positive Traits: Logical, Intelligent, Studious, Straightforward, Efficient, Rational

Yuliya was much sweeter and more caring as a child. She became cold-hearted after her family moved to Tokyo in response to her peers constantly bullying her in school for being different. Now as a 16-year-old adolescent, Yuliya just does not care at all about the feelings, opinions, or well-being of others—especially those of her tormentors—and would even go as far as calling somebody naïve for risking their life to save another person. She deems herself far too worthy and intelligent of an individual to censor her thoughts and would openly speak her mind—usually in a caustic or condescending manner—regardless of what other people think or actually want to hear. She does however have a soft spot for Professor Tomoe, her friend Samir Hamiti, and her father, as they are the only people in her life who seem to fully understand her. She would never let anything bad happen to them.

Yuliya is very logical. She does not allow her emotions to cloud her judgment or actions. Only when logic and reasoning fail her, will her true emotions emerge: usually in the form of denial and anger, but seldomly love or compassion. Yuliya consciously refuses to express such emotions, referring to them as inferior or weak especially when they are brought up in academics and scientific discussion. Her arrogance leads her to ridicule others for expressing their softer emotions around her. Beyond her attitude, Yuliya is a highly intelligent and competitive young lady. She is well-adept in the physical sciences and computer programming, using her knowledge to construct nanobots for the Death Busters' mission. Time is a precious commodity to her. She does not like to waste it on trivial things when instead she could be studying for an important national exam or working on her nanobot projects, but that never stops her from enjoying an occasional outing with her friend Samir.

+Programming and Hacking
+Research and Studying

Superpower: None

1) Nanobots:
Yuliya's nanobots are part of a larger hivemind that she is currently working on for herself and the Death Busters. Her hive is controlled with the nanocuff, a device which processes user input, and can receive/transmit data between her nanobots and her consciousness like a remote control. Yuliya wears it on her left arm over a scar.

The hive consists of the following types of nanobots with the following functions:
*Attack bots:
+Gradually tear apart victim's body at the microscopic level
+Help Search Bots extract and assess memories and knowledge from human consciousness

*Defense bots:
+Are summoned to form a protective barrier against weaker attacks
+Deter close combat
+Serve to slow down individuals working against the Death Busters' goals  
+Attempt to immobilize victim's body

*Search bots:
+Look for and exploit security vulnerabilities to inject code into targeted device (e.g. computers, security systems, cellphones) for various nefarious purposes
+Steal code and other digital content from computers, cameras, and other targeted electronic devices
+Assess potential targets and surrounding environment
+Map out areas

Organized Hive Attack: Mosaic Buster
Description: A swarm of nano-sized machines are released from Yuliya's cuff bracelet. Attack and defense bots work together to immobilize and tear at their victim's body, while the search bots mine for human knowledge to extract to the hive.

2) Taioron Ω: “Taioron Crystal” is the street name for a synthetic drug distributed by the Death Busters. It was originally developed by Souichi Tomoe and is claimed by him to be a source of renewed life and power to those who abuse it.

Side effects: Individuals under the influence of this psychoactive drug experience altered perception and a false sense of invincibility, often leading them to behave with unpredictable recklessness, violence, and arrogance. Additional side effects ultimately depend on the psychology of the individual, but may include increased alertness, vertigo, and euphoric mood swings. Note: The street version of the drug is far more dangerous than the refined version (Taioron Ω), which is strictly reserved for members of the Witches 5. Users of the unrefined version are far more likely to overdose, which causes them to eventually mutate into a beast once they've exceeded peak arrogance and confidence. These beast forms, known as “Daimon,” are simple-minded and are far more susceptible to the commands of others.

While under the influence of Taioron Ω, Yuliya becomes extremely arrogant and hostile toward others, especially in situations where she would otherwise avoid violent conflict.

How she obtains the drug: Kaolinite awards her and the other Witches with tablets of Taioron Ω for being obedient.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
+To Yuliya, Professor Tomoe is a fatherly figure
+The nickname Viluy was given to her by Kaori
+Her preferred targets are students

Storyline Specific Information:
Love and Justice League:

Yuliya was born in Yakutsk of the Sakha Republic in Russia, where she spent the majority of her early childhood with her mother Rivka, father Stefan, and older brother Anton. Yuliya was a very smart little girl. She learned how to read at an early age and was always asking adults to tell her what different words meant whenever she came across one on a sign, TV, label, pamphlet, etc. that she did not recognize. Playing with dolls did not interest her at all. Instead, she preferred to spend her time imitating her father's work as a diplomat and would also sit alongside her brother trying to solve his math and science homework. Sometimes, she would even build her own “inventions” out of items she found in the kitchen, or things she collected outside during walks with her mother.

When Yuliya was six, she lost her mother. At the time of the tragic event, Rivka had heard pounding on the door and immediately led her children to the empty laundry hampers in the bathroom, but did not did not have enough time to hide herself before five masked individuals wielding assault rifles burst through the door. An argument broke out in the living room with the masked men demanding Rivka to give them her children before multiple shots were fired at her. By the time the police arrived, it was too late: Rivka was pronounced dead at the scene, the home had been completely ransacked, and the attackers were nowhere in sight. Yuliya and Anton were removed from their home unharmed and were reunited with their father who had been away in Moscow on a business trip. Later that night, two of the five attackers were caught and taken into custody in critical condition after a brief chase and shoot out with police near the waterfront. The other three were killed during the exchange. When questioned by authorities, the two attackers claimed affiliation with the same group that had hijacked another country's international flight toward Japan a few months before, but never disclosed their motive for the attack, as they died in custody days later due to the injuries they had sustained. However authorities had suspicion that the individuals may have been related to a recent string of attacks on the families of various Russian officials throughout the nation.

When news of the attack reached Moscow, Yuliya's aunt Ivana immediately reached out to her brother and his children, offering them a place to stay while the police investigated the crime scene, comforting them in any way she could. After Rivka was laid to rest, Yuliya's father officially moved the family to Moscow not too far from where his sister lived. This arrangement worked out better for him because he could leave the children with her whenever he was too busy to come home from work. Thus, his sister took on the primary role of raising little Yuliya. Ivana took particular notice of her niece's blossoming curiosity in the sciences as well as her interest in building inventions, and tried to encourage the behavior as much as she could whenever the girl came over and visited. A few years later when the family was in a more stable position, Yuliya's father accepted a permanent job offer in Japan as ambassador of the Russian embassy in Tokyo.

Since they had no relatives in Tokyo, Anton, now 20, was assigned the task of watching over his 10-year-old sister whenever their father was busy at the embassy. Unlike Yuliya, Anton had no ambition, absolutely nothing to look forward to. He had dropped out of school about two years after his mother's death and had resorted to spending the majority of his time at home watching TV and drinking heavily whenever their father was away. Though he was given specific instructions by his father to pick up Yuliya from school, walk her home, and provide her with dinner, he never did. Yuliya grew accustomed to the disappointment and learned to walk herself home and bring extra money with her for food. The one time Anton happened to actually pick her up from school, he ended up dragging her onto the wrong subway and then getting them lost for half the day because he fell asleep on the train and then later decided to stand at the station yelling angrily at passersby in Russian instead of letting Yuliya ask around for directions. This sort of behavior was typical for Anton. He was angry all of the time, calling Yuliya a myriad of names and even occasionally mistaking her for other people. Because of her brother's verbally abusive, drunken tendencies, Yuliya preferred to stay away from home after school as long as possible and found herself frequenting the library study hall. There she indulged in various scientific topics, including computer programming and nanotechnology, and attempted to learn more about the history of her host country.

Yuliya caught onto the Japanese language very quickly and was speaking it fluently by the time she entered Juuban high school at age 13. Despite her effort to fit into the Japanese culture, Yuliya was still perceived by her classmates as far too different. She stood out from the average Juuban student at 5'6” with her blue-eyes, platinum blonde hair, and thick Slavic accent. Her top scores on subject exams gained her notoriety, not respect: her Japanese classmates were jealous that an outsider could beat them so easily. These differences encouraged them to bully her on a day-to-day basis, making her the subject of various pranks and rumors. When Yuliya told her father that she wanted to go return to school in Russia, he simply suggested moving her to a different district, but Yuliya refused the idea arguing that it wouldn't help with the bullying. Through her pain, Yuliya eventually realized that as long as she had her wits and her high scores, she would always be superior to her peers, at least academically. She became more or less cold-hearted toward the other students, in exchange for a greater focus on studying to maintain her newly found sense of pride. But as much as she refused to admit it, their actions and words still hurt her. Yuliya eventually snapped during the start of her second year at Juuban High and attacked the student, Kaito Yoshida, when he managed to score .5% better than her on an exam and then blamed her shortcomings on her lack of a mother. Although her diplomatic immunity prevented officials from expelling her or pressing any charges, she was issued a warning by the school and the teacher witnessing the attack made her apologize to the class for making them feel uncomfortable with her “disruptive” classroom behavior.

Soon after the incident, the gregarious second year student Samir Hamiti, an Albanian refugee living with his parents in the Juuban District, reached out to Yuliya to commend her for her actions against her tormentor. Although the other international students seemed wary of Samir's overly talkative and clingy tendencies, Yuliya seemed to absorb his attention like a sponge. She didn't really mind all of his talking since he was one of the first students at the school to treat her with a reasonable amount of respect. Plus, he seemed very knowledgeable of the city and he showed interest in all of her hobbies and ideas, including her concept sketches of nanobots, which she could not build at the time because she did not have access to the right materials. When Samir found out about this he offered to find the parts for her in exchange for tutoring. With the help of her new friend, Yuliya managed to gather all of the parts needed to construct a prototype of her nanobots, but they did not turn out nearly as small as she would have liked. Samir, on the other hand, couldn't contain his excitement over her success and was soon blabbing his mouth off about the project to various individuals in the entertainment district whenever he made covert trips for drugs. Not long after, a mysterious red-haired woman named Kaori, claiming to be the research assistant of Professor Tomoe, reached out to Yuliya with an offer to fund her nanobot project. At the prospect of meeting the once-renown Professor in person and having access to appropriate facilities, Yuliya accepted the woman's offer and began work on her project at the Death Busters' laboratory.

Kaori was at first, very supportive and understanding of Yuliya. She offered Yuliya home-cooked meals and a place to stay whenever Anton became incoherent. But that quickly changed when Yuliya started regularly consulting the Professor for advice on projects. Currently, Yuliya is only allowed the freedom to travel between her home, school, and the Death Buster's mansion so that her family and Samir do not grow too suspicious of her “extracurricular” activities. However, she is required to come to the Death Busters right after school, during weekends, and holidays; and must stay there doing whatever is requested of her until Kaori gives her permission to leave. If she fails to comply, she puts her friend and her father at risk.

RP Sample:
RP Sample:


Banners made by Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, yunbuns, Sailor Venus, Gemma, StarChild, NQS, Tiny Kitten, & me!

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's official Eudial
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Yuliya Vilyueva (Viluy)   2nd November 2016, 5:32 pm

Okay! I believe this is ready for review! Very Happy Hopefully I didn't forget to include anything! XD


Banners made by Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, yunbuns, Sailor Venus, Gemma, StarChild, NQS, Tiny Kitten, & me!
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Yuliya Vilyueva (Viluy)   2nd November 2016, 10:39 pm



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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Yuliya Vilyueva (Viluy)

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