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 [RP Challenge]Multiverse November!

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Sailor Uranus

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PostSubject: [RP Challenge]Multiverse November!   5th November 2016, 11:08 am

It's getting colder, days shorter, the world is falling asleep... BUT WE'RE ALL AWAKE HERE! Let's get together and wake up another section that might have maybe fallen asleep! With that in mind, it's time to usher in
Multiverse November!
"But what's Multiverse, precious?"
The Multiverse is a Non-Sailor Moon roleplaying subforum! Any genre is allowed, with any characters - so long as there is not a sniff of a whiff of Sailor Moon scented anything ('cause that'd be Crossover XD). We're talking Final Fantasy universes, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, RWBY, Medieval Fantasy, DRoP - anything!

To accept the Multiverse November Challenge:
Like a Star @ heaven Start, join, and/or continue to post in a Multiverse Roleplay!
Like a Star @ heaven Have the storyline creator enter the storyline you will be roleplaying in by replying to this thread with a link to your storyline and a list of the characters.

To COMPLETE the Multiverse November Challenge:
 Post at least 4 times in an entered storylines that has 4 or more total players 
 Post at least 6 times in an entered storylines that has 3 or less total players 

 Completed storylines that fit the theme earn 2 bonus points on their November Card!
 Creating a profile for a multiverse character and using said profile in a multiverse roleplay this month earns you 1 bonus point on profile creation and 1 bonus point on 'joined a roleplay'!

Complete one of the two objectives above and earn this sparkly rainbow-bridge-like Multiverse bumper made by Sailor Neptune (Bubbles!♥️)!

How can the RP staff help you out?
 Join the RP Activity group and connect with all the RPers there to get psyched about writing!
 Join this month's RealTime RP events! Keep your eyes peeled and join in on one of this month's themed RTRP's to reduce your challenge-win post-counts by 1!
 Join this month's Potluck-party-themed Casual Event! If you join with a multiverse character you have an approved profile for, you can count this RP as a Challenge RP and uses posts in there towards the Challenge Post goal!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM Sailor Uranus or any of the RP staff about this month's theme!


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[RP Challenge]Multiverse November!

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