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 [Multiverse]Connections Information Thread

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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

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[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread Empty
PostSubject: [Multiverse]Connections Information Thread   [Multiverse]Connections Information Thread I_icon_minitime6th November 2016, 9:11 am

[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread RpufmGy
Hi guys! Welcome to the Multiverse Character Connections Information Thread, sister thread to the standard Connections thread found here, in the Requests area! Information found in this thread can help you create roleplaying connection advertisements for your Multiverse character, should they be open to universe-hopping shenanigans xD This will be a little different from it's parent thread, however, so please read carefully! 

In the main part of our Roleplaying Forum, characters can be brought together by different storylines and events here, but for our Multiverse characters, things don't work out so easily as our events and, typically, challenges all revolve around Sailor Moon inspired storylines (be they canonical, au, or crossover). So, in an attempt to get characters from multiple, non-Sailor Moon universes together in an RP if no Storyline or Plot is in mind, you can make your character a connection thread. Simply copy and paste the outline below and fill it out accordingly, and post it in the Multiverse OOC section! Color your thread 'Dark Blue' and tag it [Multiverse]*Character's Name*'s Connection Center so people can spot it easily, and give it a description for "open" or "closed" based on whether you would like more background rounding out of your character! 

How It Works and Rules

  • Each of your Multiverse Characters can have a Connection Center. 
    This is different from the original Request Area instructions because we have the potential of many lone-universe characters around here, and stating who and where the character is from can be important when "shopping" around for contacts.
    Title your connection thread "[Multiverse]*Insert Character Name Here*'s Connection Center" and color the thread Dark Blue to make it stand out from the other thread types. 
    Describe your thread with whether they're open or closed; you can also include whether they'd be open to universe hopping, or whether you'd like them to stay in their own universe (but welcome universe hoppers). 

  • In your Character's Center, post a brief description of their profile using the "Looking for Connections" outline below.
    This will help players determine whether they'd like to have their character connected to yours pre-RP ((or during an RP made together!))|
    You can personalize the outline as much as you want with pictures and etc., but please do not reorder the fields and do include all fields requested!
    Remember: These threads are not just for making character connections, but also for making player connections to get their characters in an RP together! It's like character specific Brainstorm threads meshed with history-fleshing threads!

  • Other players can respond to your connection request in that character's specific thread using the "Requesting Connection" outline below.
    You two can hash specifics out from there in that thread or via PM, but, ultimately, the ability to approve or deny requests rests with the thread starter.

  • A running link list of all connection centers will be linked below, along with their status of Open or Closed.

Looking for Connections Outline:

Outline for Requesting Connection:

Connection Centers:


[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread ThMyae[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread 4jsq88
[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread EryTeT
[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread AE5IZ4
Super Awesome Space Museum//Kyra's RP's
[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread UNUQgL
[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread Qq4GRc

[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread WYxcDX[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread VfipPu[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread QcYyas[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread RCRME8[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread MwKWL7[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread WbL1DG[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread 2tcOIq[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread JbCUuo[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread V4DbwT[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread YtpCB5[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread Mmp9t9[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread Dx2prT
[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread MWQFX2
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[Multiverse]Connections Information Thread

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