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 [Multiverse]Sinaka Kyralih's Connection Center

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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

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Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
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[Multiverse]Sinaka Kyralih's Connection Center Empty
PostSubject: [Multiverse]Sinaka Kyralih's Connection Center   [Multiverse]Sinaka Kyralih's Connection Center I_icon_minitime6th November 2016, 12:49 pm

[Multiverse]Sinaka Kyralih's Connection Center VQaAgONName and link to profile of character: Sinaka Kyralih
Age and Gender: 28; Female
Origin: FFXIV Universe; Eorzea Continent; Miqo'te of the Keeper of the Moon clans
Type: Hero/Civilian
Personality Traits:
 Loyal, Stubborn, Playful, Impatient, Intelligent, Jealous, Honorable
 (see left)
Brief History: Born as a potential leader of her family, slacked off during childhood (in part
due to that potential leader business) and dreamed of adventure; was finally able to leave the
clan in her late teens and took up healing magics; joined an organization for people who could
see snippets of the future sometimes, was paired with a dude she eventually fell in love with,
whom was lost in The Calamity, an event that happened when she was 20 wherein the Red Moon
was called down from the sky and crashed into their continent. Spent the next 5 years as a makeshift
archaeologist excavating an old Sanctum dedicated to the 12 gods of the realm, then left to start
adventuring again when an invading force started pushing the borders.
In the last 3 years she has helped secure the region and push back the invading forces and helped stop
a war against dragons in the neighbouring city-state, but has spent most of her time forging ties with
her fellow adventurers in a Free Company called the Pretty Guardians: Soldiers of Menphina. She's
currently dabbling in archaeology again now that the Palace of the Dead has been unearthed.

Open for Universe Hopping? Yes; I can make the IC arrangements for getting her to your world, too! Using Science and Magic combined~
Open for Visitors to their Universe? Yes! I can make the IC arrangements for getting you here, too, if you'd like! Using Science and Magic combined

Seeking RP Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Character Exploration, 
Further comments: I could totally see working another universe-someone in through the Palace of the Dead, having them mysteriously appear down there (caves deep underground where, supposedly, they may find the Lost City of Gelmorra) and the pair having to work themselves out, getting to know each other and fighting off monsters in the meantime, and once they're out they can try to figure out what to do with/about the universe hopper. It'd be a character exploration adventure mystery mix XD

Another idea would be for the universe-hopper to be teleported via Aetheryte (a crystalline energy connection point that allows for teleportation and storage of energy) into a tough situation where, surprise! Sin is already there trying to work through it, 

With both of these eventually we'd probably work back to the PGSM free company house for rest and study and etc., ^.~ then maybe we can work in other PGSM FC members who may or may not be inspired to make their characters on here, mwahahahahahaaa LOOKING AT ALL OF YOU, QUEENIE, ANAIT, JASPER, MARS, AND VISITING-FROM-ANOTHER-FC-ADDELYN 


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[Multiverse]Sinaka Kyralih's Connection Center

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