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 [Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center

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[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center Empty
PostSubject: [Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center   [Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center I_icon_minitime15th November 2016, 3:05 pm

[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center Da537009-f80e-4625-ad4b-acea3025d738[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center 9d9429d2-a61b-40ed-9585-ec7ef9228965[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center 2FgTyNa
Name and link to profile of character: Daenerys Targaryen
Age and Gender: 19. Female.
Origin: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. House: Targaryen. Descendent of Valyria.
Type: Hero/Civilian.
Personality Traits: Confident. Empathetic. Compassionate. Inspirational. Stubborn. Indecisive. Paranoid. Ruthless. Naive.
Appearance: Show (to the left). Book.
Brief History: Born into the exiled House Targaryen, Daenerys is forced to flee Westeros for Essos with her brother, Viserys, and a host of Targaryen supporter, after Robert's Rebellion. The pair of siblings lived in relative peace in Braavos until their caregiver passes and the two are forced to live as beggars. At the age of 16, Dany and Viserys are given a chance to return home if Dany marries Khal Drogo, a Dothraki warlord, in an attempt to use his warriors to retake the Seven Kingdoms for her brother's. Viserys, and eventually Dany's, plans do not come to plan when Viserys is killed by Drogo and Drogo himself dies from a wound despite Dany's attempts to use blood magic to save him. With nothing to lose, Dany takes one of her wedding gifts, three dragon eggs, and takes them into Drogo's funeral pyre. Dany goes into the flames herself and instead of dying she is unharmed with three newborn dragons. With her dragons and growing legion of supporters, Dany plans on reclaiming the seven kingdoms and ruling as the rightful Queen of Westeros.
Open for Universe Hopping? Yes. 
Open for Visitors to their Universe? Yes.
Seeking RP Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Character building, etc.
Further comments: Daenerys would most likely travel to different 'worlds' via magic (glass candles or even possibly blood magic).
Type of connection requested: Advisors, Queensguard members, friends, rivalries, romantic interests (male and female), etc.


[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center Yunbuns
[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center RMQswKA[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center H4RJ9Np[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center Sn1wjrp[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center 8jCa1cO[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center A8E4GsN
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[Multiverse] Daenerys Targaryen's Connection Center

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