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 [Multiverse][Relaxed] Pokémon Prism

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PostSubject: [Multiverse][Relaxed] Pokémon Prism   Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:32 pm

Storyline Name: Pokémon Prism
Creator: Sailor Mercury (with input from Sailor Saturn)
Forum: Gates to the Multiverse
Universe: Pokémon
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: The world of Pokémon—a place with fantastic friends, evil enemies, and creatures beyond your wildest imagination! It has been the home for so many journeys, for every Pokémon Champion was once a new Pokémon Trainer with their very own first Pokémon.

And now it is time for a new adventure, with new trainers ready to take on the world and prove that they want to be the very best!

In the northern area of the Kanto region, Professor Maple (a Pokémon Professor mentored by the legendary Professor Oak) has discovered a passage deep within the mysterious Mt. Moon. It leads farther north, to what she believes is a previously-unexplored region of the Pokémon world somewhere between the mountains that border both Kanto and Sinnoh.

Determined to learn more about this new place, Professor Maple recruited a team of brand new Pokémon Trainers and tasked them to set forth to find out more about what lies north of Mt. Moon. She not only gave them their very first starter Pokémon, but also presented each with a strange and unusual Pokémon egg. These eggs, recently delivered into Professor Maple's care, look very different from "normal" Pokémon eggs. Professor Maple hopes that journeying along with the trainers will allow these eggs to hatch, so she can collect data on the Pokémon found inside.

Unfortunately, other people have learned about these mysterious eggs. Rather than being interested by the Pokémon inside, these dastardly deviants can only imagine the money that Pokémon collectors would pay for such items! Wherever our new trainers journey, the malevolent Team Lambda will not be far behind!

Amazing adventures await these Pokémon Trainers in the new region of Raitoh!

Details on any necessary information: This RP continues the [RTRP] PokéBeginnings.

Pokémon World Summary:

The Raitoh Region:

Pokémon Eggs:

Professor Maple:

Team Lambda (Team λ):

Universe Need-to-Know-Info:
• Pokémon, Gotta Catch 'Em All
• Wild creatures with magical abilities that humans can collect and train to fight for them
• Capture Pokémon with Pokéballs
• Heal injured or revive fainted Pokémon at Pokémon Centers or with items
• Pokémon generally hatch from Eggs
• Pokémon Professors study Pokémon
• Gym Leaders award Badges when Trainers defeat them at their Gyms
• Collecting the requisite number of Badges allows a Trainer to attempt to defeat the Pokémon League
• Sending pre-adolescents out to try and make it in the world is a responsible way to organize a society

• Only characters from the Pokémon world, please
• Original and canon Pokémon characters are allowed, as long as they are just starting off as Pokémon Trainers within this Storyline
• New trainers should visit Professor Maple, to acquire their starter Pokémon and a strange and unusual egg!

Source: N/A

OOC Thread: OOC Thread

Member to Character List:
Alexa (@"Sailor Saturn")
Black (@JupiterThunderCrash)
Trainer Charmander (@Luna)
Ember (@SaturnTomoe)
Mary (@"Sailor Mercury")
Tamber (@Cosmos-Hime)

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PostSubject: Re: [Multiverse][Relaxed] Pokémon Prism   Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:36 pm

Wow, so much preparations, I love how in-depth you've planned this! Sounds like a lot of fun. And also "Sending pre-adolescents out to try and make it in the world is a responsible way to organize a society" xD Perfect sentence is perfect haha <3 Everything looks in order!



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[Multiverse][Relaxed] Pokémon Prism

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