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 Donation 101!

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PostSubject: Donation 101!   8th December 2016, 3:17 pm

Welcome to the Galaxy Cauldron's Donation Information Station! This a guide geared towards answering all your possible questions regarding how donations work here at GC. If you find that you still have questions, feel free to ask them below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do we need to give GC donations? Can't you just pay for things?
A: There is no obligation to donate to GC. However, GC is a home and as such, requires maintenance to keep it up and running in its most pristine form. Since GC is a home for many, it would be lovely if we could all pitch in and help take care of our home rather than leaving it on the shoulders of just one person.

Q: have a point there. But just where, exactly, would my contributions go?
A: Your contributions would go to services such as keeping GC ad-free, any giveaways we host, the Hammer Price Shrine, and other nooks and crannies around the forum keeping it up to par! We now have a Donation spreadsheet available for all members to view where our funding goes.

Q: Do I get any say in where my donation goes?
A: Money will be distributed evenly unless we are contacted via Email at otherwise.

Q: I would like to donate but unfortunately don't have the funds to right now. Is there anything else I could donate?
A: Yes! If you would like to donate items for giveaways or to place in the Hammer Price Shop, please email us at and include the following information:
Quote :
Your Name or GC username:
Name of item:
When you can ship it:
Are you willing to pay for shipping: yes/no[/left]
Is the item for GC members only or for any giveaway GC related[/size]

Q: Aside from doing a good deed, is there anything in it for me personally?
A: Of course! We are deeply grateful for your contribution and have constructed four exclusive goodie packages for your use around the forum! Members who donate will also receive a special 'Donator' badge under their avatar regardless of their donation amount and will highlighted on the portal page. We appreciate all donations and would like to thank each of you accordingly! The full list of all donation packages is shown below:
Quote :
Crystal Star Pack ($5 Donation)
~ 500 points
~ Cosmic Stamp Pack Ticket
~ Free tier 1-3 sprite
~ An exclusive stamp

Cosmic Heart Pack ($10 Donation)
~ 1000 points
~ Free Avatar Change Ticket
~ Cosmic Stamp Pack Ticket
~ Free tier 4-5 sprite
~ An exclusive stamp

Crisis Moon Pack ($15 Donation)
~ 1500 points
~ Free Avatar Change Ticket x2
~ Crisis Stamp Pack Ticket x2
~ Free tier 6-7 sprite
~ An exclusive stamp

Eternal Moon Pack ($20 Donation)
~ 2000 points
~ Free Avatar Change Ticket x3
~ Crisis Stamp Pack Ticket x3
~ Three free sprites of your choosing
~ Neo Queen Serenity Graphic
~ An exclusive stamp 

Q: So I've donated! ...Now what do I do?
A: Once you have donated, please contact Neo Queen Serenity via PM to verify that your donation has gone through. Once that is done, you should receive a PM from Sailor Mars (or NQS if he is on LOA) containing your donation package.

Q: Great! Now that I have my goodies, when can I use them and how do I do so?
A: You can use your goodies whenever you want, except for your sprite coupons if you are not currently a Lotus. Since sprites are only available to Lotus Members, if a Star Seed or Pyramidal member donates then you must save your coupons until you become a Lotus. When you decide to use your ticket, you must PM and inform Sailor Mars (or NQS if she is on a LOA) before doing so. 

Visit the right side of the portal page and click on the paypal button to donate.


Neo Queen Serenity and the Inner Admin Team would like to thank all members for their continuous support towards GC, especially our donators!

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Donation 101!

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