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 (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: The Pink Cat

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: The Pink Cat   12th December 2016, 11:09 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Unknown – most only know her as “Pink Cat” or “Pink Kitten”
– As Sailor Neptune said I am free to give her a name, I choose Lunette, meaning "little moon", alluding to her being a little Luna. ^^  
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown – she is a small kitten
Date of Birth: Unknown

Used Canons: Manga → Sailor Parallel Moon short story


The Pink Cat is surprisingly small, capable of fitting in the cupped hands of an 8- or 9-year-old child. She is also, literally, pink. Kousagi describes her as being the same color of pink dye that dentists use to check for food stains on their patients’ teeth. She has a golden crescent moon mark on her forehead. Her whiskers are distinct with two pairs of short whiskers beneath a pair of long curly ones. Her tail is also surprisingly long for her size and has a tendency to be held in a curly cue.

In her human form, the Pink Cat retains a lot of her cat features: her ears, her whiskers, and her tail. Her hair is pink like her fur and she sports 2 sets of oval buns. A set of fine, pink, spiraling curls tumble down from the buns. Her cat ears sit in front of them. Her bangs are curly, as are her fly-aways near her human ears, which wear a pair of heart-shaped earrings. The crescent moon mark remains on her forehead and she appears to be about Kousagi’s age, if not a little younger. She sports a simple, nondescript dress with a lacy, petal-like trim at the hem of the skirt.

The Pink Cat is definitely a playful and impish creature. She likes to innocently tease others and rile them up. When she revealed herself to Kousagi, she said that “it sure looked like” Kousagi was dead when the girl asked. She's also rather clever in her methods of persuasion. When Kousagi said that she didn't want to be a senshi, the Pink Cat bribed her by saying “Don't you want to be a princess?”

Although a jokester and a bit of a trickster, the Pink Cat is also earnest and encouraging. She strongly believes in her companion, Tsukino Kousagi, and her ability to protect the Earth. She also has faith in Kousagi as a leader of the Parallel Senshi, as she firmly said that Ami, Rei, Mako, and Mina are to follow her.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: The Pink Cat seems to be able to freely shift between her cat and human form.

Little is known about the Pink Cat. It is suspected that she is associated with the Planet Mau and maybe the other feline advisors because of the crescent mark on her forehead, but none of that has ever been confirmed. She is only known to have appeared to Kousagi and the other Parallel Senshi when the planet was in danger from an onslaught of rabbits. She revealed to Kousagi that she was a sailor senshi, destined to protect Earth, and also a princess!

The Parallel Senshi have no idea if the battle they fought against the rabbits really happened. The Pink Cat, however, was found by them when they woke up and whispered to Kousagi that they two, at least, knew it really did.

Other Noteworthy Facts:

Storyline Specific Information:


RP Sample:
The Pink Cat thought her relationship with Kousagi was interesting. Kousagi still got goosebumps when she found the Pink Cat snuggling up to her or asleep by her head in the morning. But it wasn't so bad these days. The other children—Ami, Rei, Mako, and Mina—liked her better.

It seemed unfortunate to the Pink Cat that she seemed to be the glue holding the young team together and not Kousagi. The Parallel Senshi found their leader and princess to be a bother more than anything. That attitude hadn't seemed to change since their battle against the rabbit invasion. Of course, it didn't help that the others all thought it was a dream.

But the Pink Cat hasn't done anything to help the situation either. She wanted to see the team's dynamic without interfering. Maybe then she could really help Kousagi to win over the others naturally. She preferred that idea over another battle. The young senshi were so young that they became exhausted after battles and promptly passed out afterwards. What if they had another battle and thought it was just another dream? Or maybe it's just time to break the silence, the Pink Cat thought to herself. They need to understand the importance of everything.

“Kousagi-chan,” the Pink Cat said, pawing at the sleeping princess's face. The child slept on. “Kousagi-chan!” she said more firmly. The child still didn't stir. “KOUSAGI-CHAN!” the cat hissed, swiping at the child's nose with claws slightly drawn.

“Ouch!” the girl cried, sitting up. “Pink Head, what's the big idea?!” the girl growled, tenderly touching her nose.

“You need to have the other girls come over tomorrow,” the cat instructed.

“You know they don't like or listen to me,” Kousagi pouted.

“Just promise them that there will be cream or something,” the cat suggested.

“No way! If I lie that will make it worse when they come. They'll hate me even more than they already do!”

The Pink Cat sighed. “Fine. I'll find them tomorrow and talk to them.”

“What do you need to talk to them for anyway?” Kousagi asked, genuinely curious.

“They need to realize that the fight with the rabbits wasn't a dream, and that they need to take your role as their leader and princess seriously—and so do you!” the kitten answered sternly.

“I do! But I'm not going to boss them around. I want them to like me.” Kousagi explained, yawning a little.

Sometimes the cat didn't understand Kousagi. She was the princess and the leader. Didn't that mean she was allowed to be bossy? Both roles required strength and command.

“You shouldn't have to bend over backwards to get them to like you, Kousagi-chan. You need to assert yourself. Have faith in yourself! Don't let them walk all over you either. You let them take advantage of you because you want them to like you, but tell them you'll not tolerate being bullied by them anymore. It isn't fair to you,” the Pink Cat lectured, though unintentionally.


“Kousagi-chan?” The Pink Cat looked up at the girl. She had fallen asleep sitting up! The kitten gawked, but then sighed and smiled. It was the middle of the night and she was a growing girl.

“Sleep well, Kousagi-chan.”

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: The Pink Cat   12th December 2016, 11:54 am

Approved! Feel free to add in a name if you want to come up with one, as well Smile


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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: The Pink Cat

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