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 [Relaxed] Birthday Splash on Amatheia

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Birthday Splash on Amatheia   18th January 2017, 11:39 am

Storyline Name: Birthday Splash on Amatheia

Creator(s): CrystalSetsuna

Forum: Crystal Tokyo

Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: Princess Thalassa of Amatheia's 485th birthday is fast approaching, and she wants to celebrate with her friends and allies! As such, she's extended an invitation to anyone who would like to attend! It will be a fairly small formal ball, with plenty of Amatheian delicacies and drinks for all, though it might not entirely suit their tastes! And confusion ensues when the guests most personal and sentimental items go missing, along with Thalassa's younger brother and sister. Is it a new enemy?! Instead of a birthday party, the group must go on a scavenger hunt to figure out this mystery!

Details on any necessary information: Anyone who is incapable of surviving underwater and/or extremely cold temperatures will be provided a magical amulet once they arrive at the designated meeting point on Amatheia, a rare island on the planet which is largely composed of oceans. Each character must have something small they can bring that is important to them, but not necessarily valuable and is easily stealable. There is no actual enemy or fighting in this story, as it's a prank being played on the guests by Amatheia's brother and sister.

Restrictions: None, canon and otaku senshi are welcome! As are civilians. Probably no antagonists unless they've been healed and turned good.

OOC Thread: OOC Thread

Member to Character List: Thalassa Maera/ Sailor Amatheia- CrystalSetsuna

Medeina Zvoruna/ Sailor Zoolean- Meganekko

Stephanie Sanders/ Sailor Splash- Dark Sportsnutd

Jasper Franklin- Jasper

Still accepting players for this roleplay!<3


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Birthday Splash on Amatheia   18th January 2017, 5:24 pm

Looks fun Very Happy Everything seems to be in order, too! It's nice to see a storyline of yours again <3



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[Relaxed] Birthday Splash on Amatheia

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