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 The Guardian Mascot Above You Game

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TS Sailor Cronus
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TS Sailor Cronus

Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: The Guardian Mascot Above You Game   22nd January 2017, 8:51 am

The person above you just discovered her (or his) powers today, with the help of a personal guardian animal mascot. What was the animal, and what is its power? 


- Describe the power of the mascot, NOT the senshi!
- Only ONE power for the mascot.
- No canon mascots. You may assign a cat, but that cat can't be Luna/ Artemis/ etc.
- The power to conjure magical devices (a la Luna backflip) strictly prohibited. Come up with something original.
- Any animal allowed. (Emu, alpaca, crocodile, stink bug, anything.)
- Play as many times as you want, but no double posting. (In other words, don't give yourself a mascot.) It is preferred that the same two people don't keep mascotting each other in alternating posts, but just a couple of times is okay.


The person above me was visited by a nekomata (two tailed cat) whose power is to suppress her charge's powers from overwhelming her.

Here, I'll provide a bonus second example:

The person above me was visited by an alpaca whose power is to shoot rainbow eyebeams at the enemy to hypnotize them.

See how easy this is? 


I am the Titan Soldier of Stars and Destiny! Protector of the innocent! Defender against evil! And invincible! SAILOR CRONUS! Enemies beware-- for your fate is sealed!
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The Guardian Mascot Above You Game

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