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 [Debate] Which of the Sailor Animamates corresponds to the Senshi?

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PostSubject: [Debate] Which of the Sailor Animamates corresponds to the Senshi?   17th February 2017, 8:04 pm

So from Dark Kingdom through Dream the villains have corresponded roughly to one of the Inner Senshi (see table at end of post). However, the Animamates sent to Earth to retrieve star seeds/sailor crystals do not seem to directly correlate. So I was wondering what TGC has to say on the matter.

I would say Aluminum Seren and Lead Crow correspond roughly to Mercury and Mars, but I'm not sure about Iron Mouse and Tin Nyanko.

Seren - watery powers, spacey but smart like PallaPalla, blue coloring

Crow - in the manga, comes from Coronis the planet where Mars' companions Phobos and Deimos are originally from. Also her personality and actions are similar to Rei by being both hard on and helpful to her friend

SenshiDark KingdomBlack MoonDeath BustersDead Moon CircusShadow Galactica
MercuryZoiciteBerthierViluyPallaPallaAluminum Seren?
MarsJadeiteKoanEudialVesVesLead Crow?


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[Debate] Which of the Sailor Animamates corresponds to the Senshi?

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