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 [Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom)

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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[Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom) Empty
PostSubject: [Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom)   [Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom) I_icon_minitime27th February 2017, 5:14 pm

It is the year 3000 AD. For a thousand years, Neo Queen Serenity ruled over the Earth with the power of the legendary Silver Crystal, bringing an era of peace and prosperity to the planet. Crimes don't exist anymore, with the exception of one instance. The blue Planet seems to have transformed a paradise for humans and animal alike - but at what price?

Under the rule of Prince Demande, the Black Moon Clan went to Nemesis. Their goal: To alter the past, destroy the Ginzuishou and prevent Usagi Tsukino from ever becoming Queen.

Why did the Black Moon Clan target the destruction of such a paradise?

Through both the Anime and the Manga, we only follow the perspective of the Sailor Scouts on their Quest to save the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo. "History is written by the victors." And with that our perspective of the Situation is biased from the start, so the easiest thing would be to just deem the Black Moon Clan as terrorists, with a goal of bringing chaos and destruction over the earth. But what if their goals are a lot more nobel?

Through a little bit of conversation between Prince Demande and Sailor Moon, we briefly learn about his motives behind everything:

Prince Demande sees the conditions on Earth as unnatural. Through the Silver Crystal, death on earth is mostly eliminated. According to him, the cicle of life and death is something that shouldn't be interrupted - not even by Neo Queen Serenity.

Even though Prince Demande and the whole Black Moon Clan were later corrupted by Chaos, their true intentions started out long before it.

But what allowed Chaos to corrupt them in the first place? Everything started out a couple of centuries ago, with a murderer known as Death Phantom. Neo Queen Serenity spared his life, but banished him to a fate even worse than death: Living the rest of his life in complete isolation on the dark planet Nemesis.

Once again this is the Story told to us by the Sailor Scouts. But what Death Phantom wasn't as much of a monster as we are meant to believe? What if he just wasn't happy with conditions on Earth just like the Black Moon Clan many years after him? While his motives will never justify his actions, it should get you thinking: Are the Sailor Senshi really the heroes?

This leads us to my main question:

What if everything isn't as black and white as it seems to be?

Not very much is known about the circumstances of the Sailor Senshi's rise to power. But through the second Arc, we can see that the Earth of the 30th Century isn't as perfect as it seems. Do you think that everyone just 'accepted' Neo Queen Serenity as their new Ruler - or were some of them forced to? Was humanity's freedom of choice suppressed, even further than stated by Prince Demande? Or is the Black Moon Clan overacting and doesn't have any reason to be upset about the conditions on earth?


[Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom) S0fqRqS
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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[Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom)   [Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom) I_icon_minitime28th February 2017, 6:29 pm

Wow, all of this gave me scraps of ideas for AUs.

Like the Parliament of Crystal Tokyo with the Royal Family more like the British or Scandinavian royals families of today. That seems more like how Usagi would be Queen.


[Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom) Rolepl12 
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[Debate] The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom)

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