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 [February] RPer of the Month - Kai!

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PostSubject: [February] RPer of the Month - Kai!   15th March 2017, 10:15 am

Feburary's Featured Roleplayer: Kai!
Sailor Saturn wrote:
Kai has only been a part of the RP section for a short while, but he's made quite the bang in that time! His skill with writing strong characters that never hold back has made for some really interesting situations in all of the RPs he's participated in, and we can't see what else he has in store for his victims partners.

Quick Facts about Kai, The Roleplayer!
Kai started roleplaying with us just after he joined last year! Less than a month went by before he was snagged, mwahahahahahaa! 
Kai's most recently used character is a Crossover character - Lord Freiza! XD - but his first ever approved character of the forms is (DEEP BREATH - IT'S VERY UNEXPECTED :O) Kaolinite!
Kai's first Roleplay event was last summer's MURDER MYSTERY Murder at the Ravenwood Masquerade Ball, wherein he played Peyton Pewter!
Kai's Crackships Roleplay, Whale you be Mine? is March's Featured Roleplay!

Rainbow Crystal Stamps Collected:
None yet!
buuuut if he submits his February Points card he's got enough there to earn the blue stamp!♥

List of Accepted Characters: Not Listed in one place!
List of Storylines: Not listed in one place!

When Kai was interviewed by Sailor Neptune, he had this to say!
Sailor Neptune wrote:
How did you get into RPing? (Tell us your first RP place and fandom, if applicable!)

The first time RPing for me was around 2006. I was 11 years old and entered a German Chatroom together with other people of my class. One of the Rooms was a RP Room, without a special fandom. Being a 11 yo brat, I just jumped into the RP of two guys and started doing my own thing. They were very confused, but played along.

After that I didn't really RP, other than a German Zelda Forum which had a RP Section. For Storylines you had to create Otaku Characters, but the RPs itself hadn't much to it. There were no Storylines, and you could visit Sections of Hyrule, but no one really played together.

My first "real" RP experience was around 2008, on Animexx. There I played in various Fandoms like Pokemon, Zelda and Sailor Moon. While the RPs had more order in them, most of them were still just casual writing, without any general storyline to follow. After that I didn't RP for quite a while, until I stumbled upon GC, where I got into the full pleasure of RPing. At first I was hesitant about it, because I didn't want to bother anyone there with my English, but after getting into it I have a ton of fun playing on GC.

Do you RP anything besides Sailor Moon? 

Today I don't play anything other than Sailor Moon, even though I have fun playing as MU characters. Before I had played things like Pokemon and Zelda besides Sailor Moon, as stated above.

How long have you been RPing?

If you consider GC Standards, I have only been playing since 2016. If you consider everything else, I have been playing since 2006.

What is your favorite thing about RPing? Why is it something you love to do?

I think my favorite thing about RPing is thinking myself into the Role of the Character. It's a thing I am used to do in Mafia, so it's really fun to take everything a step further. Consindering their background, their behavior and make out how they would react in that kind of situation. You get to see the world through their eyes, and can even expand upon it. That's why I really love to keep everything as much in character as possible.

Who is/are your favorite character(s) to RP, Sailor Moon or otherwise?

As you can probably tell from my character profiles, I really enjoy playing villains. As I already mentioned in the previous question, it is really fun to explore a characters background and expand upon it. For me it is much easier to be a good guy, than be a bad guy. Nothing is just black and white and Villains aren't usually just pure evil. They have motivations behind what they do. If I'd have to name a specific character, I'd go with Frieza, since I had really fun playing him in both the Crackships and Dissidia. Other than him I also enjoy playing as Kaolinite, with the main reason being that Sailor Mercury's Professor Tomoe is just a blast to play with.

What types of stories do you love best? Any specific genre? 

That's a really though question. I think I don't really have a specific type of Genre I like to play. I enjoy everything as long as it suits my characters and my playstyle.

What was the first RP or RP Event that you took part in on GC and what was your favorite part about it? 

My first RP on GC was the Anni RTRP hosted by Sailor Saturn. I really enjoyed that it was more fast paced, and therefore easier for me to just try it out. I don't regret joining and I think it's what got me really into RPing on GC. Verdi did an awesome job hosting it and I really loved the fact that it actually had a storyline to follow, other than just doing things with other characters.

What's your favorite part of RPing on GC? 

I really love the care that every RP Staff puts into RPing and making it as User friendly as possible. It's really fun getting into it, and playing in Storylines. The RPs have a overall quality I haven't seen on any other site.

Do you have any tips/tricks for people who might want to start RPing but are intimidated because they don't feel their writing isn't good enough or don't know where to start?

Heck, just do it. Your writing won't get any better if you don't try it, and the people on GC are super nice. Nobody will judge you if you do any mistakes. The main focus should be you having fun and your writing will get better while your having fun. It's a win win situation!

Fondest memory in your entire RPing history?

I actually can't decide, so I'll just name two:

The Villain RTRP. It was not only fun playing, but also reading it. I really enjoyed the Setup and any ideas that spawned from it. Again playing Kaolinite alongside Sailor Mercury's Professor Tomoe is just really fun! ^__^

My second fondest memory is from the Love and Justice League. Not really playing it, since we never really got to do it, but planning the Death Busters with Andalusite, and later with Sailor Saturn, Sailor Mercury and Meganekko. It was really fun coming up with a background for both Kaolinite and Cyprine, as well as a general story on how they met and how Kaolinite got Cyprine to do what she wants.

Do you have any questions for Kai our Featured Roleplayer of February? Ask him here! ♥


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PostSubject: Re: [February] RPer of the Month - Kai!   15th March 2017, 11:49 am

what is your fave other then Lord Frezia non sailor moon character to RP as?

Also have you ever RP'ed as an animal?


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PostSubject: Re: [February] RPer of the Month - Kai!   15th March 2017, 3:07 pm

Congrats, Kai!


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PostSubject: Re: [February] RPer of the Month - Kai!   16th March 2017, 12:15 pm

Dark Sportsnutd wrote:
what is your fave other then Lord Frezia non sailor moon character to RP as?

Also have you ever RP'ed as an animal?

Playing Vegeta in MUvembers Casual Event was a lot of fun and I think if I ever get around to play as him again, I'd love to!

As for playing as an Animal: No I haven't, although I have played as a Pokemon in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP, but I think that doesn't really count. XD


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[February] RPer of the Month - Kai!

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