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 Artists Index Thread

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Title : GC's Official Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
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PostSubject: Artists Index Thread   2nd April 2017, 8:58 am

banner made by the lovely Diana!

“Welcome one, welcome all to the Artists Index Thread!”   
You hear from a jovial, and delightful call from the audible, yet petit loudspeaker as you begin to approach the vibrant and radiant ambience that seems to almost spellbind you near. 

Before you make your entrance into the miniature establishment, you ponder at the sky, gazing at the various constellations which luminescence seemingly guided you to this exact point in the Galaxy Cauldron.

Opening the newly minted door, a vast loft supernaturally appears before your eyes; with a profusion of all types of works of art; whether it be drawings, mixed media, or videos, it was all there. You stroll throughout the floor, glancing in awe of all of the creations by the members of the Galaxy Cauldron. It isn’t until a few minutes later that you realize that there are multiple floors. 

This place is most certainly larger than you thought,” an echoing, and beckoning voice broadcasts from the apex of the stairs.
“Oh! Excuse me for not introducing myself, dearie. I am Moonstone, Moderator of Section 6 and Creativity Corner enthusiast!” She explains as she makes her way down the seemingly infinite height of the stairs. 

“Make sure you have read the Artist and Mixed Media Rules, as well as the Galaxy Cauldron Rules and Information! If you have any questions about the Artists section or any part of Section 6, do not hesitate to simply let me know. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here at the Artists Index Thread viewing all the works of our very talented GC members!”



Mangaka-chan's fanart by mangaka-chan
LunaXTwilitXGoddess' Art by LunaXTwilitXGoddess

    Mixed Media 

Moonstar's Fanart by LaMoonstar
Mystery's Art Very Happy by mysteryloveandjustice
Sailor Fairies by Luna Love
Platinum.designs - by Haine~ {5/10/2016} by Sailor Venus [formerly Haine]
Otaku Art Invitation! started by Sailor Saturn
Kaya's Kolorful Korner [Updated June 7th! ^^] by Tiny Kitten [formerly Kayariah]
Starchild's Pixels by Starchild
Sailor Senshi Brooch Maker by Crystalsetsuna
CrystalBunny's Edits by CrystalBunny
LaMoonstar's Projects by LaMoonstar
Chris Sifnoitis' Fractal Art by chrissifnoitis


Starchild's AMV's by Starchild


Avatar and Signature by Diana
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Artists Index Thread

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