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 (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl

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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl Empty
PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl   (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl I_icon_minitime17th June 2017, 5:20 am

Character Name: Queen Beryl
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 20s, November 1st

Used Canons: Manga


Queen Beryl is a rather tall woman, towering at 6"1', while weighting 150lbs. She has long, wavy red hair, falling behind her back, almost reaching her waist. Her skin has a very pale color, almost appearing greyish, depending on the lighting. The color of her eyes is a dull orange, with pupils being more yellow than white. Beryl wears brown makeup on her eyelids, as well as purple lipstick and red nail polish on her long, pointy fingernails. Crowning her head, she wears a v-shpaed stone made of Beryl, with a turquoise stone of unknown material on top. The same turquoise  stones are used for her earrings, as well as for her necklace. She also wears a silver bracelet, as well as two horns, which appear to come out of her shoulder.
She can always be seen wearning a form-fitting purple dress, with the top pointed in towards her neck, and a black background. Going with this dress, she wears a silver belt around her waist.

During the Silver Millennium, Beryl had black hair and was missing her v-shaped headpiece, wearing just the turquoise stone. Instead of her eccentric purple dress, she wore a more simple, black and white dress, which ended a little bit below her knees, as well as brown heels.


While not much is known about her personality prior to being corrupted by Queen Metalia, Beryl was a rather shy and quiet woman, only watching and admiring Prince Endymion from a distance, while doing her work as a sorceress. When her beloved Endymion fell in love with Princess Serenity, Beryl started to become more and more jealous of her, to a point where her heart was only filled with hatred for the Princess, and everyone associated with her.
This hatred and jealousy caused Beryl to be corrupted by Metalia, who amplified her dark feelings even more. From this point onward, she was completely driven by hatred, even nullifying the love she had for Endymion. This can best be seen when Beryl killed Endymion without a second thought, when he stood in her way of revenge.

After being reborn as Queen Beryl, she isn't driven by hatred anymore, and is instead very egoistic and cold-hearted. She is best described as pure evil, having lost every bit of humanity she had in her past life, manipulating and controlling everyone around her to gain as much power as possible. Unlike during the Silver Millenium, she acts on her own behalf, instead of being controlled by Queen Metalia, even going as far as wanting the Silver Crystal for herself.

When she is killed again by Sailor Venus, a little bit of her pre-corruption personality shines through, as she remembers her past love for Prince Endymion.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

Sword Fighting: During the Silver Millenium, Beryl can be seen wielding a sword, indicating that she is a very good swordsman.

Magic: Both during the Silver Millenium, as well as after he rebirth, Beryl is able to use a wide variety of magic, taking its roots in her background as a lower rank sorceress. These abilities range from simple lighting spells, to mind-control as seen in her control over the four Generals.


During the Silver Millennium, Beryl was a lower ranked Earth sorceress, who fell in love with Prince Endymion. After finding out that the prince was in love with Princess Serenity instead, she became extremely jealous, which caused her to be corrupted by Queen Metalia.
Because of her corruption she started to revolt against the Moon Kingdom, convincing many earth citizens to fight alongside her. During this fight for the Moon, she killed Prince Endymion, who tried to protect the moon with her sword, but was later killed by Sailor Venus with the Holy Sword.

When everyone was reborn on Earth, during the Events of the Dark Kingdom Arc, Beryl was reborn as a normal Earth Woman as well. While she mostly lived a normal life, she remembered her past and thus awakened as Queen Beryl, when she found the Dark Kingdom's ruins at D-Point. With the Moon Kingdom gone, Beryl instead focused everything on reawakening Queen Metalia, who has been buried alongside the ruins. To accomplish this goal, she corrupted the  also reborn Generals and sent them out to find the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Her efforts to get the Silver Crystal seemed to be a success, when Kunzite killed the reincarnation of Prince Endymion, Mamoru, and brought him to the Dark Kingdom. The power of the Silver Crystal went over to Endymion's body before dying, but even after he was revived by Queen Metalia, no traces of it were to be found. Unhappy about this turn of events, she sent the mind-controlled Endymion out to find the Silver Crystal, which was still in possesion of Sailor Moon.

When Sailor Moon found out that Endymion was under Beryl's control, a fight at the Crown Game Center started, which the Queen herself joined to get rid of the Sailor Senshi once and for all, as well as finally getting her hands on the Silver Crystal. During this fight, she was once again killed by Sailor Venus with the Holy Sword, and dissolved into dust.

Storyline Specific Information: /

RP Sample: From To Rise Again

Back at the Castle things started to calm down, giving Beryl the opportunity to inspect the Kingdom she could finally call 'her own'. For so long she had been looking up jealously into the sky, onto the paradise called Moon way above her head. While the Earth suffered through countless plagues, wars, and other hardships, this Moon Kingdom was always thriving, claiming to watch over Earth, protecting it. But Beryl knew exactly what they were really doing: Playing God day after day, controlling Earth and hindering its progress so their Kingdom could expand even more.
But with all of these lies of the beautiful Moon Kingdom everyone on Earth was told since childhood, nobody seemed to see what was really happening. Everyone lived their lives, never even questioning what the people looking down on them were really doing. Even Beryl herself tolerated everything for far too long, afraid that with all this brainwashing going on, nobody would ever believe her.

But this changed, when she noticed the Moon Kingdom's latest schemes. One day she spotted her beloved Prince Endymion with Princess Serenity, engaging in a romantic relationship with each other. Beryl instantly knew what was going on. Pulling the strings from behind wasn't good enough anymore. No, now these despicable moon people wanted to have direct control over the Earth, and her Prince she grew to love so much didn't even notice. The woman knew she had to do something. She couldn't be afraid anymore - She MUSN'T be afraid anymore, for the sake of her beautiful Planet.

So she went onto the streets, telling everyone the turth about the Moon Kingdom, and - much to her surprise- people actually believed her. While some laughed at Beryl and called her insane, many could see through all this fog, making out what really lay ahead of them. Her truth spread like wildfire across the kingdom, until even the Royal Guards stood behind her. And now there she was, standing in the Moon Kingdom, victorious. The only thing that bothered her was that Endymion even went so far as to betray his own Kingdom to protect the Moon. But it wasn't his fault. He has spent too much time with Princess Serenity, being completely blinded by her.

Walking through the gardens of the Castle, the new Queen had to admit that not everything she was told about was a lie. The Moon Kingdom really was the most beautiful place she has ever seen, even with all the destruction that was caused to it by her men. Left and right of her, beautiful flowers bloomed in all colors of the rainbow and trees, unlike anything she has ever gazed upon before.

Beryl slowly made her way through this sea of flowers, breathing in some of the freshest air her lungs have ever tasted, making her way back to the Throne Room. Inside the Generals, once Endymion's most trusted men, as well as some servants were waiting for her. She sat down in the Throne at the other end of the room, just now noticing how uncomfortable it was. How was Queen Serenity able to sit in it for all this time?

"Any updates?", she asked of the Generals, wanting to know if their Guards have captured the fled Princess Serenity, as well as her so-called 'Sailor Guardians' and Prince Endymion.
She just couldn't understand how Endymion could betray his Planet like that, following Princess Serenity like a sheep. Even though she tried to think not about him, the Prince still found his way into her mind.


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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl   (Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl I_icon_minitime19th June 2017, 6:55 am



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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl 3DQXfaU
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(Approved) [Advanced] Antagonist: Queen Beryl

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