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 [Advanced] (WIP) Senshi: Sailor Gallifrey

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PostSubject: [Advanced] (WIP) Senshi: Sailor Gallifrey   17th June 2017, 5:11 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Aria Finn
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: In her most recent reincarnation, Aria is 16 years old, but she lived for thousands of years in her previous incarnation while living on and protecting Gallifrey. She was born on May 19th.
Used Canons: Based on the Time Lords from Doctor Who.
Appearance: Aria is 5'8" with light blue eyes and pale skin. She is on the skinny side, both naturally and because of all of her constant combat as a senshi, but is still at a healthy weight. Her straight blond hair closely resembles the color of sand--long and smooth, it flows down to about the top of her hips. If she wants her hair out of the way, she'll tie it back in a low ponytail. In her daily life, Aria generally wears jeans and a t-shirt with boots, or tennis shoes. She likes to keep her outfits on the simple side, opting not to wear any sort of frills or complicated designs. She frequently wears various shades of blue and green, and sometimes purple. Aria's not a big jewelry person; her only accessory is a pair of silver stud earrings, which she wears on special occasions.

Personality: Aria is quiet and reserved, but is more talkative and comfortable around the people she knows well. She is very close to her family and has a few good friends, but spends the majority of her time by herself, something she sometimes resents but is generally very comfortable with. She is very happy with her life overall and has a moderate amount of self-esteem. Her main hobbies are reading and computer programming, and she is also deeply connected to music, an attachment that stems not just from her own interest but from the fact that it is an honored passion of the Time Lords. Aria is very independent, intelligent, and passionate, but can hold grudges for a very long time and becomes bitterly disappointed if she falls short of the high expectations she sets for herself, both as a senshi and in her daily life. As a senshi, Aria/Sailor Gallifrey is more commanding and regal (though still reserved), and tends to use a more lofty vocabulary when she speaks.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Gallifrey
Realm of Influence(s): Time and Space.
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Gallifrey Planet Power, Make Up!

Senshi Fuku: Sailor Gallifrey's fuku's signature colors are a deep reddish maroon and a dark yellow. Her leotard is white with two maroon stripes down the sides, while her maroon two-layered skirt reaches to about the middle of her thigh and has a yellow stripe at the bottom of each layer. Her bow is yellow with two medium length ribbons hanging from it and an eight-pointed maroon star in the middle. Her boots, maroon with silver laces, have a slight heel and reach above her knees, leaving only a few inches of skin between her boots and her skirt. There is also a large yellow bow in the back with long ribbons that dangle just past the top of her boots. Her collar and choker are both maroon, and her gloves are white with maroon at the ends.


Weapons or Magical Items: Sailor Gallifrey's main weapon is a large, perfectly circular gold disc with an extendable pole which she can use to swing it. Fully retracted, the pole slides insides the handle crossing the diameter of the disc, leaving the disc open to be used simply as a shield. Engraved on the disc is the Gallifreyan symbol for "Time Lord", which glows bright gold when Sailor Gallifrey uses it for an special attack, but not when she uses it for regular fighting (ex. physically hitting an enemy with it). The whole weapon is the same gold color as the accents on her fuku, and is also heavier than it looks (but Sailor Gallifrey has no problem wielding it).

RP Sample:


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[Advanced] (WIP) Senshi: Sailor Gallifrey

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