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 (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna   11th August 2017, 7:24 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Luna
"Luna" is the Latin word for the moon. It is also the name for the Roman goddess that personifies the moon.
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Unknown. In her feline form, Luna appears to be a young adult cat. In her human form, she looks to be in her late teens or early twenties. She may have been in stasis and not have been reincarnated after the fall of the Silver Millennium. In the live-action, Luna appears to be a stuffed cat and her human form is a young child. This is distinct from her apparent ages in other canon.
Used Canons: Manga, 90s anime, live-action, and Crystal
Appearance: Luna is a short-haired dark-furred young adult cat with a lean build. In some lighting she appears to be black, and in others she has a more prominent violet colouration. In the manga, her eyes are blue—similar to Usagi. In the 90s anime and in Crystal her eyes are instead a dark red colour. Her most distinguishing feature is the golden crescent moon, rotated so that the tips of the crescent are aligned upwards, on the center of her forehead. This symbolizes her connection with Princess Serenity, who shares the same mark. She usually wears no adornment, although a golden ribbon was once tied around her neck in a bow by a gentle young man.

When Luna takes a human form, she most often appears to be a young woman with a slim figure and pale skin. Her hair, similarly coloured to her fur as a feline, is long and wavy. It is worn parted down the center, with wavy bangs that frame the golden crescent moon mark on her forehead. Although most of it is left loose, it is pulled back around the crown of her head into four buns, two on each side, positioned high on her head. The length of her hair reaches the backs of her knees. She has wide bright blue eyes.

Her outfit as a human is typically a short yellow overdress with an asymmetrical handkerchief hemline and thin straps. It is cut very low in the back. Where the straps meet the bodice there are large flower-looking bunches of gathered sheer black fabric. Two slightly larger decorations in the same style are fixed to the small of her back. An asymmetrical underskirt of the sheer fabric with a more noticeable violet tint is worn below. It is much shorter in the front but reaches almost to her ankles on the sides and at the back. She is barefoot. Luna wears a gold beaded anklet on her right ankle, gold beaded earrings with dangling crescent moons, and a long beaded necklace with a large crescent moon pendant at her waist. A gold ribbon is tied in a bow around her neck. In the manga, she sometimes wears a variation on this dress with a short petaled skirt and short petaled sheer underskirt.

In the live-action, Luna is a dark violet stuffed animal variation of a cat. She almost appears to be navy in colour, although her ears are a different texture of material with a more pronounced violet colour. Her eyes are dark blue. She has a similar crescent moon mark, but she also wears a gold ribbon collar with a crescent moon charm on it.

When she takes a human form in the live-action, Luna appears to be elementary-school aged. She looks generally like any other Japanese child, although her hair is a bright indigo colour. It is worn in high pigtails topped with buns, very similar to Usagi, but the pigtails reach just above Luna's shoulders. She has short bangs with no clear parting. Her typical outfit is a bright violet shirt with short fluttery yellow sleeves. There is a large off-center rotated outline of a cat head in silver glitter on the body of the skirt. She wears a short yellow skirt with wide pleats and some stitch detailing on the hem and one central pleat. Her footwear is knee-high white go-go boots. She wears gold crescent moon earrings, a long necklace with a crescent moon over a shorter necklace with a massive cat-head-shaped pendant, and a loose belt of golden cat head shapes. On one wrist she wears a pink watch.

Personality: Luna takes her role as guardian and mentor very seriously. She is direct, rule-abiding, and outcome-focused. Luna displays an intelligence and analytical ability that gives her the air of a calm adult. She shows exceptional self-control under a variety of circumstances; when the group is under attack, Luna often calls orders and instructions, as though directing an attack in a military setting. She is extremely resourceful, which comes particularly in handy in her feline form. She rarely winds up disadvantaged despite her size and status as a "pet", rather than a person.

Often, Luna's tone is harsh or strict. She chastises Usagi and the other sailor soldiers whenever she feels they are not acting to the best of their ability. Due to her close relationship with Usagi, frequently this falls on the blonde. However, Luna is not heartless. Although she sometimes comes across as mean, she really loves the girls that she was tasked to guide. Usagi, in particular, is very dear to her, whether as Usagi born on Earth or Princess Serenity of the Moon. The two have a relationship rather like sisters, with Luna in the role of the strict yet loving older sister who wants to teach and protect the younger. Sometimes Luna's word are delivered too sharply or with too much passion, but she is not too proud to ask forgiveness when she realizes she has hurt someone else's feelings.

Luna sometimes tries to avoid indicating just how much she cares about the others, which also extends towards her romantic interest, Artemis. In particular, she does not like to admit being jealous. This was demonstrated when Diana, her future daughter, traveled back in time—Luna shunned Artemis and sulked, although she claimed she didn't care what he did with his time, when she thought that the lavender kitten was his child with some other cat.

She holds herself to very high standards—higher, even, than those she expects from the sailor soldiers. When they are upset or defeated, Luna often blames herself. As a mentor to all, particularly Usagi, she feels it keenly when the group does not succeed. Luna tends to react as though this was a failing on her part, and that if she had done something differently she could have ensured a different outcome. When she is dispirited, she doesn't tend to open up to others. She keeps her feelings bottled up inside, possibly afraid of burdening those that she is supposed to be a support for.

Luna's dream for the future is to see Usagi be happy. She has put herself in danger many times to help this young woman, and she would gladly do it again. She will be by Neo Queen Serenity's side in the future that is Crystal Tokyo, or in any other future.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
☾ As a cat of Mau origin, Luna has the ability to remain as a cat or take a more human form. However, she is most commonly seen in her feline form. This may be convenience or habit.
☾ Luna is capable of creating or storing magical objects that can be given to the sailor soldiers. She often does a back flip and the new object appears. It is unclear if Luna is actually creating these things or if she was given them by another entity.
☾ Due to her connection with the Moon Kingdom and with her charge, Luna is capable of praying to the Moon for protection, as Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity are able to do.
History: During the Silver Millennium, Luna joined the court of Queen Serenity. Alongside her partner, Artemis, she advised the queen and served as guardian and mentor for her daughter, Princess Serenity. When the kingdom fell to the evil of Queen Beryl and Metallia, Luna was tasked to find and protect the reborn princess and Silver Crystal. She eventually made her way to Tokyo to perform that task, just in time to notice the seeds of evil settling in among the people of Japan.

Initially, Luna was unaware that Usagi was the Princess. Her memories had been partially sealed, causing her to think that Usagi was a guardian. For that reason, Luna trained her to fight and equipped her with tools and weapons needed to become Sailor Moon. She provided guidance for the young teenager both on and off the battlefield. As they worked together, their relationship grew to be one of closeness, love, and mentorship—almost like sisters. Luna remained by Usagi's side throughout the trials that threatened the Earth and Solar System and into the future of Crystal Tokyo.

As she works alongside Artemis, eventually Luna realizes that she has romantic feelings for him. This is particularly highlighted when Diana, their future daughter, comes from Crystal Tokyo to 20th century Tokyo to be with Chibi Usa. In the 90s anime and manga, there is a story where Luna falls in love with an ill and melancholy astronomer named Oozora Kakeru, but ultimately she sets aside her feelings to help him find hope and reconnect with his sweetheart, an astronaut. When she reunites with Artemis after this endeavor, their relationship is stronger for their patience with each other.

Other Noteworthy Facts: 
☾ Has some of the most amazing poor-quality animation choices in both the 90s anime and Crystal
☾ In the live-action, Luna gains the ability to take a human form and transform into a sailor soldier after the Princess awakens and the Silver Crystal is located. She often involuntarily exited this form, such as if she sneezed, was frightened, or lost consciousness.
Storyline Specific Information: N/A
Senshi Information
(This character exists only in the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon universe.)
Senshi Name: Sailor Luna
Realms of Influence: Candy, distraction, and moonlight
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: "Luna Prism Power, Make Up!"

Senshi Fuku:

☾ "Luna Sucre Candy!" - Sailor Luna's most powerful attack, which is moderate compared to the other sailor soldiers, involves using her Moonlight Stick to bombard the enemy with candy.
Energy Blast - She can join the other sailor soldiers in using an unnamed attack to blast enemies away with the combined force of their powers.
Item Transformation - Sailor Luna can transform her Moonlight Stick into other useful objects. She frequently changes it into a folding fan.

Weapons and Magical Items:
Lunatia L - A cell phone similar to that of Usagi and the others, which Luna uses to transform into Sailor Luna.
Moonlight Stick - This looks like Sailor Moon's weapon, but is used for one attack and can otherwise be transformed into other objects for Luna. She particularly enjoys changing it into a folding fan.

RP Sample: From [Casual Event] To Rise Again

"Please, you must go! Protect Serenity!"

The voice replayed in her mind over and over as the rag-tag and weary group hurried along, doing their best to avoid enemy forces as they left their home and queen behind. Luna felt only the heart-wrenching agony of watching that regal form become only a distant silhouette. She could only obey her queen, no matter how much her emotions might rebel against those orders. It was her duty to carry out what was asked of her, especially if it was the correct course of action. She was an adviser and guardian—she knew this was right.

It didn't make her feel any better.

Luna put on a brave face for the others, her gaze focused ahead, doing her best to lead the way along with Sailor Venus. It was her job. Her quick wits and reflexes scanned the area, seeking to avoid any calamity. Queen Serenity had entrusted them with the most precious thing in the universe: the Princess. The only thing that mattered was keeping her safe.

She couldn't imagine ever facing the queen again if she failed in such a mission.

The dark feline eyed the area that Sailor Venus had chosen, noting that it seemed an appropriate resting place as any. The people were tired, especially those who were not accustomed to battle like the sailor soldiers. They needed to recover if they were going to have any hope of regrouping and eventually retaking the castle. Luna couldn't imagine that anyone else would have any other goal in mind. Leaving Queen Serenity alone to fight back against those terrible forces... Her heart called her back, but they had to do it carefully, without risking anything greater.
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna   14th August 2017, 7:09 am

This profile is Approved!


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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna

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