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 (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Neptune / Kaioh Michiru

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Sailor Mercury
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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Neptune / Kaioh Michiru   22nd August 2017, 10:33 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Kaioh Michiru (海王 みちる)

Michiru's surname, 海王, contains the kanji for "sea/ocean" and "king/ruler". These are the first two kanji used for the planet Neptune, 海王星 (kaiousei: "sea/ocean" "king/ruler" "star"), signifying her affiliation with the planet. Michiru's first name sounds like the verb 満ちる, which can be used as "to rise" when in reference to the tide. Her first name is written in hiragana and thus has no official "meaning".

In her past life she was known as Princess Neptune.

Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 16 at the beginning of the series and 18 by the end of it—in Crystal Tokyo she has an incredibly long life but physically appears to be roughly 23; March 6 (Pisces)
Used Canons: This profile incorporates manga, 90s anime, and Crystal.
Appearance: Michiru's height is 163cm (5'4"), and her build is slim and mature. She has a beauty that often makes others feel intimidated; she carries herself with grace and poise. Her eyes are a dark blue with teal highlights. They remind one of a stormy sea.

Her turquoise hair seems to change in tone almost like the sunlight on ocean waves—sometimes it is brighter, other times almost the dark green of seaweed. Her wavy hair is cut to fall just over the curve of her shoulders. She has long bangs that are parted down the center and gently blend into her overall hairstyle. She wears her hair loose and without adornment.

When undercover attending Mugen Gakuen (Infinity Academy), she wears their uniform. The sailor top is maroon with a dark navy collar and a band of the same green plaid as the long pleated uniform skirt that falls below the knee. The top is inset with a maroon modesty panel marked with a black five-pointed star, the school's insignia. The bow on the front of her uniform is green with horizontal navy stripes. The winter version of the uniform has long sleeves in the maroon colour; the summer version has white puffed short sleeves. She wears black pumps with a low heel and white ankle socks with a folded over cuff. Sometimes she wears a navy blue hairband, as well.

When not in school, Michiru picks fashionable and stylish clothing for a young woman. She avoids ostentatious marks like designer labels, but always looks as though she has spent a fair amount of money on her wardrobe. She wears jewelry and makeup in a visible yet very tasteful way. Michiru never looks overdone, but she always looks significantly more dressed up than the average person.

Personality: Michiru has poise and self-control down to an art form. To the average person, she appears serene and sophisticated in all ways. Nothing seems to catch her by surprise; she doesn't have the awkward moments that most people experience in their day to day lives. Everything she does is accomplished with grace and self-possession. It's intimidating for others to be around her, because even just the way she stands with excellent posture and a peaceful expression can make others feel like they aren't quite living up to their best selves.

Michiru likes this. She doesn't want to become close to other people. She keeps herself aloof because she doesn't want to associate with others. She knows that she is different—violin protégé and now Sailor Neptune, destined to help protect the Solar System. Her duties are too much for there to be time for mundane amusements and relationships with others. She holds herself to high standards, almost impossibly high, and feels that there is a divide between her life and mission and the ease at which other people go about their own lives. When she meets the other sailor soldiers, she is both disdainful and jealous of their friendly interactions and the bits of "normal life" they have all salvaged for themselves. That is something she does not have.

Michiru is firmly in the "the ends justify the means" territory, willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish her mission. She was completely willing to murder a child, Hotaru, to prevent Sailor Saturn from being awakened. It was something she briefly grappled with, but when she determined that it was the only way to stop the undesired outcome, she was ready to do it. She doesn't want to waste time trying to find alternative ways to prevent destruction. This frequently has put her at odds with Sailor Moon, especially before she became closer to Usagi and fully accepted her as Princess Serenity. Even then, Sailor Neptune often thinks of this young woman as someone to be shielded from the "unpleasant details" of dirty work that simply must be done.

Until she met Haruka, she was alone. Michiru embraced her duty as Sailor Neptune because it was the right thing to do, but not because she longed to do it. When she began to suspect that Haruka Tenoh, the amazing racecar driver that she had budding romantic feelings for, might be a sailor soldier as well, she struggled with whether this would be a wonderful or terrible. Finally, she would have to share the burden of her mission with... but at what cost? This person would lose the beautiful innocence of what it was like to be an ordinary person—something so precious that couldn't be appreciated until it was gone.

Although others rarely suspect it, Michiru has a deep vein of anger and pain buried deep within her heart. She resents many sacrifices she has been asked to make, although she would never admit it, and she rarely comes to terms with these feelings. Slowly she finds acceptance and closure, but particularly when she is younger this is a coal of frustration smoldering inside of her. When she does lash out, it almost always catches others by surprise. She does such a good job hiding her feelings that no one even suspects it. They only catch the slightest hints in a patronizing remark or judgmental smirk, and those are usually veiled to not attract immediate attention.

Few people suspect that Michiru has a sense of humor, but she does. She sometimes makes coy remarks in situations where she thinks it will take others by surprise. Very few people aren't startled to hear the violinist's prim and mature voice crack a bad joke or make a scandalous side comment.

It is only to Haruka, who she loves fiercely and desperately, that Michiru reveals her actual feelings, rather than simply presenting the facade. Michiru is incredibly devoted to Haruka, her partner as a sailor soldier and her partner in life. She would risk anything for the two to be together—nothing is too great or too much. A world without Haruka is not a world worth living in. If only they could live in harmony together, in some great house by the seashore, in a world where they did not have to fight...

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Michiru is an astonishingly skilled violin player. She is a celebrity in her own right, performing at venues all over the world.
With the Deep Aqua Mirror, Michiru can see visions of things that are happening in other places and get vague impressions of future events that may occur. In the manga and Crystal, it is established that she can also see past lives with her mirror.
Michiru can sense the turbulence of the sea and uses it to gauge the foreboding nature of future events. When trouble is coming, she can almost taste it like a salty breeze in the air.
History: During the time of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Neptune was one of the soldiers guarding the Solar System from outside invaders. From her post at Triton Castle, which orbits the planet Neptune, she worked alongside Sailor Uranus in the service of Queen Serenity to keep their home safe and secure. When the Dark Kingdom attacked and that era was destroyed, Sailor Neptune was reincarnated on Earth like the others.

In the 20th century, Michiru is a world-renowned violinist. The music that she plays seems to enlighten the hearts of those who hear it, and she enjoys fame almost unimaginable for a teenager. Yet, she always felt like there was something wrong. Something out there that was on the brink of tipping towards some kind of darkness. It was a looming threat she couldn't see, until she awakened to her powers as Sailor Neptune and learned that she had a sacred mission to stop the Messiah of Silence from bringing doom upon the world. As she fought against these forces, she kept herself distant from others, maintaining an independent life... until she met Haruka Tenoh.

Initially, Michiru is drawn to the freedom of the athlete and driver, with what she thinks is admiration. She slowly realizes that she has romantic feelings for this other young woman, which she hides like so many other emotions. Even so, she can't stop herself from wanting to be nearby—from wanting to get closer even as she tells herself that she can't. It is their destiny that they will be sailor soldiers together, and when Haruka joins her as Sailor Uranus, things will never be the same.

They initially fought against the Death Busters to prevent the awakening of Sailor Saturn as the Messiah of Silence, the one who will bring ruin. When she meets Sailor Moon and the other sailor soldiers, Sailor Neptune refuses to work alongside them. She does not believe that there is room for that kind of idealism; it is more essential to complete her mission. In the end, when Sailor Moon fights against the malevolent force and somehow manages to prevent destruction and save the life of Hotaru, Sailor Neptune acknowledges her as their Princess.

She continues to fight with the others as they go up against other forms of Chaos, although she often opts for methods more aggressive and covert than the other sailor soldiers prefer. As a sailor soldier intended to protect the Solar System from outside invaders, they benefit from the impressive power level of her abilities and her well-honed battle abilities. For this reason, she sometimes worked in a separate smaller team alongside Uranus and sometimes Pluto—particularly in the 90s anime. (For example, she pretends to have defected to Sailor Galaxia alongside Sailor Uranus in the 90s anime, but it was part of their secret plot to keep Sailor Moon safe by sacrificing themselves in an attempt to defeat the evil without endangering the Princess.)

Despite the initial aggression towards Hotaru, she serves as a surrogate family to raise the girl (with Haruka and Setsuna) when the reborn baby begins to rapidly age prior to her reawakening as Sailor Saturn. During the time that Michiru was undercover at Infinity Academy, she lived in an expensive apartment and apparent money that may be related to her fame as a violinist, although this is never confirmed. When she lives with the others to raise Hotaru, they share a picturesque home together. Michiru's immediate family is never mentioned in the 90s anime, manga, or Crystal; presumably they are not part of her current life.

In the future that is Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Neptune continues to serve Neo Queen Serenity alongside Sailor Uranus. The once-bumbling young girl has earned Neptune's loyalty and she will continue to do whatever is necessary to preserve the new era of peace.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Playing violin and collecting cosmetics
Favourite Sport: Swimming
Favourite Colour: Marine blue
Favourite Subject: Music
Least Favourite Subject: None
Favourite Food: Sashimi
Least Favourite Food: Wood-ear mushrooms
Weak Point: Sea cucumbers
Castle: Triton Castle
Dream: To be a violinist

• In the manga, her apartment number in the Infinity arc is 1306. "306" is Michiru's birthdate, March 6.

Storyline Specific Information: N/A
Senshi Information
Sailor Neptune
"Guarded by Neptune, planet of the sea, the soldier of affinity, Sailor Neptune!"
Senshi Name: Sailor Neptune

Realms of Influence: Ocean, sea, waves, and salt water

Henshin/Transformation Phrase:
"Neptune Planet Power!" (first and second form)
"Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up!" (final form)

Senshi Fuku: In her first form, Sailor Neptune wears a white bodysuit with a seam at the lower edge of the rib cage. Her sleeves are three padded rolls of white fabric. Her sailor collar is dark teal with no stripes, and her short pleated skirt is the same dark teal. The skirt attaches to her bodysuit with a padded white waistband that dips into a slight v-shape. At the back of the waistband, near the small of her back, is a dark navy bow. On the front of her uniform, just below the lowest point of the sailor collar's neckline, is a dark navy bow with a round dark teal brooch at the center. Her choker is a dark teal ribbon with an accent at the center—a golden radiant sun-shaped decoration. (In the 90s anime, this adornment is a round dark teal gem similar to her brooch, but with a curved gold decorations arranged in a cross pattern behind it.) She wears white gloves that reach halfway up her forearms, hemmed with three padded rolls of dark teal fabric. There is a slight angle to the edge of the gloves, reaching higher on the back of her arms than on the inner side. Her footwear consists of dark teal pumps with low heels and pointed toes. Dark teal ribbons reminiscent of a ballerina's pointe shoe ribbons are wrapped around her lower legs. (In the 90s anime, these ribbons are focused almost exclusively around her ankles. In the manga and Crystal they are wrapped slightly around the mid-calf.) A gold tiara curves across her forehead in a slight v-shape, with a dark teal gem at the center. Her dangling earrings are golden orbs vaguely shaped like Neptune with a dark teal ring. (In the 90s anime, her earrings are simple dark teal studs. Additionally, she wears prominent lip gloss in her transformed state.)

In her "Crystal Power" form, Sailor Neptune's collar now has one white stripe. There is a gold star centered on her dark teal choker. Her sleeves are now each comprised of two padded rolls of white fabric and a curved wing of sheer fabric with a very slight violet tint. The dark teal brooch in the center of her front bow is heart-shaped, not circular. Her back bow is larger, with long tails that reach her thighs.

In her final manga form, Sailor Neptune wears a seamless white bodysuit. Her pale teal sleeves are large, bubble-shaped, and translucent. They end high on her upper arm with two padded rolls of dark teal fabric. Her white gloves are much longer than before, now reaching several inches above the elbow. Attached to the upper edge of the gloves are three padded rolls of dark teal fabric. Her sailor collar is dark teal, with a single white stripe adorning the edge. Her skirt is now two layers, and appears more ruffled than pleated. The top layer is dark teal; the bottom layer is pale teal. Where her skirt attaches to her white bodysuit there are two ribbons separated by a slight gap; they follow the same coloration pattern as her skirt—upper is dark teal and lower is pale teal. Where they meet at the central v-shaped point of the waistband, there is a small gold star insignia. At the back of her waistband is a pale teal bow with short tails, but longer tails of the narrow dark teal ribbon from the waistband dangle down to her knees. Her footwear is now knee-high, high-heeled white boots. The top edge of the boot dips down in a v-shape, edged with dark teal trim. At the lowest point of the v-shape there is a small gold star charm. In the center of her chest, at the lowest point of the sailor collar's neckline, is a dark navy bow with a dark teal star-shaped brooch in the center. Her choker follows the general design of her waistband and the trim at the top of her boots—it forms a slight v-shape with a narrow dark teal ribbon, and at the lowest point of the v-shape is a small gold star charm. Her earrings are now small teal circular studs with dangling teal stars. Her gold tiara is narrower now and the v-shape is more defined than previous iterations. At the center of her forehead is a star-shaped teal aquamarine.

90s Anime
"Deep Submerge!"
"Submarine Reflection!"
Sailor Moon Manga
"Deep Submerge!"
"Submarine Reflection!"
"Submarine Violon Tide!"
"Galactica Violon Tide!" (when subjugated by Galaxia)
"Galactica Planet Attack!" (group attack when subjugated by Galaxia)
"Sailor Planet Power Meditation!" (group attack)
"Deep Submerge!"
"Submarine Reflection!"
Weapons and Magical Items:
Lip Rod - Michiru uses this item to transform into Sailor Neptune with "Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!"
Neptune Crystal - This is the sailor crystal that Michiru possesses as Sailor Neptune. It is heart-shaped and aqua teal in colour. She uses this item to transform into Sailor Neptune with "Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up!" (Transformation item in manga universe only.)
Communicator - In the 90s anime, Michiru has a communicator that she can use to contact the other sailor soldiers, initially only Sailor Uranus. It looks like a digital wristwatch with a decorative cover, but when the cover is flipped open it has a screen inside the cover and a keypad on the base.
Deep Aqua Mirror - This is one of the three talismans. (In the 90s anime, the three talismans summon the Holy Grail. In the manga and Crystal, the three talismans summon Sailor Saturn.) This weapon is based on the three Imperial treasures of Japan, with the mirror representing wisdom. Sailor Neptune uses this mirror for her attack "Submarine Reflection!" and for scrying visions of the future. In the manga and Crystal, she can use the mirror to view past lives. It can also be used as a communicator of sorts—in the manga, she gave it to Chibi Usa so that when she left temporarily with Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, and the reborn Sailor Saturn, she would not be completely out of contact.
Marine Cathédrale - Sailor Neptune's violin, a Stradivarius rumored to cost 5 hundred million yen (approximately $5 million). She uses it to play music as Michiru, but also for her attack "Submarine Violon Tide!" and "Galactica Violon Tide!"
Helicopter - In both manga, 90s anime, and Crystal Michiru is shown to be able to operate a helicopter. In the manga, it is clarified that she owns the helicopter; it is named "Kaioumaru" (海王丸).
Guardian: Sailor Neptune does not have a guardian animal. In the manga, Sailor Neptune is protected by Guardian Neptune, her other self.
RP Sample: Michiru stepped forward, feeling the wind sweep past her cheeks and dance through her hair. Tendrils floated about her face, buoyed by the breeze like seaweed drifting along an ocean current. It felt comforting. It reminded her of Haruka. She could sense the distant sea, turbulent and wild. It resonated within her, warning her that there was more danger yet to come.

They thought that it would be over when Professor Tomoe and his henchmen had been foiled in their plans to awaken the Messiah of Silence and bring forth that terrible entity, Pharaoh 90. The miracle she had witnessed felt like the final chapter in an arduous journey, the story finally coming to a close.

If only it could have been that simple.

She turned back towards the waiting convertible, the familiar purr of the engine a soothing background noise she had come to enjoy. Hadn't she once dreamed of riding in that car? It hardly seemed fair that such a thing could now be her reality. Of anyone out there, she certainly didn't deserve to have dreams come true. Maybe that was a sign that there was no fairness out there, after all. Michiru could believe it. She had seen enough.

The heels of her shoes clicked against the pavement as she approached. Her fingernails, neatly painted, contrasted with the yellow finish of the 1967 Toyota 2000GT. She hadn't cared about cars, before. She wouldn't have been able to identify this from the average taxi. It was her favourite, now. A lot of things were like that.

"Do you feel it, too?" she asked the driver, knowing in her heart, even as she spoke the words, that of course the blonde behind the wheel did.

"Let's go."

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Neptune / Kaioh Michiru   23rd August 2017, 1:03 am

Approved, but please fix the slight error of her castle name, Mariner is Mercury's, Neptune's is supposed to be Triton Castle. Smile


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Neptune / Kaioh Michiru   23rd August 2017, 5:26 am

Haha, whoops! Should be updated!
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(Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Neptune / Kaioh Michiru

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