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 Writing & Roleplaying Guild - We're Back!

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Professor Tomoe
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Professor Tomoe

Inner Senshi Admin Activities Director

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Writing & Roleplaying Guild - We're Back! Empty
PostSubject: Writing & Roleplaying Guild - We're Back!   Writing & Roleplaying Guild - We're Back! I_icon_minitime1st September 2017, 11:08 am

Writing & Roleplaying Guild - We're Back! JxLGeg5

You're familiar with the Writing & Roleplaying Guild. I mean, well, you know it's there. That counts, doesn't it? Maybe you used to visit a lot, but it's been a while since you traveled down this corridor leading to the Guilds. Or maybe you've never been there, you've just heard of it.

Hmm, something seems... different. That's a new sign, isn't it? Oh, wait, it's not. It's the old sign, but it's been polished. Why would they bother polishing it?

As you come a bit closer, you think you can hear voices and the clicking of keys on a keyboard. There's something going on in there, isn't there? Maybe you should check it out!

What's New for the Writing & Roleplaying Guild

  • Updates to the Guild Rules and Information!
    Even if you were a member before, take a look at the new thread to refresh your memory!
  • A brand new Guild Member Information!
    We'll be doing a roll call and some cleanup to the group, so please submit your information at the new thread to formalize your Guild membership!
  • Updates to the Index of Threads!
    Take a look at all that's happened in the illustrious past of the Guild!
  • Keep the conversation going with Discord Discussion Nights!
    Vote in the poll to help us arrange future nights for writing chat and Guild planning! If you missed out on the first discussion night in August, you can read the notes here!

September Activities

  • Monthly Contest - Themes "Introduction" or "Birth"!
    Overwhelmingly, Guild members let us know that they wanted contests to return—so here's the first one! There's a full month to submit your entry, so please, give it a try!
  • Monthly Challenge - Free Writing!
    Let's get back into the habit of writing! (Or, if you've managed to keep that habit up, just continue to act on it!) Free writing is an easy way to start writing a bit more every day!
  • Monthly Game - Excuses, Excuses!!
    Come on, we all have some! Can we come up with 25 unique excuses and complete the Game?

Coming Soon!

  • Some changes to what used to be called the "Apprenticeship Program"
    and will soon be the... Fellowship Program!

    Stay tuned for a release later in September or in early October!
  • Plans to include a roleplaying element to some of our [Contests]!
    Keep an eye out for October to see what we have in store!

Please, join us! It's writing time!
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Writing & Roleplaying Guild - We're Back!

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