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 [Advanced] Civilian: Princess Minu

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Civilian: Princess Minu   20th September 2017, 12:46 pm

Advanced Civilian Profile

Character Name: Princess Minu (Minu is Persian for “heaven” or “paradise”)
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 15 / March 21st

Used Canons: Manga


Standing at 180 cm, Minu is sure to stand out among other girls her age. As it is usual in her planet, her skin has a rich, dark tawny colour, with copper undertones, and exhibits fluorescence after exposure to radiant energy. Her long, dark, golden brown hair is almost always kept in two braids, one at each side of her head, that reach past her waist. 

Her most remarkable feature, however, are her eyes. Big, almond-shaped and enmarked by long and thick eyelashes, they really stand out in her face, as she presents complete heterochromia. Taking after each of her fathers, her right eye has a bright golden colour while her left eye is of a  vibrant green hue.

Her usual attire consists of beautifully embroidered tights, skirts split in the front and long-sleeved tunics worn over a blouse. Outdoors, she wears a long headscarf and calf-high soft boots. She also owns a more formal costume that consists of a long, embroidered gown, an over tunic,  a complicated headdress and lots of coloured cloth flapping everywhere, so she's glad to have left it in Hvar. 

No matter what she wears, however, she always dons the Girdle of Hvar, a jeweled belt, passed down through the generations, that symbolises the royal family of her planet.

Personality Minu is an extremely caring and gentle individual, wanting to do what she can to better things for her people. She is always worrying about the people on her planet, her friends, her family, and the guardian senshi of her system. She is very diligent in her studies, wanting to learn everything she needs to be able to do the best she can for her planet. She tends to pick things up easily, thought she has been known to goof off and have fun from time to time. One of her biggest weaknesses is that she can be very impatient at times, especially when it comes to things she already knows, or thinks she knows.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 

  • Minu has abilities similar to those of a healer, but instead of using her energy to repair the damage, she channels it into an aura that wards off harm and disease and revitalizes the target, filling it with peace and contentment. This works better on small wounds - ones of larger scale can't really be healed by her. She is great at providing pain management and preventing infection for bigger injuries.

  • Due to the particular environment of Hvare, Minu is naturally resistant to heat, electric currents and many kinds of nocive radiation.

History: Minu is the beloved princess of her own planet, Hvar. When she comes of age, she is destined to inherit the power of her ancestors and bring peace to her world. However, an uprising has caused a war to break out before the time for Minu to reach her full potential has come. The guardian senshi of her system sent her to the planet known as Earth, where it is said the most powerful senshi live, hoping to hide her there until the time is right for Minu to return. Upon arriving, she was welcomed by the princess of the planet and her bodyguards, who escorted her to Crystal Tokyo and granted her audience with Neo Queen Serenity, who agreed to hide her and accommodated her in the palace. While hiding, Minu is always worrying about the state of her planet, wanting to know if everyone is alright.
Other Noteworthy Facts: Her birthday coincides with the spring equinox, which opens the year according to the Persian calendar

Storyline Specific Information: None as of yet

Source: This profile was originally created by Verdandi. It has been edited by Addelyn and Sailor Pluto to fit the new Donation format.

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[Advanced] Civilian: Princess Minu

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