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 [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Xibalba

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Xibalba   8th October 2017, 11:29 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Hun-Came ("One-Death")
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Physical appearance is late-20s, actual age is unknown. Xibalba, Sacbeob sector. 
Used Canons:
The Popul Vuh 
Upon her head Hun-Came wears an elaborate headdress made of bones and it is decorated with small, obsidian carvings and beads in the shapes of owls, jaguars, and bats. Her headdress is held together by tree sap and tar and thread created by animal gut, and decorated with the colorful feathers of birds. Her teeth have been stained red and black, and several of her front teeth have been inlaid with jade. The holes in her pierced ears have been enlarged with jade ear spools and she wears a stylized necklace of teeth, bones, jade, and marine shell.

She is a brunette with long, wavy black hair and brown eyes. If she is not wearing her headdress, her long, black hair is worn loosely tied back. If she is wearing her headdress, then her hair is styled to hold the headdress in place. Hun-Came is about four feet and ten inches in height with a full-bodied figure. Her skin is rough with callouses and scars, and her naturally brown skin tone is darkened by her time spent in the sun of Xibalba away from her underground home.

Her usual outfit consists of dresses in bright shades of red, green, blue, and yellow. The dresses often come to her knees and are tightened around her waist by a brown, leather belt beaded with designs of bats emerging from caves and jaguars prowling in the jungle. She does not own any shoes and is always barefoot. 

Hun-Came is an impetuous trickster, who relies on her wit and cunning to overcome obstacles and to get what she wants. But, her wit and cunning can be easily overpowered by her desires and the other Lords of Xibalba enjoy capitalizing on this characteristic of their leader. She enjoys playing tricks on people, particularly the other Lords, which explains why they are so eager to pull a fast one on her. Her authority as the de facto leader of the Lords of Xibalba comes from her strength as a warrior, her wisdom as a leader, and her loyalty to the other Lords. Each and every Lord is a brother-in-arms to her and she will, and has, laid her life down for them and they for her. 

Hun-Came thrives on sarcasm and is quick to anger. She displays her anger physically and is more than happy to solve her problems with other people with her fists and weapons. But, offer her food or alcohol, and she'll gladly be your best friend until you piss her off a second time. She'll also gladly smooth over her problems with a ball game. But, watch out! She'll pelt you with the solid, rubber ball as hard as she can until she's worked out her anger. At the moment, she has no interest in love and she's not looking. Sure, Hun-Came has carried on her line once or twice by giving birth to a child, but pregnancy is a severe cramp on her style and she's not one for long-term commitment. As far as she's concerned, she's done her duty to continue her line and now she can focus on living life to the fullest as a warrior and Lord of Xibalba. 

Although she does not acknowledge it, Hun-Came is dependent on the other Lords of Xibalba. She has never been separated from them, except for shorter periods of time when her duties as Sailor Xibalba does not permit them to come with her. They are her safety net. They watch her back, they keep her occupied, and they keep her in-line as much as you can with these characters

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Hun-Came is a great ball-player, but she's very willing to cheat and play dirty to ensure her victory. She's also a proficient hunter of small and medium-sized game with her bow and arrows, and takes pride in preparing and cooking the meat herself. She can implant behavioral suggestions in the minds of carnivorous animals, mostly to use them as messengers and spies and not as attack animals. 
Queen Kukulkan created a senshi for Xibalba by coaxing a dormant planetary star seed to become the star seed for a baby, Hun-Came. She wished to create a senshi team that would accompany Sailor Xibalba and work alongside her as protectors of the Sacbeob sector. She took the dormant crystals from other planets in the sector and coaxed those crystals into becoming star seeds. But, haha, joke's on her. All of them were male sailor guardians, the Lords of Xibalba, that could awaken their power, but not become traditional senshi.

The Lords of Xibalba live on the planet Xibalba in the Sacbeob sector. The home of the lords of death and disease is entered through the mouth of any watery cave after traveling for several hours. The Lords of Xibalba and Hun-Came were born as infants, but their growth was accelerated by Queen Kukulkan's crystal. They became adults in a matter of years, but still needed to be taught the ways of the world by Queen Kukulkan and Sailor Quetzal. As they learned together, the Lords of Xibalba grew closer and developed a strong kinship. Once they were deemed ready, Hun-Came led the Lords of Xibalba into battle. 

During the battle, Hun-Came awakened her powers as Sailor Xibalba and legitimized her rule as the leader of the Lords of Xibalba. The Lords of Xibalba also awakened their dormant senshi abilities, each tailored to them. As leader of the Lords of Xibalba, Hun-Came is responsible for their actions and behavior. She is to moderate their influence on death and disease in the Sacbeob sector and she is to protect them and lead them as warriors into battle when needed. As Sailor Xibalba, she is to protect the Sacbeob sector, particularly Xibalba.The Lords of Xibalba age slowly, but typically they do not reach old age before dying in battle. When they die, they can be reborn and their memories reawakened to recall all of their prior life's memories. Hun-Came has died several times and is often temporarily replaced as leader of the Lords of Xibalba by Seven-Death until she returns. During that period of time, there is no Sailor Xibalba. 

Hun-Came has become a mother a few times during her long life, but she has never married. Although as a Lord of Xibalba she is not expected to permanently die, she is expected to have a legitimate heir if she is ever unable to come back from death. So, she has several children scattered across Xibalba, but she doesn't keep close contact with them nor their fathers. She fears such relationships would distract her from her duty as Sailor Xibalba and the leader of the Lords of Xibalba. But, she does make a point to see her children a few times each year. It is about time she selects one as her designated heir and start introducing him or her to their future duties as leader, but she hasn't gotten around to it, yet. She's also been meaning to ask Queen Kukulkan if Hun-Came needs to select a future Sailor Xibalba or if the Queen has that bit handled. 

The typical day for Hun-Came has not changed much over the years. She and the Lords of Xibalba party late into the night, sleep until late in the morning, eat and drink, play a ball game, and roam the lands of Xibalba looking for things to do. Usually there is fighting and tricks played on unsuspecting civilians. Their duties as Lords aren't very taxing, because mostly their responsibilities as lords of death and disease are called upon sporadically. When they are called upon, they can be gone from their home for weeks or months at a time. 

Other Noteworthy Facts: None 
Storyline Specific Information: 
HC Event: Dreamworld. This takes place within the Dreamworld; what it is and where it is will be a mystery to the characters that fell into it; some will remember having fallen asleep, others may have fallen asleep too quickly to have realized it. See sample post for more information on what Hun-Came was doing right before falling asleep.

Panels attended: Techniques for Decreasing Ability Cast Time, Tactical Team Organization, Techniques for Regaining Enemy Strongholds, Directing Group Decisions. 

Source: The Popol Vuh and Luna's memories of her undergraduate's and master's studies on Maya archaeology. 
Senshi Information 
Senshi Name: Sailor Xibalba
Realm of Influence(s): Death and disease
Henshin/Transformation Phrase:  Xibalba Star Power, Make-up!

Senshi Fuku: 
Upon her head Sailor Xibalba wears an elaborate headdress made of bones and decorated with small, obsidian carvings and beads in the shapes of owls, jaguars, and bats. Her headdress is held together by tree sap and tar and thread created by animal gut, and decorated with the colorful feathers of birds.  Her teeth have been stained red and black, and several of her front teeth have been inlaid with jade. The holes in her pierced ears have been enlarged with jade ear spools and she wears a stylized necklace of teeth, bones, jade, and marine shell. Her face is painted with white, read, and black paint to evoke the image of a skeleton. 

Sailor Xibalba wears a sleeveless, bandeau top of plain, off-white cloth with a sailor collar of the same material. The edges of the sailor collar are bordered in red and black. Around her waist, Sailor Xibalba wears a yoke made of dark, brown leather  with a ceremonial stone hacha of a skull attached to the front of the yoke. She also wears dark, brown leather padding on her knees and arms. Etched into the dark, brown leather are stylized images of wind, jaguars, bats, and blades. She wears no shoes, but she does have two anklets made of dark, brown leather that are decorated with small bells that jingle when she moves. 

Kuchuma Kik' ("Gathered Blood") - Sailor Xilbalba uses the blood spilled during battle to sicken her enemies. This attack cannot be performed if no blood has already been spilled during battle. She can use her own blood, but she must be careful not to lose too much blood or she will be unable to fight. 

Ajal Puj q'ana ("Evil Spirit of Pus and Jaundice") - Sailor Xibalba can infect any open wound or inflect jaundice on her opponent. She has moderate control over the initial severity of the infection or jaundice. However, this attack has limited, immediate impact on the opponent and should be used as a longer-term strategic move. 

Xic Patan ("Wing Pack") - Sailor Xibalba can influence the opponent's mind to believe he or she is carrying a heavy burden upon themselves. This can be interpreted by the opponent to be an emotional or physical burden, as such either their physical body will become more difficult to move or their mental health will become impaired. The severity of the attack is dependent on the opponent's mental and physical health, as such it will have greater impact on a mentally or physically weak opponent. Also, the emotional support of the opponent's allies can also weaken this attack. 

Weapons or Magical Items: A wooden staff with the stylized skull of a demon on the top of the staff. The staff can be used for offensive and defensive attacks, but it has no inherent magical powers nor does it amplify Sailor Xilbalba's powers. It can be easily replaced. She also has a chert blade and an obsidian blade. The obsidian blade is broken easily, but very sharp. The chert blade is more durable. 

Guardian: None 
RP Sample: 
Sailor Xibalba stalked the hotel room with loud, thudding footsteps. Her anger was palpable to the other Lords of Xibalba and they wisely kept out of her way. Even the messenger owls did not dare approach the sailor senshi of death and disease. No one asked why she was upset, although several rumors were whispered fervently to each other. The Lords of Xibalba loved to gossip, even about their leader. Eventually, the other Lords of Xibalba unanimously nominated Seven-Death, Sailor Xibalba's right-hand man, to approach their leader and find out what was bothering her. Seven-Death hated this idea. 

"Sailor Xibalba," He said. 

Before he could continue, she whirled upon him with a flash of anger in her eyes and she slammed her foot down so hard the walls shook. "What!" She cried, thrusting her face close to Seven-Death's as she glared heavily into his eyes. 

Damn, her anger was likely directed at the conference she was being forced to attend. Hun-Came spent a great deal of time complaining about each lecture in excruciating detail. The Lords of Xibalba had come with her, but they were not allowed to attend any of the activities or lectures. In fact, they were likely not supposed to attend at all, but they did nothing without each other. If they had not come, Sailor Xibalba would not be here. So, they stayed inside the hotel room, ordered obscene amounts of room service, paid for inappropriate content on the television, and scandalized several unsuspecting hotel staff until Sailor Quetzal threatened the Lords of Xibalba.

"Nothing," he yawned, accidentally smacking Sailor Xibalba as he covered his mouth with his hands. 

"Then get out of my face," she hissed, hitting the butt of her staff onto Seven-Death's foot. She laughed heartily as he yelped in pain, and then fell backwards onto the bed they shared. Usually a fight would erupt, but instead Seven-Death snored softly. That was a let-down. Sailor Xibalba almost yelled to Kik'Re' to turn on that electronic battle system they had found plugged to the picture box, but instead she yawned loudly. The leader of the Lords of Xibalba dully heard the muffled sound of another Lord in the opposite room slumping to the carpet in a deep sleep, but she couldn't do anything about it as she too began to slump forward. She was asleep even before her head hit Seven-Death's outstretched leg as she crumpled to the floor.



 Graphics by Athena, Neo Queen Serenity, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Mercury, Gemma, and Lust

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Lotus Crystal

Title : Leg Lamp Power, Make Up!
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Xibalba   9th October 2017, 5:04 am

Ready for Review 

Note: Sailor Xibalba will be the only Lord of Death appearing in the Dreamworld event.



 Graphics by Athena, Neo Queen Serenity, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Mercury, Gemma, and Lust
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Xibalba   11th October 2017, 8:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Xibalba   16th October 2017, 3:19 pm

Approved for HC Events


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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Xibalba

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