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 [RP Challenge] November Harvest

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Sailor Saturn
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Outer Senshi Admin  Events & Storyline Admin

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PostSubject: [RP Challenge] November Harvest   9th November 2017, 10:17 pm

Let's harvest those fun ideas! <3
It's time to dig up those storyline roots and let them grow into full-fledged RPs!

To accept this Harvest Challenge, within this month:
Like a Star @ heaven Reply to this thread with the name(s) of any new Storyline you join or create!
Like a Star @ heaven Post an OOC board to help that story idea sprout into an RP!
Like a Star @ heaven When you're ready, submit a storyline submission and begin RPing your newly harvested idea!

To COMPLETE the Harvest Challenge, before the 5th of next month:
 Post at least TWO TIMES in at least one new storyline created during the month of November!
 Post an OOC board sharing your new storyline idea!
 Participate in the Casual Event this month!
 Participate in 2 related RTRPs!
Like a Star @ heaven Don't forget to edit your acceptance post to show what challenges you completed!

Complete two objectives above and earn this gorgeous autumny bumper~ made by Sailor Neptune (Bubbles♥️)!

But wait! There's more!

Most Bountiful Harvest
What's a harvest without a prize for the biggest crop? This month, the storyline that has made the most posts from November 6th to December 5th wins the honor of being the Most Bountiful and all players will receive this pretty prize:

Blue Ribbon Storyline
Keep an eye out for our special Blue Ribbon award! This award will be given to the fan-favorite new storyline that was created in November and will be voted for by all of you lovely people <3

To be eligible for the Blue Ribbon nomination, you must have an OOC board up by the 1st of December!

How can the RP staff help you out?
Join the RP Activity group and connect with all the RPers there to get psyched about writing!
 Create an OOC thread to begin seeking new RP partners for your new storyline!
Don't forget to make a Storyline Submission! Contact Sailor Saturn if you need any help!
There's a brand new Activity Card out and about! Try to check off as many points as you can to get this month's stamp and prizes!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM Sailor Uranus or any of the RP staff about this month's theme!


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: [RP Challenge] November Harvest   22nd November 2017, 6:02 am

Our Pets Save the Day! is a new role-play just approved. We don't have much time to get started before November ends, but we'll get something done.



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[RP Challenge] November Harvest

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