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 (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Antagonist: Rhett Butler/Bakene

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Antagonist: Rhett Butler/Bakene   13th November 2017, 11:25 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Rhett Butler, also Bakene, one of the Seven Great Youma
His cat name is a reference to the dashing suitor from the book and film Gone With the Wind. In the English dub, his name was Hercules. Bakene is a pun on the term 化猫 (bake neko), a type of supernatural cat-like creature.
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: Adult cat; date of birth unknown
Used Canons: 90s anime (Season 1, Episode 31: "Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever")

Appearance: Rhett Butler is a massively overweight tomcat. He appears to be a domestic shorthair of a pale cyan. He has golden eyes, often lidded with dullness or sleep. He has a very expressive face, often clearly betraying his emotions despite his inability to communicate in human language. He moves nimbly despite his enormous size.

When transformed into Bakene, he is an extremely tall feline with a much leaner form, possibly 210cm (~7 feet) or taller. His face and body resemble a feral creature like a wildcat. He often walks on his hind legs. He has the same pale cyan colour over most of his body, but it is now accented with dark violet longer fur that covers part of his face and runs down his back and along his arms and legs. He wears golden armor on his legs, golden bracelets above his massive clawed paws, and a circlet of many chains around his neck and over his chest. His piercing eyes are the same golden hue as before and his mouth contains viciously sharp teeth.

Personality: Rhett Butler does not seem well-suited to his name. He spends many of his days lazing about and indulging in the company of his doting owner.  He is an enormous cat with a dopey face, but he possesses a sweet heart and strong force of will. Although he is not very well acquainted with Luna, he finds himself drawn to protect her. He is willing to put himself through a variety of terrible situations in hope of saving her, although he is not always as suave as he tries to pretend to be. He does not mind risking his own safety to protect another. He can move very quickly but is not necessarily very coordinated, sometimes causing issues simply due to his bulk. He is not the bravest in all circumstances, but he tries to act with boldness when in the position to potentially impress a fair feline. Rhett Butler adores his owner, An Ohara, and is very sweet and obedient when interacting with her.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
• As Rhett Butler, he is able to throw fish bones like Tuxedo Mask throws roses.
• His abilities as Bakene are unclear, as he refused to use them against Luna.
• He is extremely nimble for being such a rotund creature.
History: Bakene was one of the Seven Great Youma that fought for the Dark Kingdom during the Silver Millennium. Like the others, he was defeated by Queen Serenity and sealed away inside a shard of the Silver Crystal of Illusion—the Violet Rainbow Crystal. This item lay dormant within the form of an overweight tomcat named Rhett Butler, living in 20th century Tokyo as the pet of a little girl named An Ohara.

Rhett Butler happened to meet Luna when he saved her from an attack by alley cats. Later, realizing that she is in danger yet again, he runs away to come to her rescue. They wind up escaping into the sewers, where Luna notices that Rhett Butler was injured trying to protect her, and starts to feel slightly bad for judging him based on his appearance. Zoisite realizes that Rhett Butler is holder of a Rainbow Crystal and actually the youma Bakene. Luna helps Rhett Butler attempt to escape from Zoisite, but ultimately the Black Crystal removes the Violet Rainbow Crystal and turns him into Bakene.

However, he does not attack. Bakene even catches Luna when she falls; sees that the wound on his leg is still there and implores him to wait for Sailor Moon to heal him. He does so, and with her power he reverts back to his dumpy cat form. He leaves for his own home with a fondness for Luna still warm in his heart.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
• His owner is a curly-haired little girl named An Ohara, also reference to Gone With the Wind.
• His affection for Luna is strong enough that he did not attack her even when awakened to his youma form as Bakene.
• Bakene was sealed with the Violet Rainbow Crystal.
Storyline Specific Information: N/A
RP Sample: The round ball of fur zoomed around the corner with unimaginable dexterity, particularly given his size. Behind him the feet of a small girl pounded against the ground, her shiny patent-leather shoes glistening in the sunlight.

"Come back, Rhett Butler! Where are you going?" she called, unable to catch up to the form of the pale blue tomcat.

He did not seem to heed her words, although usually the cat could not be called disobedient. There was something else on his mind—an essential purpose pushing him onwards. He knew there was a reason his whiskers had tingled when he was about to crouch down and enjoy his lunch. He had felt that sensation before.

A particular dark violet cat was in trouble. He had to come to her rescue!

The rotund figure leaped upwards, tiny paws catching the rough concrete of the narrow brick wall and hauling the rest of the body up behind him. He skittered along, no longer able to hear the cries from An, hoping she had turned around to go home. He would return to her, but for now he was a cat driven to one purpose. He could rest in the sanctuary of their comfortable home only when he knew that Luna would be safe. His keen golden eyes spotted that familiar sleek form and he felt a surge of adoration flutter in his heart. Rhett Butler bounded over to align himself at a better angle to cause a distraction, a slight blush warming his cheeks.

My darling, he thought to himself. I am here to protect you!

Deftly he produced the skeletal remains of a fish, the bones gleaming white and sparkling with the sharpness of their tips, and sent it sailing down, impacting with the ground in a display of shimmering aquatic scales.

Rhett Butler has arrived!
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Antagonist: Rhett Butler/Bakene   13th November 2017, 10:52 pm

This is beautiful and approved.


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(Approved) [Advanced] Civilian/Antagonist: Rhett Butler/Bakene

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