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 (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna   15th November 2017, 9:55 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Unknown, but she appears to be a young adult cat, with the mentality of a human in their early to mid twenties.

Used Canons: Classic Anime!

Appearance: Luna is a short-haired cat with dark purple fur. She has a small stature, and is rather agile and quick. Her eyes are a deep red color, which is offset by the golden crescent that sits on her forehead.  

When in a human form, Luna's hair is the same color as her fur, and goes down to her knees in long flowing waves, with two buns on either side of her head. Her eyes change from deep red to deep blue, and her skin is pale. The crescent remains on her forehead, however, which is matched by a golden crescent necklace worn on a delicate ornate chain around her neck.

Her clothing consists of a bright yellow dress with ribbon straps, with puffs of purple sitting where the ribbons connect to the dress itself. Around her neck is a matching yellow ribbon tied into a bow.

Personality: Luna is a bit of perfectionist and expects that same kind of quality and dedication from everyone around her, especially the girls she's trying to train into proper senshi.

When someone does something wrong, or slacks off too much, Luna is the first to call that person out. She dislike idleness and doesn't see the point when Artemis or her girls spend the afternoon doing nothing productive. She's not completely without mercy. After tough battles, she's much more lenient and willing to give everyone a break. For a little while, at least.

Despite her perfectionist ideals, Luna is known to be a little goofy at times. She can get caught up in the same whirlwind of ~cute boys~ that she often reprimands the girls for. She also sometimes laughs at certain misfortunes, especially when Artemis gets himself caught up in some strange situation.

Luna doesn't sugar coat anything. If she believes something needs to be said for the greater good, then she'll come right out and say it. Sometimes her harsh words cut a little too sharply, which is never Luna's intention, but when she realizes it, she goes out of her way to apologize and make up for it. She'll try and keep her barbs at a minimum but eventually her nature will win out and she'll slip back into her regular ways.

It all comes from love. The teasing, the pushing, the slight insults, all of it comes from the fact that Luna dearly loves all of the people in her life. And she knows that if she doesn't push and nag, no one will train, no one will prepare. And in the life of a senshi, slacking off could result in death.

So if she has to be the bad guy in order to get the girls to come home alive, then that's what she'll do.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Luna has the power to store away, or sometimes even create, magical items meant for senshi use.

History: During the Silver Millennium, Luna was one half of Queen Serenity's advisors. Along with Artemis, the two of them were often at the Queen's side, helping her make the right decisions for their kingdom. Luna, specifically, also spent a lot of her time as a tutor and mentor for Princess Serenity, trying to help the Princess grow into a fine young lady worthy of being the Queen's daughter.

At the fall of the Silver Millennium, Artemis and Luna were both with Queen Serenity as she used the Silver Crystal to seal away the Princess and her Guardians (as well as the darkness that took them away from her). She tasked the two cats to find and protect the Princess once she was reborn. Luna takes this task to heart right before she and Artemis are also sealed away. She loves her Queen and wants to do right by her, and those are some of the very last thoughts she has right before it all goes dark.

Luna finds herself in Tokyo, Japan, many years later. Time and magical seals robbed her of a lot of details, but she knew she must find Sailor Moon and the other senshi before the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom take over once again. It is the mission she commits to without rest.

Eventually she finds Sailor Moon in a girl named Usagi Tsukino. Luna was instantly unimpressed by the way the girl seemed more likely to cry rather than fight. How could she possibly trust the girl to take care of herself, let alone an entire city of innocent people? But she decided to be professional about it. If this was Sailor Moon, then Luna would train her until she was the best Sailor Moon possible.

As time went on, the world threw hardships and trials at the newly formed group. Luna bonded with Usagi as well as the other girls who became Usagi's Guardians and, most importantly, closest friends. She reunited with Artemis and their relationship slowly, ever so slowly, grew into something more romantic in nature.

Luna isn't always content with her role on the sidelines. She wishes to help out in a more concrete manner, but as a small little cat, her resources are severely limited. The few times she tries to aid in a battle, she's nothing more than a momentary distraction. So, instead, she focuses on moral and tactical support. She does as much as she can on training the girls to be strong and wise, so that they will always come home to her.

As the senshi defeat one difficult enemy after another, and eventually bring about an era of peace within Crystal Tokyo, Luna can only stand back and be proud of each and every one of them.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Luna often expects Usagi to be much more like her mother, Queen Serenity. Because of this, she pushes Usagi harder than any of the other senshi, and is quicker to judge her failings. However, as she gets to know Usagi as a person rather than a replica of Luna's own expectations, their bond grows quick and strong. As their bond grows, Luna finds those qualities of Usagi that once were annoying, to be rather endearing. Most of the time, anyway.

She never stops pushing Usagi to be better when the situation calls for it, however.

Storyline Specific Information:

Source: N/A

RP Sample:
(This sample is from when I played Luna in the Casual Event: Shattered)

It was beginning to get on her nerves that she had yet to find Chibiusa. She was just a young girl, how could she so effectively hide herself away? Luna felt a little miffed that she was being outsmarted in this.

The sound of Venus's voice coming through her own communicator stopped Luna in her tracks. An emergency? Luna frowned, but began to make her way to the location that Venus had given. What kind of emergency could it be? Had the other found Chibiusa in a bad way? Maybe it was just a lemure attack - but then, what help could she possibly offer. She was just a cat, after all. Maybe the girls had gotten in over their heads - again - and needed some guidance.

Yes, that was probably it.

Luna ignored the rush of gratitude to know that, even now, she was still needed, and instead quickened her pace even more. She ran into Artemis on the way, but the two said nothing at all, and simply ran next to each other. Luna was already going through several different lecturess, each detailing exactly why the girls needed to do a lot more training than they did. Really, why were they so quick to ignore the necessary precautions?

But the sight that met her eyes as she arrived on the scene was something Luna could never have prepared herself for.

"Usagi?" The words escaped her in a harsh whisper. She didn't dare believe what she saw in front of her. Usagi was sitting up, her eyes were open, but there was something positively wrong with the way she looked.

It wasn't something physical - she looked like her regular self - but it was in the way Usagi held herself, and the strange shine in her eyes. Or, rather, it was the fact that there was barely a shine at all.

It was like Usagi was living, but the life had been etched out of her. It was wrong, and it was strange, and Luna had to look away.

She noticed the cracked shards of glass, and recognized the colors. And all at once the pieces of what must have happened came together at once. "Her Dream Mirror..." Luna let the sentence trail away, unsure what to add, as horror gripped at her.

Oh, Usagi...

Luna had not looked up from the ground, unable to bare looking at Usagi looking so wrong. This wasn't right. How could this have even happened? Memories flashed before her of Usagi in so many varying emotions - Usagi sniffling back tears at running out of her favorite treat, Usagi grinning with glee as she played that silly video game, Usagi smiling with such tenderness as she hugged Chibiusa, Usagi looking so strong and confident as she saved the world. And she remembered most the Usagi who looked at all of the people important to her with such unadulterated love in her eyes.

That was the real Usagi. The Usagi that should be sitting here with them now.

Not this...imposter.

Luna's heart hurt from hearing the others speak. Everyone was hurting in their own way, and she wasn't sure how to help any of them, not when her own horror at the situation still gripped so tightly at her, consuming her thoughts.

But it was up to her to fix this. She was Luna, she was their advisor. If she couldn't help find a solution to this, what good was she?


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna   15th November 2017, 11:38 pm



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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Luna

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