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 Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write Poetry!

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write Poetry! Empty
PostSubject: Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write Poetry!   Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write Poetry! I_icon_minitime28th February 2012, 9:04 pm

Yes, this will be where I will put a collection of my Poetry and will add more in time. Comments are allowed, but critiques are not allowed.

My Dear Father
Julia just wanted the day to go on,
Trying to forget what happened at dawn.
He left her for good without a goodbye,
No call, no nothing, only a lie.
He promised so much for her and more to come,
With broken promises, it just left her numb.
Years pass and nothing gets better,
The girl cries more, her hands getting wetter.
With this intake she can’t handle it anymore,
She says no and closes the door.
At that point she decided right there and then,
To never let her father hurt her again.

My Dear Father: A Year Later

Julia opened her mind and her heart to you
Despite instinct, she knew what she had to do
United once again to meet with a surprise
Grateful to finally see your brown eyes

Moving together was supposed to bring them close
But they couldn’t connect because of his dose
There were no boundaries to save her at all
Within a few months, she began to fall

Abused by insiders as well as out
She had no voice, no way to shout
This young woman cried for the pain to end
Praying for a savior for God to send

Julia found her savior at last
He was always there, from her distant past
She stared at him like a pretty toy on a shelf
Julia knew what she had found, it was himself.

The Cold Heart Truth

An icy cold river, six foot deep
One step in for her eternal sleep
She closed her eyes entering the dark
Red stained hands from her sharp vengeful mark
He lays in the cold, lifeless and blue
Never did he think she had a clue
A wedding he gave her his love and life
In death she gave him back his lies and knife
Under water she walked down the aisle
The wedding march as long as the Nile
From the beginning she gave him her heart
Truly she believed in death do us part

Where Her Body May Lay

Desired by grace and beauty for the painting she holds,
Wanting to touch her just by the way she molds.
A kiss to kiss, only takes a moment to touch,
Using her kindness only for a crutch.

Hands meet the painting, smearing the art,
Thinking only just how you’re so smart.
Taking advantage of the young maiden,
Leaving her alone, just to be shaken.

Her work of art smeared on the floor,
Feeling left just like a little whore.
Turning from elegant flesh to white brittle bone,
Evolving her body into the art of stone.

Forever left to stay just in one place,
Now she has no future to ever face.
Only God may watch her continue her day,
Stuck in one place where her body may lay.

Moving On

Love me like your new favorite toy
Let me be your only love boy
Hold my heart in your hand
Together we shall stand
At least that's what I want to believe
Your touch is what I think shall relieve
Yet that is far from reality
Twisted such as bestiality
My mind tells me that I need you
That you're the one I look up to
But there is no reason for these thoughts to be heard
When I know that there are many lies in every word
I'm the only one that I need
And thank you for planting that seed
It's time to end all of this strife
Now, I'll move on with my life.


Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write Poetry! 25s8jlu
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Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write Poetry!

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