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 How to Install an Adblocker (Optional)

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How to Install an Adblocker (Optional) Empty
PostSubject: How to Install an Adblocker (Optional)   How to Install an Adblocker (Optional) I_icon_minitime20th January 2018, 4:42 pm

Please note we've discovered things on Ustream have changed a bit:
Using Firefox (or Chrome?) WITHOUT an adblocker turned on is preferable!

The webpage itself seems safe without it. You may still see video ads in the stream but they are relatively skippable. I've left the information below purely for interest for now, as many sites are much more usable with an adblocker installed, making your browsing experience more enjoyable~.

How to Install an Adblocker (Optional) WOBiYGS

Below is some information on the most popular adblocker extension, Adblock Plus. Feel free to PM me any additional questions, but do consider going over the information they have on their website first for a better understanding.

A Quick FAQ:

Happy Browsing!


How to Install an Adblocker (Optional) BcBCRaS

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How to Install an Adblocker (Optional)

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