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 Announcement & Site Updates Rules

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Announcement & Site Updates Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Announcement & Site Updates Rules    Announcement & Site Updates Rules  I_icon_minitime8th February 2018, 3:39 pm

Announcement & Site Updates Rules  9a14ef7

Hello, and welcome to the Announcements and Site Updates section! I'm Eidolune, and I'm the moderator around these parts. As always, please refer to the Forum Rules for the expected code of conduct here! Here's what you might find in this section:

Staff Updates: These will be posted by Queenie or other members of the staff alerting us to updates or changes. Feel free to ask questions in the thread or contact anyone on the staff if you're confused about the update!

LOA Threads: These threads will be where members of the staff let the forum know that they'll be away from their duties for a while. They'll normally include when they plan to leave, when they plan to return, and who to contact in their place if you need something. 

Monthly Sign-In for Points: These are headed by our wonderful Sailor Mars and are threads that you post in every month to receive free points! It's a bit like a roll call, but you get rewarded for it!

Birthday Threads: These are where we wish our members a Happy Birthday! These threads are organized and posted by our lovely Birthday Crew! If you're interested in becoming a member of the Birthday Crew, please contact Sailor Jupiter or Artemis for more information or just post in the thread!

Raising Threads: These threads are announcements for members who are raised to a higher rank! Be sure to congratulate them!

Event Announcements: These are how Sailor Mercury announces new events! Keen an eye out for fun events like Festibration, GC's Anniversary, and the World Fair!

There will be plenty of other things happening in this section, so have fun, stay informed, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


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Announcement & Site Updates Rules

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