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 Writers Rules

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Title : GC's Official Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
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PostSubject: Writers Rules   8th February 2018, 8:45 pm

Hello my wonderful writers! And welcome to our Writers sub-forum, the best place to read or publish written works from Sailor Moon, or various other anime and manga you enjoy! To keep harmony and creativity around here, I would like first to remind you the Galaxy Cauldron Rules and Information. After reading that, I would like to present the official Writers Section rules.
The following types of work are allowed:
 Song Fics
 Song lyrics 

The following is not allowed:
 Roleplaying (please show us your skills in our RPG section)
 Otaku/Anime/Manga OC Character Bios/ideas (please show us your amazing creation in our OC/Otaku Senshi section)
 Contests, games and challenges (please head to our Guilds section for these)
 Critiques (please head to our Guilds also)

If you want to post something and you are not sure if it would be allowed, please feel free to contact 
the current mod: me, Moonstone, and I will respond your question as fast as I can. Smile

Adding other rules for this forum that you must keep in mind before posting are the following:

 For any type of work you post here please use the following form:
Story Summary
Comments allowed:

Title:  A town without you
By: Haine
Rated: PG13
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing:   Usagi Tsukino/Mamoru Chiba
Notes:  Inspired by episode 13 of the current sailor moon crystal series.
Story Summary: Usagi had a dream where she lived in a world without Mamoru.
Comments allowed: Sure =D

  Note: all works that are currently on the first page of this sub-forum please use this form =)

 All threads must have before the title one of this tags:  
   Other (this include drabbles, song fics, poems, plays, etc)
   Writers (this tag is for compilation of works)
[Tag depending on the type of story] Title of the story:

 Work must be your own! Nothing you didn't create or write is allowed.
 For each piece of work you may have only one thread.
 Only one thread for an ongoing story
 Only one thread for a collection of poems, oneshot, song lyrics, etc.
 Do not create post of external links from other websites even if it's your own story. If you have your story posted on you cannot post the link in your thread and ask people to read it on
 You can start multiple threads for individual short stories
 You can create one thread with a compilation of all your works
 All fanfiction posted here cannot exceed a rating of PG-13. If you are uncertain as to what constitutes a rating of PG-13, please refer to this link.
 You can post stories of different fandoms other than Sailor Moon.
 Do NOT bash anyone for race, sexuality, or weight issues. We are not here to judge crudely upon others.
 Have fun! - why yes, this is required

Additional rules may be added by admin at any time.

Now that we have all that clear, have an awesome time on this forum and remember when it becomes to writing, you can go to infinity and beyond!

Your mod, Moonstone


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Writers Rules

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