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 The Crown Arcade and Parlor Rules

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PostSubject: The Crown Arcade and Parlor Rules   11th March 2018, 5:34 am

This is the free for all forum for spammyness and crazyness and games! Very Happy

Rules for Spam Topics:

Rules for Games:

    Every Member is allowed to start a new Game Topic, with the following Rules and Exceptions:
  • Only one Topic per Game
  • The Winner of a Game Round will be the person to post the next Round of a Game, unless he chooses not to, or three days have passed since the end of the last round, in which case anyone can step in and host a new Round.
  • Game threads within this forum should stay on topic.
  • Games of Mafia and Bingo are an exception to these Rules. To host one of these Games, Players have to Sign Up in either the Sign Ups for Bingo Hosts, or the Sign Ups for Mafia Hosts.


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The Crown Arcade and Parlor Rules

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