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 [NEWS] Myu LMF DVD release event

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PostSubject: [NEWS] Myu LMF DVD release event   12th March 2018, 7:10 am

Looks like there's an event to be held in Tokyo to release the DVD for Le Mouvement Final (the latest Sera Myu production) on March 24th somewhere in Tokyo (venue has yet to be confirmed). The event will include a "talk event" by the main five Senshi. (I'm assuming that's basically like the panels we've seen before.) No sign of Tuxedo Kamen :0.

I think it's only open to Japanese fanclub members, but at least we can guess that DVD quality fansubs will be up sooner rather than later after this ^_~.

Original source:


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PostSubject: Re: [NEWS] Myu LMF DVD release event   12th March 2018, 11:48 am

Welp I just got notification of my DVD being shipped by CDJapan so whenever that gets in, SeaofSerenity should hopefully begin to work on subs. Though it may take some time to get it out depending on schedules and all that. ^^;


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[NEWS] Myu LMF DVD release event

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