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 Mafia Host Sign Ups

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Sailor Mars
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Sailor Mars

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PostSubject: Mafia Host Sign Ups   Tue 13 Mar - 2:01

Want to be a Mafia host? You can sign up here!

We have a few simple rules that need to be followed, please read them below. As we have had an increasing number of members wishing to host their own game, these rules have been implemented aiming to allow more members to be able to host, decrease the wait time, as well as reward participation in the games.


  1. Do not discuss in this thread. There will be a board specifically for hosts for you to plan and ask questions.
  2. You may enter the queue again once your name has been removed from the queue (located at the bottom of this post).
  3. In order to host, you must have participated in at least 2 games previous to your hosting turn. If this requirement is not met, your turn will be skipped and you will have to sign up again if you still wish to host.
  4. In addition it is up to Sailor Mars to decide if you are experienced enough to host. He has the right decline your request to host.
  5. If you have never hosted before, your first game must be a Beginner set up.
  6. All hosts must read the Host Guide (found in the Host area) and R&U.
  7. Sign ups follow the posting order (first come, first serve).
  8. If it is your turn in the queue, you may decline due to being unable to host at that current time. You will then be asked again in the near future. If you decline a second time, you will be removed from the queue until you sign up again.

There is an area for hosts to plan and discuss their set ups. Once you sign up, we will add you to that area UNLESS you are currently playing in a game (don't want you to see all the secrets Wink ). Once your time hosting is done, we will remove you from the host board.

To sign up, simply post here saying you want to host!



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Mafia Host Sign Ups

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