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 [Advanced] Senshi: Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune   14th March 2018, 11:36 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name:
Michiru Kaiou.
Gender: Female.
Age/DoB: 17. March 6th.
Universe: Mixture of the 90s anime/Manga/Crystal.

Appearance: Michiru stands at an average height of 5'4 and her body has a slim but athletic build due to her frequent swimming. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue, similar to the ocean itself. However, her most noticeable physical feature has to be her teal-colored hair that falls just past her shoulders in waves. She has a habit of styling her hair into ponytails or buns with bows and ribbons when swimming or just as fashion statement to show off her playful side. Michiru is also fully capable of turning heads wherever she goes due to her ability to exude sophistication and style with ease.  Her sense of style leans towards wearing mostly feminine clothing (dresses, skirts, heels, etc.) and she is seen in mostly cool/pastel colors in general.

Personality: Cool, calm, and very much collected, Michiru would appear to be someone not easily concerned by other people's problems or their incompetence. She is on the introverted side so prefers to let others do the talking as she quietly observers and speaks when she feels its necessary. While she may appear cold to those unacquainted with her, the girl has nothing but a gentle heart and would fiercely protect those she deems worthy enough to care about. Despite her young age, she is extremely wise and mature for her age as well and doesn't mind giving advice to those in need. While still always managing to keep up her graceful and charming persona, she too can be a bit silly when she feels like it. She enjoys teasing others in her own way, especially Haruka, who tends to be obvious towards her sense of humor.

She has a strong sense of duty and is very determined to oblige by it despite the cost which can lead to her becoming extremely stubborn if she refuses to change her mind in regards to the issue. There are rare occasions when even she loses her temper (especially when you're insulting her looks or taste in fashion). Michiru also doesn't miss a chance to test her wit against someone else if the opportunity is right. Often her insults are so subtle and masked under her usual 'pleasantry' that it can be hard for one to notice that they've been insulted by her at all. Michiru has a tendency to be a bit overly self-assured of her talents and abilities and as a result doesn't feel challenged by most people. This can lead to her being a bit competitive when meeting someone who is an equal match as she finds the trill of truly competing for once exciting.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Musical talent: Michiru's Marine Cathedral, a Stradivarius violin, is easily the most important item in her life next to the Deep Aqua Mirror. Only a instrument of its quality would be enough for someone of Michiru's caliber as she has rapidly earned a name for herself across Tokyo and booked numerous concerts. Due to her close relationship with her instrument, she can also summon it while transformed and use her music to attack enemies.
Artistic abilities: Not only is she gifted musically, Michiru is also considered an extremely skilled painter.
Precognition: She is implied to have similar abilities to Mamoru and Rei as the Deep Aqua Mirror is able to show her visions and she was supposedly awakened as a senshi through her own dreams.

History: Born as the Princess and Guardian of Neptune, Michiru served as one of the four Guardians that protected the Moon Kingdom from the palace of during the Silver Millennium. Stationed at Triton Castle, a gift from Queen Serenity when she was born, Neptune lived in complete solitude but never strayed from her duty as a Senshi despite her growing loneliness, believing that her suffering was worth the cost of keeping her Queen and Princess safe from the dangers outside of the solar system. Unfortunately, the danger the Moon Kingdom faced didn't come from beyond their system but within it: Earth. Neptune could do nothing as the Kingdom fell and the last remaining senshi gathered together to fulfill their last duty, summoning Sailor Saturn, who finished off the remains of the Moon Kingdom with one sweep of her glaive.

Unbeknownst to them all, Queen Serenity used the last of her strength to give them all another chance at life. A thousand years after the end of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Neptune is reborn as Michiru Kaiou in 20th century Tokyo.
Other Noteworthy Facts: N/A.

Storyline Specific Information:

Complications - An AU set in modern day Tokyo where the sailor senshi don't exist and the girls are completely unacquainted with one another. Michiru Kaiou is an ordinary woman living a truly ordinary life...aside from the fact that she is beautiful, wealthy, and one of Tokyo's most renowned surgeons despite her relatively young age. Despite the success in her career, Michiru's personal life is lacking as she often finds it difficult to form lasting relationships with her only solution tending to be burying herself further into her work. However, her routine is shaken when the famous celebrity and grand prix racer, Haruka Tenou, is rushed into Tokyo Takanawa Hospital and placed on Michiru's own operating table. She intended for her relationship with the woman to end once her work was done but despite her better judgment, Michiru finds herself falling for her patient.

Source: x, x (mostly for fact-checking).

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Neptune. 
Realm of Influence(s): The Sea.
Henshin/Transformation Phrase:

Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!
Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku: Sailor Neptune's sailor fuku is white with a deep sea green used as her 'primary' color that is seen throughout her fuku; specifically in her collar, skirt, and in her various accessories. While transformed, she wears a pair of golden Neptune-shaped earrings, a tiara with an emerald gem in the center, and a choker with a golden pendant that has an emerald embedded in the center. She wears wrist-length gloves while also having dark blue bows attached to both her chest and back. Lastly, she wears a pair of heels.
Super Sailor Neptune: Her fuku as SSN is not much different than her original fuku aside from a few small changes. Her collar now has one white stripe running along it, her bow is larger with longer ends and the oval brooch on her chest has become heart shaped. Finally, her shoulder pads have also undergone a change with a translucent pad being added to each side.
Eternal Sailor Neptune: Neptune's fuku undergoes a drastic change when she becomes 'Eternal Sailor Neptune' as it is similar to her princess, Eternal Sailor Moon: The skirt of her fuku has become dual layered with the top layer being a deep sea green and the bottom half being a sheer-like teal color. Her tiara and chocker remains but both of their gems have been replaced by matching stars seen throughout her new fuku. The blue bow on her chest remains, however, the emerald brooch has now undergone another change, this time being from a heart to a star. Her back bow is now teal with thin ribbons trailing from behind and a pair of ribbons run along her waist to connect to her skirt in the front. Her gloves now reach her elbows and she has gained new 

Princess Neptune: A form she is rarely is seen but still significant nonetheless since it serves as a reminder of her status as the princess of Neptune. Her gown, a deep teal, flows down to her feet and exposes her back. She wears a long ribbon around her neck that acts a chocker as well as a necklace with a emerald pendant encased a gold that matches the pendants attached to the straps of her dress. Her planetary symbol is always seen on her forehead when in this form.
Deep Submerge - Neptune sends a large sphere of energy, shaped similar to the planet Neptune, and directs it towards the enemy.
Submarine Reflection - Using her Deep Aqua Mirror, Neptune summons the sea itself to submerge her opponent completely in seawater. She can also use the mirror to reveal an enemy's weak point.
Submarine Violon Tide - Neptune summons her violin and begins to play it which then summons a tidal wave to wash away any enemies.
Weapons or Magical Items: 
Lip rod: A magical item that is shaped similarly to the planet Neptune. It gives Michiru to fully transform into Sailor Neptune.
Deep Aqua Mirror - Having the appearance of a simple hand mirror, Neptune's chosen weapon is one of the three talisman that when brought together is capable of summoning Sailor Saturn. The mirror allows Neptune to see visions regarding different people or enemies. It even allows her teleport to different locations.
Guardian: N/A.

RP Sample: 


The wolf-sister to Diana.  Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea.
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[Advanced] Senshi: Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune

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