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 [RP Section] Town Hall April Meeting Notes

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Sailor Mercury
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Inner Senshi Admin Activities Director

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PostSubject: [RP Section] Town Hall April Meeting Notes   5th April 2018, 6:20 pm

Roleplaying Information for April!

It's Sailor Mercury, standing in for Sailor Uranus! Thanks for joining us at the RP Section Town Hall!

Announcements for April:
Roleplayer of the Month: ♃ Sailor Jupiter!
Featured RP Announcement: That's No Moon!
Featured Otaku of the Month Announcement: Oh no! We had no submissions!
Hall of Fame Initiates: None! Let's finish some RPs, everyone!

Are you updating a profile for an Otaku Senshi character in the RP Section? We've clarified which changes require approval! Make sure you take a look at Updating a Profile and keep it in mind for future changes!
Featured RP chatter is encouraged all month long! The third Sunday of the month (April 15) is a good day to rally together with other readers, but feel free to keep an eye on the Featured RP (That's No Moon!) and share your thoughts and comments in the Discord channel!
Curious about Casual Events? The updated thread in the Casual Events forum can be your guide! April will bring a new "Real Time RP" (RTRP), so get ready to have fun on Discord in the rp_rtrp_ic and rp_rtrp_ooc channels!
The Spring Challenge is... Growth! From April through June, give this open-ended challenge a try! There are so many ways to "grow"—whether it's joining a new RP, starting a Storyline and guiding it along, or helping your characters mature and learn more about themselves!
Our Featured RP is a crossover, and it's not the only one to ever darken the door of the RP section! Our newest Welcome Forum thread is crossover-themed—have you shared your thoughts there? How Do You Prefer to Play a Crossover RP Character?
A new Hardcore Event is coming in April, and this one will be [Multiverse]! The event should begin in mid-April. It will involve fewer D&D aspects than the current event, but will also have a few opportunities for RTRP events! How exciting!!
The Hall of Rainbow Crystals is looking for new recruits—and with the Activity Card opportunities coming up, anyone interested should do their part to check off those boxes and claim points and stamps!

April Schedule
3rd:: Casual Event: The Sorrow of Spring - Event Begins!
------ Town Hall meeting hosted on Discord in the rp_featured_chats channel!
------ Growth Challenge Begins!
------ Spring Activity Card(s) will be posted soon! Get ready to record!
??th:: Hardcore Event: [Multiverse] Star Catchers sign-ups open!
??th:: Hardcore Event: [Multiverse] Star Catchers begins!
15th:: Featured RP read through "official date" for That's No Moon!
20th:: RTRP: Capter Tactics
22nd:: RTRP: Capter Tactics Encore
30th:: Casual Event: The Sorrow of Spring - Event Ends!
??th:: Hardcore Event: [Multiverse] Star Catchers concludes!

Have any questions or comments about these announcements? Share them below and we'll answer them right here! Have any other suggestions/ideas/problems/comments that you might want do discuss privately? PM Sailor Uranus or try our Suggestion Box!

Things to Collect This Month

Click on the bumpers above to learn how to earn it!

Additional Announcements and Reminders

  • Remember, Approved Character Profiles are no longer required to roleplay in the Open Play Boards! You can use WIP profiles or try out new character ideas in this free play area!
  • Open Play Boards can now be created and "hosted" by Rainbow Crystal Stamp holders!
  • Discord RTRPs Open for Rainbow Crystal Members! Players having attained the Rainbow Crystal Stamp can now plan and host their own RTRP's in Discord! Use the OOC Boards to plan your events; if you would like your event to be put on our schedule and the GC Calendar, message Sailor Uranus on Discord!
  • Don't forget about your List of Storylines? It's a convenient, editable, linkable listing of all your storylines! Convenient for keeping track of what RP's you are a part of! Even if you are only part of one roleplay at the moment, go ahead and make a post in that thread! All the cool kids are doing it!
  • Also consider updating your List of Accepted Characters! Useful for finding and linking all of your canon, otaku, multiverse, crossover, AU—everything—character profile pages! Use it to remind yourself what profiles you've received Approval for, or to see what other characters other RPers have Approved if you both have interest in starting an RP together!

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: [RP Section] Town Hall April Meeting Notes   5th April 2018, 6:23 pm

I was there! Very Happy


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Sailor Saturn
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PostSubject: Re: [RP Section] Town Hall April Meeting Notes   5th April 2018, 6:25 pm

I was there, most likely typing out too many hearts... xD


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Sailor Mars
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PostSubject: Re: [RP Section] Town Hall April Meeting Notes   5th April 2018, 6:28 pm

I was there


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Prince Triton
Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: [RP Section] Town Hall April Meeting Notes   5th April 2018, 6:59 pm

I was there and it was Awesome!



Hey, that's hell you're walking into
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[RP Section] Town Hall April Meeting Notes

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