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 [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?

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Sailor Jinglebell
Inner Senshi Admin
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Inner Senshi Admin  Member Relations Director

Title : *~Jupes | Jupi~*
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Location : USA

PostSubject: [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?   9th April 2018, 9:11 pm

Phew, that title was a mouthful.

How do you guys think the senshi were placed with their new Earth families when they were reincarnated? Was it random? Did they somehow seek out people with pure star seeds/dream mirrors? and if that's the case then explain Hotaru's dad Was there even time to consider this at all?

I definitely think there was some consideration. They obviously all ended up in Japan, close enough together to find one another, and all ended up with a pretty typical family unit - even if they didn't all stay that way.

What do you guys think?


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Elite Senshi
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Location : Sydney, Australia

PostSubject: Re: [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?   10th April 2018, 2:11 am

Well it's certainly a rather odd coincidence that every single family of the senshi all live in roughly the same place. Thinking about it now it's possible the major reason why is for the senshi to rally quickly, the anime more or less demonstrates the utility of everyone banding together quickly so having all the families there makes complete sense. It makes sense to me that Queen Serenity may have arranged at the very least for the senshi to be reincarnated in the same basic area in some part of the world purely for the purpose of when the world finds itself in danger the senshi can form quickly and attack with haste.

By contrast my fanfiction takes the opposite extreme when the senshi can be in mostly random places on the Earth and that points out a lot of the problems in rallying the senshi together over very large distances. Even with an element of randomness it's clear it was a definite decision to place them there.


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Sailor Mercury
Inner Senshi Admin
Activities Director


Inner Senshi Admin Activities Director

Title : Formerly Aurae; The Galaxy Cauldron Forums' Official Professor Tomoe
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Location : Chicago

PostSubject: Re: [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?   10th April 2018, 5:40 am

I feel like their Sailor Crystals were drawn to each other, and that is why they wound up being reborn in the same general area. I don't think it seems far-fetched that Queen Serenity would have influenced it somehow—she did want her daughter to be happy, after all, and having friends and lover nearby tends to help with that. I think they ended up with "typical" family units (at least for the groups we see) just because that was considered "standard" at that time in Japan. I lean more towards an element of randomness for the actual makeup of their family members more than anything else.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC official PGSM Zoisite
Posts : 309
Join date : 2018-03-11
Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?   10th April 2018, 11:09 am

I think like you that Queen Serenity influence de crystal but just for the area, not for the family. They have various type of family, and i think the queen had not the time for all of this when she used the power of crystal.


Thank you Sailor Neptune, crystal bunny and cosmos-hime^^
French fan so... sorry for my bad english !
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's Official Helios/Chibi Usa shipper
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Location : Sunny California

PostSubject: Re: [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?   10th April 2018, 11:59 am

I also think that the family the senshi were born into was random (though to be fair, we only really see the families of the Inners, and except for Hotaru, we know next to nothing about the parents of the Outer senshi). Proximity was probably more important than anything else, so that the senshi could fulfill their duty and find their princess, and explains why everyone was born around the Tokyo area.


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Posts : 1941
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Age : 32
Location : Toronto

PostSubject: Re: [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?   20th April 2018, 8:27 pm

It's pretty clear from the part of the clip at 9:10 that they're all sent to the same place on Earth.

As to the families... I think their initial state was a reflection of Queen Serenity's wish:
"Please live happy lives"

- Ami's parents started off together and presumably happy enough.
- Mako's and Mamoru's parents were alive.
- Rei's Mom was alive and iirc from the anime(?) she and Rei's Dad were happy together.
- Usagi's situation never changed and is the happy family we meet in Episode 1~.

I don't believe that Queen Serenity was actually responsible for the Outers' reincarnations, so I won't comment on them.


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Alyssa ~ Frappucino Enthusiast and Feels Expert
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Age : 19
Location : United States

PostSubject: Re: [Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?   20th April 2018, 9:38 pm

I think that Queen Serenity played a direct role in choosing the families for each senshi. As mentioned already, she wished for them to live happy lives as normal girls. However, Queen Serenity also knew that Beryl wouldn't stay locked up forever, and soon the girls would have to join together and fight the Dark Kingdom.

That being said, I think Queen Serenity found families for them that would help the girls become who they were meant to be, and help to build them into the strong young ladies that they are. In a way, every senshi's background has shaped their personalities and abilities.

Queen Serenity, in my opinion, played a role in everything. Even though the girls were born centuries into the future, Queen Serenity's life force still existed in the universe, and so I think that's evidence enough to back up the claim that she had played an active role in placing the senshi into their homes/families that were so coincidentally close to one another.

It's kind of cool to think about how after all that time, Queen Serenity was still watching over the girls and making sure they really did find happiness.


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[Debate] How were the reincarnated senshi's Earth families chosen?

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