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 (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity

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(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity Empty
PostSubject: (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity   (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity I_icon_minitime17th April 2018, 7:43 pm

Character Name: Princess Serenity
Gender: Female
Age: assumed mid to late teen
Date of Birth: Unknown, possibly same as her future incarnation, which is June 30th

Character Image:

(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity QXzSsH1

(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity W7zAwwL

Serenity is a young, slim figured, blue eyed girl who bears the royal crescent moon mark on her forehead. As a teen, she comes in under average in height at 4'11" (150cm). She wears her silvery-white (or blonde in the 90s anime) hair in the royal style of twin buns/pigtails, or odango hairstyle. She is only publicly seen in her royal white Empire Silhouette dress. While it is never explicitly shown, it can be assumed that Serenity only wore fine dresses on a day to day basis.

Personality Traits:

  • Innocent
  • Naive
  • Kind
  • Curious
  • Impulsive/emotionally driven
  • Selfish

Storyline Specific Information:

Additional Information:

(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity NJFuvje

Princess Serenity lived on the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millenium, which was a peaceful time period set in pre-historic times.  She is the only daughter and heir of Queen Serenity, who was the ruler of the Moon during this time period. Serenity along with the Queen, their advisors Luna and Artemis and the four Inner Sailor Soldiers, considered to be part of her court and guardians, all lived in the Moon Palace which was located in Mare Serenitatis, along with the rest of the kingdom. Those who lived in the Moon Kingdom, both royal and non-royal citizens were long-lived beings who helped to watch over the Earth and protect the Silver Crystal, along with the royal family. However, they were forbidden from having relations with the people of Earth.

Serenity was loved and adored since her birth by not only her mother, the Queen, but her four guardians as well. She lived in peace, never knowing of the dark things of the universe. Serenity was fascinated with the Earth, only being able to watch it from the Moon. She longest to see its greenery and feel the wind of the Earth. Eventually her fascination and curiosity got the best her and, despite having been given orders to never visit the planet, she did so anyway. It was there that she met and fell in love with Prince Endymion, the first crown prince of Earth, which was ruled by the Golden Kingdom.

(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity DupKkRm

Unfortunately their love and the peace of the SIlver Millennium was doomed. Beryl, who was filled with jealousy over Prince Endymion’s affair with Princess Serenity, became influenced by a dark evil being, Queen Metalia and raised up the citizens of Earth in order to go to war with the Moon Kingdom. Thus was the beginning of the Dark Kingdom. Beryl, who stated herself as queen, brainwashed Prince Endymion’s guardians, the Four Heavenly Kings, to fight with her. They betrayed him and joined in the attack on the Moon Kingdom.

Prince Endymion had rushed to Serenity’s side in order to protect her, but unfortunately he was killed in battle. Out of sorrow, Serenity committed suicide with his sword, dying next to her love. In the end, Serenity’s four guardians had perished in the battle and filled with grief, Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to seal away the forces of evil. At this time, she also used it’s power to give her daughter and others a second chance on Earth. Their spirit was reborn and reincarnated in 21st century Earth. Princess Serenity was reincarnated as Usagi Tsukino.

(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity KVbg0uG

Alternatively, in the original anime, Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion’s love were much the same, fated to be ended by the Dark Kingdom’s attack on the Moon Kingdom. However, both the prince and princess were killed by Queen Metalia by a powerful energy blast. It is noted that in the anime, Prince Endymion gives Princess Serenity a heart locket, which appears again in the 21st century where they were both reborn.

In the live-action series, the story is much the same, except Princess Serenity’s personality is further explored. Here she is revealed to be colder, childish and more selfish. The destruction of both the Moon and Earth Kingdom’s was caused by her in her sorrow over Endymion’s death.

In the 1997 musical Eien Densetsu, its revision, as well as in 2013’s La Reconquista, it is heavily implied that Princess Serenity actually stole away Prince Endymion, who was betrothed to Queen Beryl, an actual ruler of the Earth.

Source: Grabbed some info from these sites:

RP Sample:

Serenity groaned as she pulled the covers over her head. Her bed was warm, soft and plush, why should she have to get up so early!? That dream about being on Earth had been so nice and seeing that handsome man... She almost dozed back, off but the incessant knocking at the door, which she knew could be none other than Luna, forced her out of bed.  She stepped into her white slippers, being sure to cover herself with her silk robe as she walked to open the door.

"Your majest--"  Serenity could hear the cats voice from the otherside, but she cut her off as she creaked the door open.

"Princess Serenity! You're late!"  Luna barged her way into the room, despite her tiny cat body.

"But Luuuna! Can't I have one day to rest from my studies?" she protested as Luna hurried her to wash her face and get dressed.

"Studies? Oh Princess, you've forgotten! Today's an important day! There are very important guests coming for an early lunch with the Queen. She's waiting on you right now. Honestly child..." Luna tut tutted over Serenity, rambling on about how the Queen was waiting and that she should've been up and ready an hour ago.

Princess Serenity stopped what she was doing, holding a wet cloth just before her face. Oh! Oh! Today was the day!

"Luna! By the moon, how could I have forgotten?" she said as she started scrambling to ready herself. She grabbed her dress from her closet and combed her hair at the same time as she rushed around the room.

This was the rare event. The one time a year when the Golden Kingdom royal family comes to the Moon Kingdom! While contact with the people of Earth was normally forbidden, this was the one time of year where the royals came to meet with her mother, as an offering to uphold the their current times of peace. This year was different. In past years, it had only been the King and Queen, never bringing their son, for he was considered to you, but now...this year! They were bringing the crown Prince! Endymion!!

Serenity felt her face flush at the thought of him and the excitement she felt inside. Her stomach fluttered and her heart beat quickened. She had seen him only a few times before, during her secret excursions down to Earth. He had been so kind, with beautiful blue eyes...much like the Earth. He had shown her the beautiful gardens...

She sighed, getting lost in her thoughts. Luna coughed impatiently causing Serenity to jump out of her reverie with a tiny startled yelp. Right, right. Time to leave!  Without a word to Luna, Princess Serenity gracefully but hurriedly jogged down the hall to the throne room.

Luna let out an exasperated sigh as she watched the princess leave, only to realize she had forgotten her slippers.

"Princess! Wait!"  she cried before running after her with the slippers in my mouth. What was she going to do with that young lady?

Senshi Information

Note: Sailor Moon was not a Sailor Soldier of the Silver Millenium, thus Princess Serenity has no Sailor Soldier transformation.

Senshi Name: N/A
Senshi Fuku: N/A
Powers and Magical Items: N/A


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(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity   (Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity I_icon_minitime18th April 2018, 1:03 am



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(Approved) [Relaxed] Civilian: Princess Serenity

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