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 Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter

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Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter Empty
PostSubject: Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter   Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter I_icon_minitime15th May 2018, 2:47 am

Finally!! Another of my Otaku Senshi. This is the other senshi that's been introduced so far, Sailor Jupiter. From this point onward more senshi are likely to be introduced here before continuing the story. D: But anyway-

Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter EjdDC7B

Nari Asanuma, the Millennial Sailor Jupiter

Civilian Profile:

- Vital Information -
Name: Nari Asanuma
Height: 5'3"
Age: 15
Birthday: Feburary 13 [2003]
Parents: Makoto Kino and Ittou Asanuma
Siblings: none
Residence: Setagaya, Tokyo
Occupation: Schoolgirl [middle school]

- Interests -
Loves: Friendship, learning
Likes: Marine biology, Science class, Mathematics class, her friends, boys, romance, playing games, photography.
Dislikes: Bad people, aggression, violence, fighting, seeing blood, liars, citrus fruits, pineapple, track and field.
Hates: Science fiction stuff, killing anything.
Hobbies: Reading books and learning, mostly science and academia.

- Physical Appearance -
Skin: Normal
Hair Colour: Pale blonde
Hair Style: Straight, no fringe.
Eye Colour: Sapphire blue
Makeup: Lipgloss.
Earrings: Gold ear studs.
Body Type: Normal
Casual Clothes: Bright green t-shirt, emerald short skirt, emerald kitten heel shoes
Formal Clothes: A full length dress, emerald green with red floral rose patterns around the base and frilled edges, emerald kitten heel shoes
School Uniform: Juuban Municipal Middle School Uniform.

- Brief Profile -
Nari is a bright young schoolgirl with a bubbly personality yet a timid nature as well. For the most part she loves to talk and socialize with her friends and is very curious and approachable to new people. She always sees the goodness in everything and tries to be friendly to everyone. Nari is very intelligent and inquisitive, always looking for a new book to read. Like any other schoolgirl she also likes boys and the idea of romance, however while she can talk and act normally around her girlfriends she gets flushed and shys away from boys. Part of her apprehension comes from the fights she sees the boys get into, in general Nari hates violence and by extension fighting - this is another reason why she acts so friendly around people, to reduce the chances of a fight.

Senshi Profile:
- Vital Information -

Official Title: Sailor Jupiter
Additional Titles: Goddess of Lightning
Status: Support Senshi
Power Stick: Lightning Power Stick
Transformation Phrase: Jupiter Lightning Power, Make Up!

- Attacks and Powers -
Fighting Style: Naginatajutsu
Weapons: A spear [the Lightning Spear]
Melee Attack: Superfast Spear - Due to the nature of the Lightning Spear Sailor Jupiter can quickly thrust and parry the spear and move it at lightning fast speed. This being said the spear is still long and easy to predict.
Ranged Attack: Lightning Javelin - Sailor Jupiter can throw the Lightning Spear and as it flies through the air the spear discharges electricity to the target or the closest enemy to the target.
Special Attack: Shocking Wave - Sailor Jupiter charges up her Lightning Spear by shouting 'Shocking Wave'. Sailor Jupiter lifts the spear and simultaneously shouts 'Crash!' and slams it into the ground. This action sends the electricity from the spear into the ground and discharges along it. The electricity spreads out in a shockwave from the point of origin at a range determined by Sailor Jupiter. The electricity is powerful enough to mass paralyses all enemies within the affected area.
Special Power: Static Shield - During the entire time Sailor Jupiter is on the field she is covered by an electrical charge that prevents enemies from physically attacking her.

- Physical Appearance -
Main Colours: Bright and Dark Green
Tiara: Gold Tiara Shape with an Emerald stone
Earrings: Gold dangle earrings with Lightning Bolt designs
Fuku: Dark green front bow and bright green back bow, dark green sailor's collar with golden lightning bolt symbols woven into the sides, bright green sphere locket with a golden leaf Symbol of Jupiter in the center, standard shoulder pads
Gloves: Standard hand gloves with dark green trim
Skirt: Dark green knee length skirt
Shoes: Dark green laced boots.

- Brief Profile -
The Millennial Sailor Jupiter is an intelligent tactician, she has the ability to identify patterns and calculate probabilities instantly. Sailor Jupiter is a spear fighter who plays a mostly supportive role in a fight, as she is still against fighting even as a Sailor Guardian Jupiter's powers come from her magic more than her weaponry. Borne from her Lightning Power Stick the Lightning Spear is Sailor Jupiter's weapon and can only be wielded by the Goddess of Lightning herself; the spear is made of gold and can retract both blades into the Power Stick. The spear also constantly holds an electric charge within its blades and, at will and with the right actions, can discharge a great deal of electricity. When Sailor Jupiter possesses the Lightning Power Stick it generates a static charge that protects her from physical confrontation.


Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter Kiz7JKM
Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter 0UResDWNari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter 3KoSdd7
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Thank you to Sailor Mercury for the pixel arts. More to come....
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Nari Asanuma - the Millennial Sailor Jupiter

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