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 (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars / Hino Rei

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars / Hino Rei   15th May 2018, 11:59 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Hino Rei (火野 レイ)

Rei's surname, 火野, contains the kanji for "fire/flame" and "field/plane". The first is the kanji used for the planet Mars, 火星 (kasei: "fire/flame" & "star"), signifying her affiliation with the planet. Rei's first name is written in katakana and thus has no official "meaning". The use of katakana implies that it is a "borrowed" word, possibly a foreign name such as Rae or Ray.

In her past life she was known as Princess Mars.

Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 14 at the beginning of the Sailor Moon series and 16 by the end of it—in Crystal Tokyo she has an incredibly long life but physically appears to be roughly 22; April 17 (Aries)
Used Canons: This profile incorporates manga, 90s anime, live-action, and Crystal.
Appearance: Rei stands at 160cm (approximately 5'3") and has a fairly thin, almost boyish figure. It looks perfect in a very "classical Japanese" way when she wears the traditional Shinto priestess robes of her profession or any cultural Japanese attire. Her facial features are delicate and elegant, with beautiful almond-shaped violet eyes that almost glow beneath long dark lashes. Rei's thin, angled eyebrows sometimes give her a haughty expression. Her pale skin and glossy black hair add to the classic look, almost as though she stepped out of an ancient ink painting or woodblock print. Her smooth, straight hair is long, reaching nearly to her knees, and she usually wears it unbound and unadorned. Sometimes when performing her shrine duties, she ties it back with a small strip of white paper. She has long bangs, cut just to eyebrow level with a soft edge.

She usually wears the white gi and red hakama of her role as a Shinto priestess. The top has long kimono-cut sleeves. She usually ties the straps of her hakama in front in a neat bow. She wears short white tabi socks in the buildings and wooden geta sandals when doing chores around the grounds. If not that outfit, she can be seen in her uniform for the T*A Academy for Girls—a gray blazer with a dark gray sailor collar with a single red stripe along the edge and a red scarf crossed like a bow over the chest, with a short gray skirt. In the summer, the blazer is a vest and she wears a short-sleeved white shirt below it. Both blazer and vest have patch pockets at the hips and an embroidered breast pocket.

Rei rarely wears makeup, although her taste in casual clothing can be very trendy. She doesn't like to show that she follows fashion magazines or has interest in those topics, although she is not totally ignorant of them.

Personality: Cold and hot are two sides of Rei's personality. Initially, others find her very distant and aloof. She doesn't willingly interact much with people she doesn't know well. Rei shows a minimum level of politeness, at least until someone proves they don't deserve it, but she limits her time with strangers as best she can. This is not always advisable, such as when she's working at the Hikawa Shrine as a shrine maiden, so she does her best to fit herself to the situation. She cares about accomplishing goals, and is willing to make adjustments or sacrifices to do so. The welfare of the shrine, for example, trumps her own distaste for strangers; she strives to keep her manner professional.

However, the dark-haired girl has a passionate temper that flares to life particularly when she feels insulted. First, her violet eyes grow hard and narrowed, and she expresses herself with curtness and veiled, icy hostility. If the situation escalates, Rei is not above raising her voice and demonstrating her increased ire. She rarely resorts to physical violence, but can be very cutting and unkind in what she says. In her mind, at that point the person on the other side deserves to be told off. They were given opportunities to back away and leave things alone, but they persisted. No one would describe Rei as a pushover—when push comes to shove, she'll shove right back.

Her passion lends itself to stubbornness, as well. Rei hates to be told that she can't do something—it makes her temper flare and a rebellious streak rear its head. The more someone says "no" the more Rei wants to prove them wrong. She also dislikes admitting that she is wrong. In a perfect world, this would never be necessary because she would never be wrong. Unfortunately, that is just not the case—and when she has to admit it, it hurts. It feels like failure.

Rei has a complicated relationship with her immediate family. She loves her grandfather, who raised her and cares for her, and she yearns to make him proud. She works hard at the shrine because it means so much to him. Sometimes the thought of taking over the shrine seems overwhelming and unfair—she wasn't given a chance to really choose. However, in a way, she has chosen. The thought of having someone else running the Hikawa Shrine when her grandfather is gone does not sit well with her. She knows she would regret handing over the reigns. Her father is a different story. Her mother died when she was very young, but her father has always made it clear that he prioritizes his career and his own well-being over his daughter. She rarely sees him, and even when she does, she doesn't feel like he sees her.

This has influenced Rei's feelings about men—she feels very distrustful around them due to her father's behaviour—and also caused her to avoid opening up to others. She relies only on herself, but she can't trust anyone else. This became clear when she entered school and tried to make friends—any mention of her psychic abilities caused squeals and giggles that deepened the chasm between herself and everyone else. They didn't understand why she would want to be a weird girl working at an old-fashioned shrine, staring into the flames and talking about things that might or might not happen. She was always envious of what she viewed as their warm, loving families that they didn't seem to value enough. No one seemed to care about how Rei was feeling, so she stopped telling them.

The more she built up her façade of indifference, the easier it was to wear it. As she grew up and became more beautiful, she felt that there were more benefits of keeping people at a distance. Most people who tried to get close just wanted to use her—either for her appearance or her purported psychic abilities. Rei has no interest in being someone else's pawn. If keeping to herself avoids that, then so be it.

She can show a softer side, but this is reserved for those who have proved they aren't trying to use her. Most of the time, this is limited to her grandfather and the animals around the shrine, particularly the crows. When her barriers are down, Rei can be silly, teasing, and flippant. She has to feel very comfortable to act this way, even to give a genuine smile, but when she does, that's when she truly cares for someone. Rei is fiercely protective of the people she loves. When her actions seem harsh towards someone she cares about, it's because of how much she believes in them and wants them to achieve their own dreams and goals. She spent so many years feeling very alone, so the close relationships she does form are of very high value to her, even though it takes a while for her to admit that she feels this way.

She has so many dreams, flickering like the flames she can control. Sometimes she thinks she wants to be a wife and mother. Sometimes she wants to be a world-traveling businesswoman. Sometimes she focuses on the shrine and her eventual management of it. The one constant is her dear friend and once her Princess, Usagi. No matter what, Rei knows her future will involve being by Usagi's side.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Rei has strong psychic abilities—receives premonitions and visions, feels changes in forces, and enhances her clarity with pyromancy.
Archery is traditionally associated with shrine maidens, as they prepare "demon-breaking arrows"—traditional New Year's charms. Based on her attack "Flame Sniper," Rei appears to have some skill in archery.
In the 90s anime, Rei demonstrates skills in skiing and music writing.
History: Her mother died when she was very young. Due to her politician father's career, Rei lives with her grandfather—the priest at the Shinto shrine that is her home: Hikawa Shrine. Her psychic abilities made her a misfit among her peers. These same abilities made her a target for adults who wanted to use the girl to springboard themselves to fame or fortune. As the years passed, Rei withdrew more and more. She focused on her work at the shrine, especially as her grandfather aged, following in his footsteps as a shrine maiden. Rei longed for companionship, but she never would have admitted it.

Then a pigtailed blonde stumbled across her path. Usagi's fight against the Dark Kingdom as Sailor Moon awakened Rei to her own destiny as Sailor Mars. Initially, she wants very little to do with the other girls. She doesn't need friends. In a way, she feels almost as though they just want her for her abilities. At the same time, she's finally able to be herself. These people accept her. Soon, they are her very best friends. She finally understands why she has her powers, and why she always felt like she was waiting for something.

She continued to fight as Sailor Mars and spend time with the others as Rei, growing closer to everyone with every challenge they faced in their fight against evil. Although she likes to tease Usagi, the girl is truly her closest friend and someone she loves with all of her heart.

During the Silver Millennium, Sailor Mars was one of the sailor soldiers chosen to guard Princess Serenity. She became one of the girl's closest friends and companions, but ultimately she died trying to protect the Moon Kingdom, only to be reborn in 20th century Tokyo thanks to the power of the Silver Crystal.

In the future of Crystal Tokyo, Saior Mars stays with her friends when the once-bumbling crybaby ascends the throne as Neo Queen Serenity in the 30th century. She serves as the strength of their group, with her maturity and integrity providing not only delicious meals and heavy-lifting, but also reassurance and perseverance despite danger. She works towards her dream of opening a bakery and a flower shop, fulfilling her life not only as a sailor soldier. Her loyalty to Usagi, the first friend she really knew, will never falter.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Reading, fortune telling
Favourite Sport: Track-and-field events
Favourite Colour: Red and black
Favourite Subject: Ancient writing
Least Favourite Subject: Contemporary society
Favourite Food: Pufferfish, Thai cuisine
Least Favourite Food: Canned asparagus
Weak Point: Television
Castle: Phobos-Deimos Castle
Dream: To be a lead Shinto priestess, wife, mother, businesswoman, and idol

Although the manga hinted at it, Crystal officially suggests a Silver Millennium romance between Jadeite and Sailor Mars.
In the manga and live-action, Rei is very strongly opposed to romance, particularly when men are involved. In the 90s anime she is much more interested in romance and dating, sometimes seeming somewhat "boy crazy".
In the 90s anime, a worker at the shrine, Yuuichirou Kumada, has a crush on Rei. Her feelings towards him are warm but not clear reciprocation.
She has had many "counterparts" among the enemies the sailor soldiers have faced, including: Koan, Eudial, and VesVes.
Frequently paired romantically with Sailor Venus. They don't need men.

Storyline Specific Information: N/A
Senshi Information
Sailor Mars
"Agent of Love and Fire, the pretty sailor-suited soldier Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!"
Senshi Name: Sailor Mars

Realms of Influence: Fire and war

Henshin/Transformation Phrase:
"Mars Power, Make Up!" (first form)
"Mars Star Power, Make Up!" (second form)
"Mars Planet Power, Make Up!" (third form) (Manga universe only.)
"Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!" (final form)

Senshi Fuku: In her first form, Sailor Mars wears a white bodysuit with a seam at the lower edge of the rib cage. Her sleeves are three padded rolls of white fabric. Her sailor collar is scarlet red with one stripe, and her short pleated skirt is the same scarlet red. (In the manga and Crystal, this is three thin white stripes.) The skirt attaches to her bodysuit with a padded white waistband that dips into a slight v-shape. (In the manga and live-action, there is a red jeweled charm at the nadir of her front waistband.) At the back of the waistband, near the small of her back, is a scarlet red bow, the same shade as her skirt. On the front of her uniform, just below the lowest point of the sailor collar's neckline, is a dark violet bow with a round scarlet red brooch at the center. Her choker is a simple scarlet red ribbon. She wears white gloves that reach her elbows, hemmed with three padded rolls of scarlet red fabric. Her footwear consists of scarlet red high heels. A gold tiara curves across her forehead in a slight v-shape, with a scarlet red gem at the center. Her earrings are scarlet red studs with dangling six-pointed star shape charms.

In her "Crystal Power" form, Sailor Mars's collar now has one white stripe. There is a gold star centered on her scarlet red choker. Her sleeves are now each comprised of two padded rolls of white fabric and a curved wing of sheer fabric with a very slight violet tint. The scarlet red brooch in the center of her front bow is heart-shaped, not circular. Her back bow is larger, with long tails that reach her thighs.

In her final manga form, Sailor Mars wears a seamless white bodysuit. Her soft indian red sleeves are large, bubble-shaped, and translucent. They end high on her upper arm with two padded rolls of scarlet red fabric. Her white gloves are much longer than before, now reaching several inches above the elbow. Attached to the upper edge of the gloves are three padded rolls of scarlet red fabric. Her sailor collar is scarlet red, with a single white stripe adorning the edge. Her skirt is now two layers, and appears more ruffled than pleated. The top layer is scarlet red; the bottom layer is soft indian red. Where her skirt attaches to her white bodysuit there are two ribbons separated by a slight gap; they follow the same coloration pattern as her skirt—upper is scarlet red and lower is soft indian red. Where they meet at the central v-shaped point of the waistband, there is a small gold star insignia. At the back of her waistband is a soft indian red bow with short tails, but longer tails of the narrow scarlet red ribbon from the waistband dangle down to her knees. Her footwear is now knee-high, high-heeled white boots. The top edge of the boot dips down in a v-shape, edged with scarlet red trim. At the lowest point of the v-shape there is a small gold star charm. In the center of her chest, at the lowest point of the sailor collar's neckline, is a dark violet bow with a scarlet red star-shaped brooch in the center. Her choker follows the general design of her waistband and the trim at the top of her boots—it forms a slight v-shape with a narrow scarlet red ribbon, and at the lowest point of the v-shape is a small gold star charm. Her earrings are now small ruby circular studs with dangling crimson stars. Her gold tiara is narrower now and the v-shape is more defined than previous iterations. At the center of her forehead is a star-shaped ruby.

90s Anime
"Evil Spirits, Disperse!"
"Fire Soul!"
"Fire Soul Bird!"
"Burning Mandala!"
"Mars Flame Sniper!"
"Sailor Special Garlic Attack!" (group attack)
"Sailor Planet Attack!" (group attack)
"Sailor Planet Power!" (group attack)
Sailor Teleport (group ability)
"Evil Spirits, Disperse!"
"Burning Mandala!"
"Mars Snake Fire!"
"Mars Flame Sniper!"
"Sailor Planet Attack!" (group attack)
"Galactica Gale!" (when subjugated by Galaxia)
"Galactica Planet Attack!" (group attack when subjugated by Galaxia)
"Sailor Planet Power Meditation!" (group attack)
"Evil Spirits, Disperse!"
"Youma, Disperse!"
"Burning Mandala!"
Energy beam from Star Tambourine (no phrase necessary)
"Sailor Planet Power!" (group attack)
"Moonlight Attractive Attack!" (group attack)
"Evil Spirits, Disperse!"
"Burning Mandala!"
"Mars Snake Fire!"
"Sailor Planet Attack!" (group attack)
Weapons and Magical Items:
Pen - Rei uses this item to transform into Sailor Mars with "Mars Power, Make Up!"
Star Power Stick - Rei uses this item to transform into Sailor Mars with "Mars Star Power, Make Up!"
Crystal Change Rod - Rei uses this item to transform into Sailor Mars with "Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!" (Anime universe only.)
Jewelry Star Bracelet - Rei uses this item to transform into Sailor Mars with "Mars Power, Make Up!"(Live-action universe only.)
Mars Crystal - This is the sailor crystal that Rei possesses as Sailor Mars. It is heart-shaped and ruby red in colour. She uses this item to transform into Sailor Mars with "Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!" (Transformation item in manga universe only.)
Communicator - Rei has a communicator that she can use to contact the other sailor soldiers. This item goes through a few upgrades throughout the series. In the 90s anime, it first looks like a pink pocket calculator with a very tiny screen above the keypad. It later looks like a digital wristwatch with a decorative cover, but when the cover is flipped open it has a screen inside the cover and a keypad on the base. In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, the first wristwatch variant of this communicator looks like Sailor Moon's brooch and is received as a prize from the Sailor V arcade game.
Ofuda - Sailor Mars carries traditional Shinto charms that bear good luck—they are pieces of paper with specific messages written on them. She uses these to cleanse darkness with "Evil Spirits, Disperse!"
Mars Arrow - Given to Sailor Mars by Phobos and Deimos, this item is a bow and arrow made of flame and is used to perform "Mars Flame Sniper."
Teletia-S - A pink cell phone that provides communicator and disguise abilities. (Live-action universe only.)
Sailor Star Tambourine - This star-shaped weapon focuses Sailor Mars's power and makes her attacks stronger. It can be changed into a dagger. (Live-action universe only.)
Mars and Venus Daggers - An orange and a red dagger, transformed from the Sailor Star Tambourines. Mars carries both when Venus is no longer fighting with the team. (Live-action universe only.)

Guardian: Out of the glossy black crows she cares for at the Hikawa Shrine, two stand out: Deimos and Phobos. (In the manga, they can transform into humanoid sailor soldiers.) They take the place of a "Guardian Mars".
RP Sample: The flame that enveloped her body, melting away the school uniform and replacing it with her sailor suit, comforted and calmed. In a way, it centered her, clearing her mind for the battle yet to come. Her high heels clacked against the pavement when her feet found solid ground once more. The monster loomed in the distance; most of the civilians were out of the way, but she could still hear a few cry out as they ran from the rampaging beast.

Violet eyes narrowed and she looked to her left, thankful to see the arc of electricity as Sailor Jupiter directed her power towards it. It was far too strong for Sailor Moon to take on, at least not yet. They'd have to weaken it first. Mars pressed her own hands together and channeled the blaze within her, adding her own powers to the mix.

"Burning Mandala!"

She couldn't tell if her attack had connected. She didn't see it. The monstrous floral brute slammed a vine towards her, too fast for her to dodge. She couldn't do anything to mitigate it. She braced for impact.

It never came.

The flash of gold in her peripheral vision hit the thing, exploding into a volley of brilliant glitter. The monster recoiled and changed its objective. Mars didn't have to turn her head to know what had just happened.


She felt a familiar presence settle in next to hers, but she didn't glance over to confirm. She didn't need to. They were teammates. They understood each other. She concentrated on her powers again, feeling the flames that burned deep within her heart, and sent out another blaze.

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars / Hino Rei   16th May 2018, 1:12 am

I'll approve this, but please add that she also has talents in archery, and in the anime skiing and music writing! Thank you~


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(Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars / Hino Rei

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