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 Ktenshi's Random Drabbles and Short Fics

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Ktenshi's Random Drabbles and Short Fics   27th June 2018, 8:31 pm

I, ultimately, needed one thread for all my random little drabbles and fics without clogging up the forum for this.  Each are different and kind of random bits I have but I don't have plans on turning them into full length stories. So, there's that. 

They'll be clearly marked as to what world they take place in. Some may be old, some new. A few might even have pictures with them. Anyway, onward.

1. Prompt: A thought
World: Sailor Moon
rating: PG

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Ktenshi's Random Drabbles and Short Fics

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