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 Science-fiction space colonist Sailors

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Star Seed


Star Seed

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Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Empty
PostSubject: Science-fiction space colonist Sailors   Science-fiction space colonist Sailors I_icon_minitime28th July 2018, 7:39 am

The planets these Senshi hail from are stolen from TSR's "Star*Drive" space-opera RPG setting, taking place in the 26th century on the frontier of colonized space. The rest is my nonsense.

I'll post them one at a time; tell me what you think.

Sailor Penates: Civilian

Real Name: Arivelle Zavarjelos

Birth Date: September 19th, 2486 (Sol-Libra)

Homeworld: When Neo-Queen Serenity quarantined Wiseman on the dead star Nemesis, his followers were still around -- and were taken much further, but with less supervision, to the prison-world of Penates in the Lucullus star system. Penates is a frozen world, where life is only possible in heated domes, and only worth trying in order to keep workers nearby to mine the other planets of the system. The hope was that Penates would evolve from a prison into their home, a place where they could practice whatever culture and ideology they thought they saw in Wiseman's words without his direct murderous influence, and Neo-Queen Serenity would neither be able or required to provide the interference they so hated. The people were given a punishment, that was a chance to build something all their own. 

Instead, they just went from a prison planet, to a prison planet that was run by prison gangs.

Appearance: Arivelle has the Black Moon crescent on her forehead like every native of Penates, just like her parents, just like their parents -- anyone who tries to cover it up and blend in to offworld society is a coward. She is wiry, again like most people on her planet, but clearly fit and athletic. Her hair is dark blue, her eyes are bright red. She's not as pale as you'd think; she spends a lot of time outdoors in non-UV-shielded domes. 

Personality: Arivelle is a champion of justice. She is obsessed with fairness. She absolutely cannot let unfairness stand, will keep bashing her head against some injustice long after any sensible person would have concluded "There's nothing I can do about this", and will start fights that are obviously idiotic and unproductive because they can't keep getting away with it. And the number one unfairness she is obsessed with is Neo-Queen Serenity's exile of a her ancestors, a peaceful humanist movement, to an inhospitable iceball. She doesn't know anything of Wiseman's actual ideology, and at this point it doesn't matter.

Aside from her sense of justice, she's both a romantic and a Romantic. Passions and principles matter a lot more to her than complicated facts. Her dreams of a handsome prince whisking her away from this frozen planet have given way to dreams of being the beautiful princess who whisks everyone away. Kindota Eklasdottir (Sailor Lison) is her best friend in the whole world, a rare and beautiful flower growing in the frozen tundra of the world, and Arivelle will bust the kneecaps of anyone who tries to hurt her. 

The fact that Arivelle doesn't know how to express her emotions without fighting for them in some way also contributes to that.

Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Sailor10

Sailor Penates: Sailor Guardian

Origin: Sailor Penates is a first-generation Sailor Guardian; her Sailor Crystal was never held by anyone else and she is not reincarnated from anyone, as far she she knows. She attuned with the planet Penates for an unknown reason, by unknown means. She awakened her powers to save herself and her family from Onyx Syndicate enforcers; within a week, the Onyx Syndicate local headquarters had been burned to the ground.

Transformation: "It's payback time! Penates star power, suit up!"

Sailor Penates's Sailor uniform resembles the environmental suit she used to stay alive in Pentaes's frozen environment. It covers everything from her neck down, a white base with red highlights and blue decorations. It totally insulates her from cold temperatures and provides a limitless oxygen supply while active. Under normal circumstances, she can maintain her transformation all day, and needs a full eight hours of sleep to get it active again.

Attacks and Powers: Sailor Penates has no energy attacks, but has enhanced strength, speed, agility, and toughness typical of a Sailor Guardian. She favors unarmed melee combat for this reason

"Let's light this candle!" What Sailor Penates can do is burn her remaining transformation time to magnify those enhanced attributes. If the total duration of her Sailor transformation is halved, she's twice as strong, twice as fast, twice as tough, and if it's decreased further, she gets correspondingly more powerful. She usually runs at 2x intensity because she doesn't need to be transformed all day anyway; as she approaches maximum intensity she becomes an unstoppable God Hand in combat. Higher intensity makes her breath visible, then causes frost to form on her body as if she was outside in the cold. At maximum intensity, she can hold her transformation for at most 120 seconds before it shuts down and leaves her defenseless. 

Special Items: Sailor Penates has no particular magic relics to aid her when she transforms, though she can still carry mundane weapons, and usually does so.

The jewel on her abdomen lights up when she "clicks" it with her finger, and goes dim when she "clicks" it again. She has absolutely no idea what that does, but she fiddles with it when she's bored.

Mission: "I won't let you get away with it! In the name of Black Moon, I'll punish you!"

It wouldn't make sense to say Sailor Penates fights criminals -- I mean, you could argue that she does, because everyone on her homeworld including herself is a criminal, but really that's an "if everyone's a criminal nobody is" kind of situation. There's no law on Penates and all functions of government are run by organized crime. What Sailor Penates does go after is evildoers, those who hurt the innocent, whether human or youma. Youma summoning was common enough that they uncontroversially live among humans on Penates. As someone who grew up in a world ruled by organized crime, she has a different view of "evildoer" than most; shaking someone down for protection money is wrong because they didn't do anything to you, but a loan shark breaking someone's thumbs for not paying is perfectly fine because what did the guy think was going to happen when he took out a loan he couldn't pay?

Sailor Penates is not very popular on her home world. Most occupants don't know that "Sailors" are just a thing that planets have, and that she's not invoking the name of the hated Sailor Moon. She will get into 45-minute long screaming matches with people she just rescued about this. ("No! I'm not gonna change my name! I'm Sailor Penates! SHE should have to change HER name, because SHE'S the one who screwed everything up!") Also, given the world is run by criminal syndicates, almost every "mission" she does is going to tick one of them off. They haven't banded together to destroy her, only because each of them is waiting for her to damage all of their rivals enough that they can take over. Gangs are kind of dumb that way.

Her mission on Penates is ultimately futile, and she knows it. The rulers of her world are unjust and take what they want because they can. She kept fighting long after she realized this, and only left when someone else came and offered her a chance at more power and more opportunity to make change.
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Star Seed


Star Seed

Posts : 24
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Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Empty
PostSubject: Re: Science-fiction space colonist Sailors   Science-fiction space colonist Sailors I_icon_minitime31st July 2018, 5:59 pm

Sailor Lison: Civilian 

Real Name: Kindota Eklasdottir

Birth Date: August 25th, 2484 (Sol-Virgo, Aleer-Miratra)

Species: Kindota is a Mechalus, a race of bipedal humanoid cyborgs. Her ability to extend wiring from her fingertips and interface with electronic systems is typical for her species, as is her natural cybernetic tolerance. Mechalus are born with computers in their brains and wires in their veins.

Homeworld: Lison, orbiting the star Oberon, is a tidally locked world: its days are the same length as its years, resulting in the same side of the planet always facing the sun. The day side is in perpetual flames, while the night side is so cold oxygen freezes into liquid form out of the air. Habitation is only possible on the narrow line between day and night, and in underground mining colonies. Lison is so inhospitable, over half of its economic activity is dedicated to keeping its colonists alive -- but the other half is dedicated to mining rhodium, the most valuable material in known space.

Life in the mining colonies is only possible due to the heroic efforts of oxygen runners, who travel to Lison's frozen side to collect the pools of liquid oxygen that form there and return them to their cities. In addition to the ruinous temperatures destroying their equipment, oxygen runners also have to deal with the unformed daimons that coalesce out of the writhing darkness in a land that hasn't seen the sun in over a billion years. Within the cities, oxygen theft is a capital crime, everyone is responsible for maintaining colonies of plants and algae, and everyone considers it a community responsibility to keep the community breathing and assist those who are most directly tied to that. (Makaiju colonists, being plants descended from the Doom Tree, breathe carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen; they don't have to pay taxes and people are very nice to them but few can stand the lack of natural light.)

Appearance: Kindota looks like a typical Mechalus girl. She has blue skin with visible copper filaments; her violet hair is adorned with plastic tubing and mesh, both to look attractive and to cover her natural heat sinks. She looks way too much like a typical Mechalus girl, really; she didn't grow up with many other members of her species so her model of how she should look is based on outside media. She is broad-shouldered and stocky for a teenage girl, but the fact that she's over 200 pounds isn't because she's fat, it's all the metal reinforcements in her body. 

One of her purple eyes is a camera. She has bright LEDs in all her fingertips, she doesn't know why she needs most of them but using her index finger as a flashlight is handy. She has a communication transceiver built into her ear and voice box, a readout display on the underside of her arm that displays her organic and cybernetic vital signs, and a hollow compartment in her thigh that can hold a weapon or some snacks. 

Personality/History: Kindota's birth parents were oxygen runners who died under mysterious circumstances when she was 2 years old. She was adopted by her current human parents, Sigurd and Ekla, who raised her as best they could and loved her as much as they could. She dreamed of being an oxygen runner, like her birth parents were, to go out and contribute directly to keeping her people alive. She even lied about her age to become one, to her parents' horror.

Kindota is a generous, compassionate person who always puts the group before herself. She believes in extending friendship and charity to everyone. She never feels anger or hatred. She finds fault in herself before others. She is methodical and cerebral but not cold; her emotions inform her actions but don't interfere with them. She's possessed of a great and abiding love for everyone.

This has resulted in her constantly being tricked, scammed, exploited, and in general taken advantage of, as a civilian and as Sailor Lison, by people who all seemed like very nice people who were in great need and really needed someone to help them out. She can't get mad at people for hurting her or tricking her. She can't give them a reason they should stop doing that.

Her parents, concerned over her mental health, took her to another subterranean city for a full (and expensive) combination physical and diagnostic. It turned out, she had a congenital software defect, one her birth parents would have easily noticed by age 3 and had corrected, but her adoptive parents had no way of knowing wasn't normal and is now irreversible. Hatred and anger are missing from her lookup table; she doesn't even know when she should be feeling them. Her other emotions don't impede her actions because they're numb unless she actively stops and asks herself "What are my emotions right now". She had no way of knowing that wasn't normal. Now, whenever she asks that question, the answer is "anxiety and self-loathing that your entire personality is due to a birth defect."

Her kindness hasn't been all bad. She has befriended Arivelle, who is her most trusted ally and friend and has vowed to feel all Kindota's anger for her. And when she was caught as an accessory to oxygen theft, by helping a very nice person who was clearly in great need and really needed help, she was exiled instead of being executed. So that was nice. 

Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Sailor11

Sailor Lison: Sailor Guardian

Origin: Sailor Lison is a first-generation Sailor Guardian; though Lison may have possibly held life over a billion years ago, whatever lived there was not intelligent enough to become Sailor Guardians, and her Sailor Crystal has never been held by anyone else. She is not reincarnated from anyone, as far as she knows. She attuned with the planet Lison for an unknown reason by unknown means. She awakened her powers on her first oxygen run, when -- with no daimons in sight for miles -- the group's rover suffered catastrophic engine failure and stranded them in freezing darkness.

Transformation: "Sequence 003. Lison star power. Suit up."

Sailor Lison's sailor uniform resembles the environmental suit she used to stay alive in the frozen darkness of Lison's night side, and when passing from city to city. It covers everything from her neck down, a white base with black highlights and yellow decorations, including black and yellow line designs over its surface that resemble stylized versions of the circuitry visible on her skin. Her hair is decorated with blue, pearlescent beads, as is her choker; they serve as transceivers of some kind. Her yellow translucent visor gives her a heads-up display that she can take off and show to someone else, unlike the one she normally has in her vision. She isn't sure why she has an ascot, but is sure there's a reason. Her transformation provides her with a personal oxygen supply and insulation from heat and cold; her civilian identity was pretty much instantly linked to her Sailor form as she constantly maintained her transformation so as to not use up everyone else's air.

Attacks and Powers: Sailor Lison doesn't have very much direct attack power, but that isn't her job. Sailor Lison is encrusted in utility powers.

"Sequence 003-19. Shock thrower." Sailor Lison's holds out her hand, a ball of electricity forms in it, and she chucks it at the target. The electricity is only at 4 milliamps or so, causing humanoid targets to be stunned momentarily as if hit by a stun gun. (To disable someone for longer, she has to hold her hand on them and continuously charge the attack.) The real utility of this attack is that striking an electronic system with it causes Sailor Lison to be able to interface with and control that system as if it were wired to her body, from distances up to 100m away. 

"Sequence 003-23. Barrier projector." Sailor Lison generates a force field. It can be flat or spherical, fixed in space or moving with a given object, but she has to be able to touch the surface of the barrier as she makes it. The barrier isn't invincible, but takes a good amount of damage to break through. She chooses who or what can pass through each barrier and what can't -- she can permit her friends through but nobody else, she can block her friends and let others through (if it's, say, a bridge over a pit), she can let people and clothing through but not weapons, or she can allow projectiles and energy attacks through but not people, making it very hard to damage the barrier enough to break it. 

"Sequence 003-27. Manufacture." Sailor Lison's thigh compartment opens up and she pulls out a useful piece of technology. There are some restrictions: it must be able to fit in one hand, it must be an object Sailor Lison has handled before (can't invent new things, can't get rare or unique items like specific keys without handling them first), and the object and everything contained within will disappear when her transformation lapses or she leaves a 100m radius (air canisters are a temporary solution at best, medical devices can stabilize but not provide long-term healing). Any object that has network capabilities is automatically networked to her. She has a maximum capacity limit, and summoning objects past it causes earlier items to disintegrate in random order.

Special Items: Aside from her communication beads, Sailor Lison's special items are all the stuff she summons with Sequence 003-27. Including, but not limited to:

Miniature spy cams and microphones. Fist-sized energy projector turrets. Theme park hologram projectors. Emergency medical kits. Nonlethal and lethal pistols (to arm civilians with). Ammunition reloads. That dumb little folding scooter that everyone thought was cool around 2493 for some reason. Emergency power cells. Repair kits. Pirated movies that she held at the shop and then put back down, which Sailor Penates assures her is only fair given the price of popcorn. Remote actuator systems to control mechanical devices like doors. A plasma torch. That vacuum you use to suck up a bug and then pneumatically launch it out of the house. Extremely fattening but delicious eclairs. 

Mission: A random adult human who got the drop on Sailor Lison with a two-by-four would pose a serious threat to her. She's optimized to work with a group, a community, and to have time to prepare defenses. As an oxygen runner, this was fine: she loaded up the rover with barriers and synched the gun turrets to blow apart the daimons efficiently and repaired any damage caused by the hostile environment, and the team got home safe. But she could only be with one rover at a time, serving one colony. And when she was at home, trying to fight evil and crime, she had no idea what she was doing, no idea who to go after, no idea how to do it. When a daimon core breached the airlock and made a daimon, she had to set up traps and barriers instead of fighting the beast and directly stopping it from doing damage. She could encrust a 100m-radius area in cameras and defenses and anti-intrusion measures to make it impenetrable, and then be tricked into giving up whatever she was guarding. Nobody understood how she thought or saw the world, not even other members of her species. Everyone was yelling at her for doing things that seemed so obviously wrong to them they had no idea how to explain it to someone who didn't get it. 

She got a lot of leeway due to her service for the oxygen runners, but after the ninth time you are an accessory to a crime with a mandatory death sentence because what the criminals wanted you to do seemed harmless, it's pretty fair for the government of the colony to exile you. She doesn't hate them for it. She doesn't have the ability. She wonders if she should.

She's actually doing much better as a member of the Verge Senshi. Sailor Penates in particular has become her best friend and -- because she has no idea that this isn't how her species is supposed to work -- is always by her side, covering for things she doesn't know, protecting her from problems she can't understand. She serves as central support for the Senshi team; the other members fight to keep enemies from reaching her, so she can use her powers to secure the victory condition and their defense. The other Verge Senshi give her guidance and a purpose in life, a place where people try and understand her and accommodate her. While the ship is in FTL travel, they get out blankets and watch movies on the bridge, and Arivelle will give her a running explanation of what happens on screen if she gets lost. They frequently remind her to check what emotions she's feeling, because they know she needs help with that. Sometimes, there's no anxiety or self-loathing in there at all.

Sailor Lison serves as the sensor and computer officer on board their ship, OSS Shadow Galactica.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Empty
PostSubject: Re: Science-fiction space colonist Sailors   Science-fiction space colonist Sailors I_icon_minitime6th August 2018, 8:22 pm

First of all, I want to say that I really love this concept! Your idea of having NQS exile Wiseman's followers to a different planet is really cool, and I think there is a lot of amazing things you could do with these characters!

For Arivelle, I really love how she's obsessed with justice, and she interprets NQS's actions as unjust. I think that could make for a really interesting antagonist motivation. For our site's requirements when it comes to getting a character profile approved in the RP section, I would suggest broadening her 'Appearance' section with information on her height, weight, clothing preferences, voice, and any other details you can think of. The more detail when it comes to OC's, the better, in my opinion! I also would like to know more about her history, how she was brought up, how she met her best friend, how she became a senshi, etc. I would like to know more about the Onyx Syndicate, too.

For Kindota, first of all I want to say that you have remarkable world-building talent! The only thing I have to suggest is detailing some kind of weakness for Sailor Lison. I know you mentioned that Kindota herself is very overtrusting and generous, which causes her to face betrayal and trickery often, but does Sailor Lison have any weaknesses? For example, since she's a cyborg, would she be weak against water? Other than that, I love this character and I think she would be a great addition to the RP section, should you choose to involve her!


Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Rq4Any2Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Sprite_SailorMoonEarlier02_zpsvate7eei Science-fiction space colonist Sailors JBtc6h7 Science-fiction space colonist Sailors 2DMlRL9 Science-fiction space colonist Sailors MOS3y8g Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Sprite_NeoSailorMars-1_zpsmlohafhhScience-fiction space colonist Sailors J9FkIOw
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Star Seed


Star Seed

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Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Empty
PostSubject: Re: Science-fiction space colonist Sailors   Science-fiction space colonist Sailors I_icon_minitime7th August 2018, 7:49 pm

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the characters enough that your primary point of feedback is "want to know more about them". 

I touch on how the characters became Senshi, but didn't go into too much detail, because we've never seen how it works, so I kiiiind of wanted it to be a bit mysterious. You know the circumstances, but not precisely how it went down. I think some things like that are good, to pique your interest, get you involved, that sort of thing.

That's what a couple of other things are supposed to be too, like the Onyx Syndicate. Just something that from its name you can guess most of what it's like (it's a criminal syndicate using youma and dark magic), but makes you go "oh, there's stories going on here, this world has something to it beyond what I can see". Also, the ship name being Shadow Galactica hints at something but doesn't make it definite.

In-depth details about history, though, those I left out because I was afraid of being too boring or specific. I'll see what I can re-insert now that I have your vote of confidence. 

Sailor Lison's weakness isn't "water", it's "being caught unprepared or caught at close range". Since the characters need to work as protagonists or antagonists, I wanted a weakness that any group could cover even if they didn't have good access to water powers or bodies of water. Sailor Penates needs to be kept at long range or she'll pound you; Sailor Lison has almost no ability to defend herself at short range but if left to her own devices builds an impenetrable sentry nest. I could make that clearer that I'm talking about a weakness of her power set with the "could be threatened by guy with two by four" comment, and not a weakness of her personality.

I could also specify separately their powers as antagonists and protagonists; as protagonists Lison has a set number of blueprints and Penates has diminishing returns on her overcharge, to avoid them being too powerful and solving every problem. But as antagonists, Lison has hundreds or thousands of potential gadgets and Penates has exponential returns for the exponential costs of her overcharge, to make them interesting opponents for a large group of characters to fight. 

And I'll give them several "RP samples" so you get to see them talk and act and spend a little time with them.
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Star Seed


Star Seed

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Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Empty
PostSubject: Re: Science-fiction space colonist Sailors   Science-fiction space colonist Sailors I_icon_minitime12th August 2018, 8:16 am

Sailor Yellow Sky: Civilian

Real Name: Jeanna D'Trelli

Birth Date: March 29, 2482 (Sol-Aires)

Species: Human-analogous (Mermaid)

Homeworld: Yellow Sky orbits the star Tychus. Due to a series of impacts that were prooobably meteors, Yellow Sky has two biospheres: its high plateaus are an oxygen-based environment where humans and similar species can live, while its hot, wet, lowland swamps are home to chlorine-breathing lifeforms, breathing caustic air that will kill human beings. 

It was colonized by the peaceful Orlamu Theocracy  (who seek to understand the nature of the Divine through scientific research) and established the city of Mount Illumination in 2346. But in 2369 -- during the Second Great Sailor War -- the Orlamu world that launched the expedition was scourged, and the colonists were stranded with no FTL communications, no spacedock, and no industrialized manufacturing or resource extraction. Their knowledge was from the Gravity Age, but aside from preserving what they already had brought with them, their technology was regressed to the Age of Reason.

Combustion is impossible in Yellow Sky's chlorine-based environment, so no species could have discovered or used fire there. Yet, the swamps are littered with ruins of an incalculably advanced, incalculably ancient starfaring species known as the "Stoneburners". From them, emerge shambling youma-form creatures known as the Untouched Ones. 

How did they know to call them that?

Appearance: Jeanna is well-tanned and well-muscled from lots of field work at a farm, and about 162 cm high. Her dark aquamarine hair goes down to the middle of her back when it's not done up in a ponytail. Her blue eyes usually aren't haunted, they're usually bright and charming... but there are always deep, dark circles under them.

On Yellow Sky, she wore one of two sets of coarse, itchy, undyed tunics and leggings, the kind made by people who landed on a planet with lots of technical documentation but not a lot of records on "how to operate a shuttle loom effectively". After the colony was rescued and she got some wealth, she got herself a huge wardrobe of outfits in varying levels of formality; even her green T-shirts and blue jeans she wears most of the time are custom-tailored and nothing that touches her skin ever has a thread count below 1000. She tries not to have a big head about things, but there are rules, come on.

Once exposed to current technology again, she's also found with an earbud in her left hear at all times, as civilian and Senshi. If you were to pull it out, you'd hear a metronome ticking at exactly 108bpm, and she'd claw your face off to get it back. 

History: Jeanna was reincarnated, from a backup singer to a 22nd century pop star that died tragically young in a boating accident. She didn't think her distant memories of fame and stardom and performance would ever be relevant; she was a farmer, her parents were farmers, eking out enough to keep Mount Illumination alive. She went to school. She learned state of the art (for the 23rd century) computer interfaces on printed parchment, and how to perform FTL navigation calculations with slate and chalk. She learned archery, as the number of functional guns in the settlement was getting smaller and smaller.

And there were only 13 environmental suits left. One of which was sized for a young girl of her proportions. They couldn't afford to let it go unused. Because the settlement needed her, because she ignored her own fears, she suited up, loaded in an air canister that had been filled by a wooden hand-cranked device, grabbed her bow and arrow, and descended with the expeditions into the chlorine swamps, hunting for deposits of precious iron and animals with hides thick enough to bear useful leather. It was hot. Miserable. Her lungs burned. She was drowning in her own sweat. But she bore on, because people needed her to be brave. They even listened to her sing sometimes, to make her feel more valued back at the camp, but she'd never had any coaching and wasn't any good.

One day, they strayed too close to a Stoneburner ruin, and the Untouched Ones were upon them. She was closest to the edge, so she tried to sacrifice herself so others could get away safely. She couldn't tell if it worked -- she couldn't see, couldn't hear. Their spindly claw fingers rent her body. Her breathing line was severed, and she rapidly choked to death in the toxic atmosphere.

11 hours later, she came to, breathing unimpeded, as Sailor Yellow Sky. Around her were 11 corpses of the Untouched Ones, arrayed in a circle.

All dead by their own hands. 

Science-fiction space colonist Sailors Yellow10

Sailor Yellow Sky: Sailor Guardian

Origin: Jeanna is not the first to hold the title of Sailor Yellow Sky... or at least, let's say, not the first to be Sailor Guardian of this planet. She surmises that the previous title holder was one of the Stoneburners, who lived millions upon millions of years ago, and left her the title, the powers, and the profane alien relic/guardian that screams at her in a language she can't possibly understand and protects her by injuring her friends. 

How long ago did the Stoneburners die out, do we think?

And how long ago did Sailor Galaxia seal away Chaos?

And how come this Sailor Guardian outfit doesn't have a Sailor collar?

Transformation: "Atlach a natai. Aatal oorn. Ab a dhuttai om!"

Sailor Yellow Sky's outfit resembles the environmental suit she used to stay alive on her terrifying expeditions into her planet's corrosive lowlands. It covers everything below her neck in a pale off-yellow, with a dark burgundy skirt and back ribbon, and dark green highlights and piping. Her wrist adornments are shackles; anyone else who touches them finds them unbearably heavy, but she can't imagine not having to bear them. As alluded above, she has no Sailor collar of any kind. While transformed, she can survive in absolutely any environment regardless of heat, pressure, chemical composition, radiation... but she still feels its effects on her body, even if they cause no damage and don't really happen. 

Attacks and Powers: Sailor Yellow Sky's element is corrosion. Form and space break down. Boundaries erode, and definition melts. Nothing can be kept out because there is no out or in any more. She corrodes the boundaries of space and distance, she corrodes stone and flesh, wearing all away into a singular point of nothing, just as her fellow colonists' needs wore away any boundary she could claim around herself. 

"Atlach a natai. Abhai a shudde." Sailor Yellow Sky conjures fistfuls of horribly caustic acid. Due to the possibility of awfully maiming people, she never uses this with others around, or on living opponents. She uses it to melt materiel, terrain, obstacles and walls, etc.

"Warp." Sailor Yellow Sky bends space. This point and that point become adjacent, regardless of distance in between. There are plenty of tricks to be pulled by sending sound and energy and devices through warped space, or bending the geography of a location past sanity, but she never allows any other living being to cross warped space as a "portal" -- when she does it, she's always incapacitated by weeping and vomiting blood.

As an antagonist, her ability to warp space is far more pervasive and subtle, but she retains the restriction on "teleporting" living things.

Special Items: Sailor Yellow Sky has two of these, to her chagrin. The first is her Stellar Bow, a compound bow engraved with star-pattern designs from her personal notebook. The system of cams and pulleys allows her to put on a draw weight that matches her heroic strength; it's made out of cutting-edge alloys and polymers that don't actually exist, but she imagined would exist by the time she was rescued. It is her primary means of attack (since she can warp arrows to their destination as long as they stay in line of sight), comes with an 8x scope, and fires arrows that pierce, explode, or leave clouds of corrosive gas to melt through force fields and magical protection. It appears to have nothing to do with the Stoneburners.

The second doesn't have a name that she can pronounce. It's a spherical cube -- a cubic sphere -- of weeping magenta stone that hovers around her and only she can see or hear. It screams at her in a language nobody has spoken in millions of years, especially to wake her up, or tell her to do things. She has no idea what it wants. She wants to keep it that way. Any time she's injured, the stone strikes someone nearby with red lightning, healing her and wracking them with pain and injury. The lightning only hits enemies if it can't hit an innocent bystander, and only hits innocent bystanders if it can't hit a friend. It does this if she squishes her thumb in a cabinet door, or drops something on her foot. She'd much prefer if it went away, please. 

Mission: Mount Illumination needed her. How could she say no? Once she became Sailor Yellow Sky, she was there for every expedition into the lowlands. And then, well, she was so much safer, she was at so much less risk than everyone else because her air supply couldn't be ruptured and her suit couldn't be corroded... can't she just go down alone, and protect everyone else by completing the missions solo? Mount Illumination needed her, so that was what she did.

And now that she's going out on expeditions solo, isn't it an amazing opportunity to map the Stoneburner ruins in a way that nobody else can? Sure, it's frightening, but she is courageous, and she's willing to step up for the sake of advancing human knowledge, right? So she spent less and less of her time hunting slow beasts with inefficient chlorine-based metabolisms, and more in the weeping stone ruins, gathering up relics, trying to snipe down the vulnerable bulbous eyeballs of the Untouched Ones before they came at her as a blizzard of impossibly thin fingers. It was impossible to map the ruins, of course. Every one had a totally different layout every time she entered. Three rights didn't make a left. The horrid laboratory-tombs were filled with impossible, non-Euclidean geometry that hurt her head to try and understand. A horrible droning came from inside her ears. Bas-reliefs seemed to depict hundreds of scenes of her being mutilated and killed, annotated in perfect modern French. It all went deeper. Everything went deeper, deeper than she could go, deeper than she could fathom. Why were there hallways, but never rooms? Why were there rooms, but never hallways?

Sailor Yellow Sky didn't originally have the power to warp space, until she'd been to the ruins. Is that even one of her powers? Or is it something Jeanna has seen about the world, and can't unsee?

But she kept going. She beheld more and more impossible things, things Man was not meant to know, things she could not understand beyond knowing she never should. Because people needed her to. Because she was protecting others from enduring this peril. Because she was brave. 

Mount Illumination did their best to keep her spirits up, and she did her best to keep her spirits looking up. They christened her "Sailor Discovery", an Orlamist saint of courage and inquiry. There was a feast day every week in her honor. She liked those. There were lots of people there to talk to and that meant she wasn't alone with her own thoughts. She sang terribly, and people politely clapped. 

In 2497, the Orion Arm re-established contact with the frontier, and the colony of Yellow Sky was rediscovered. The Theocracy swooped in with much needed medicine and clothing and armaments and modern supplies. Her expeditions continued, under closer scientific guidance, for about a year and a half, deeper and longer than she ever wants to talk about.

Her name and likeness as "Sailor Discovery" were marketed as a character in educational children's programming, with tales of her courage and heroism that had been "massaged" to make them more palatable to audiences back home. She didn't actually get a huge cut of the royalties, and Sailor Discovery isn't a massive well-known household name, but a small cut of a minor character going out to an audience of 745 billion is still a very decent chunk of change, and Sailor Discovery got herself rich. She didn't walk out on her duties, until someone suggested she could -- then she was gone before that sentence finished echoing in the air. She became a free agent, fighting what evils she could find when she could find them, in nice normal happy predictable Euclidean space against things that had a consistent number of limbs and experienced time in an orderly, coherent fashion. 

Joining up with the Verge Senshi was a no-brainer, they provided emotional and tactical support and if she wasn't the only one around who did Senshi things she wouldn't be pushed into doing everything. Sailor Lison is a great help in particular, because she doesn't mind being asked a lot of questions like "how many people are in the room with us?" and "do the angles of this triangle still add up to 180 degrees?" and "Is e still less than pi?", without trying to draw conclusions about what is going on in her head based on the questions.

Personality: Jeanna is outgoing, friendly, gregarious, giving, courageous, self-sacrificing, and clearly about 5 millimeters from losing her goddamned mind at any given moment. She loved being around other people, and that's even better because now being around other people means not being alone with her thoughts! She pushes for lots of time together, lots of talking, or playing lots of games, or watching lots of movies -- lots of TOGETHER TIME. She can seem normal in short bursts, when you don't have enough time to see the patterns, and she just seems outgoing. But the longer you're with her, the more likely you are to notice how much she laughs at inappropriate things, how random words startle her like gunshots, how she keeps looking behind her like she thinks something is in the room with her. She's terrified of being alone. She's terrified of what will be there with her when she is. 

She's always jumping into danger (she can't refuse it) and trying to solve other people's problems (if she solves someone else's problems she doesn't have her own). She's proactive and forward looking. Extremely forward looking, lots of forward momentum, because if she stops moving forward she collapses. She has seen Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. Her courage has almost destroyed her by exposing her again and again to mind-shattering sights, taking on the most awful burdens and obligations of everyone. If her awful experience allows her to help someone, she has to do it... because if she doesn't, someone else might have to see those things, and that's something she can't let them do.

She's not comfortable with most modern technology (it's 150 years past what she learned about) and prefers other people do computer things for her. She does all her FTL navigation calculations by hand, on paper. They get the ship to its destination much faster than the laws of physics allow. Only Sailor Lison is allowed to input them, because she's the only one who is able to conclusively delete information she's seen from her own memory, and nobody else is even allowed to look at them.

Battle: Sailor Yellow Sky is a sniper, dealing precision damage to high-value targets from extreme range, using her space-warping powers to extend the range of her arrows. Corrosive clouds restrict her opponents' movement, and deal devastating damage to those who can't move away from them. She's most effective alone, but she needs to be in contact with others or she'll lose it. Her floating cube-orb has nothing to do with how she uses her powers, provides no benefit she cares about, and she'd rather be rid of it, but nonetheless it means that her being close to her allies while enemies are near endangers them. Being close to others hurts them, because of course it does. If she's outnumbered or caught with an ally, she has to escape through a hole in space, which will incapacitate her and take her out of the fight. If her allies are in danger and sniping off attackers isn't a viable course of action, she's going to have to do something dangerous to save them.

RP Samples:

Meeting a fan!:

On a mission with the crew!:

Antagonist: Battle!:
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