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 Storyline FAQ

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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

Outer Senshi Admin  Roleplay Director

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Storyline FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Storyline FAQ   Storyline FAQ I_icon_minitime8th March 2012, 9:31 am

Storyline Information

  1. The RPG is divided into 4 role-playing forums (Silver Millennium Forum, Tokyo City Forum, Crystal Tokyo Forum, and Free-Form Forum). Each Forum will have several active and independent story lines.

  2. Story lines will be created by a role-player (or role-players as a collaborative effort) and available for participation by all members.

  3. The creator of a story line must submit a description of the story line (including any restrictions) as a separate thread to the Storyline Submissions Board and receive approval by Sailor Saturn. Storyline FAQ 3120549547

  4. The Graveyard is the place inactive role-plays go to rest. If a role-play has been inactive for one month, then the role-play will be moved to the Graveyard. But, not to worry! Sailor Saturn can always use her glaive to resurrect any role-play if she is asked.

    If a Storyline has reached its end and there is nothing left to be roleplayed, it will be inducted into our Roleplay Hall of Fame for everyone to read and enjoy! Sailor Neptune will create the "trophy" for each completed Storyline to be held in the board and a mini one the players could use as a signature or a bumper.

Storyline Submission Guidelines
Once you come up with an idea for a roleplay, after reading the Storyline Information thread, you can use the form below to create and submit your own role-play. This process helps us keep track of what is going on in the RPG and also helps you design and implement your ideas.
When you complete this form, submit a topic in the Storyline Submissions subforum to be reviewed and approved by Sailor Saturn.
Storyline Submissions Form
Copy this code, paste it in your creative work space, and don't change any tags Wink
[b]Name of the Storyline:[/b]  
[b]Name of the Creator(s):[/b]  
[b]Plot Summary:[/b]  
[b]Details on any necessary information:[/b]  
Don't know what to write? Click on the spoiler tag for some more information!

Storyline Frequently Asked Questions
This section will answer Frequently Asked Questions about storylines and/or storyline submissions, once people start asking questions ^^'.
Please ask any questions pertaining to the Storyline guidelines above, or the Storyline Submission Form (found here) below.


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Storyline FAQ

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