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 Jack Levan (Cerberus)

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Star Seed

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Jack Levan (Cerberus) Empty
PostSubject: Jack Levan (Cerberus)   Jack Levan (Cerberus) I_icon_minitime29th August 2018, 7:32 pm

Hello! I am attempting to make my character for a future rp that I am trying to make. He's been a main character of mine for a very long time and I adapted him for a sailor moon rp. I hope you all enjoy!

Name: Jack Levan

Hero Form (Knight Form): Cerberus

Age: 16

Born: April 5th

Height: 5'7

Weight: 175 LBS

Birth: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

History: Life has not been so good for Jack. Jack Levan is the only heir to the rich Levan Co, a company that is known for drilling oil sights, natural gas, and now trying to slowly turn to solar panels. His father left him as a baby, only for his mother, Thallasa to tend to him, along with her butler Jenkins. Jack grew under close observation from both, only to wish him to have the best of life of what family he had left. When he turned 15, he went to his private school like he usually does, only to be picked up by Jenkins quickly after a hour. His mother was found dead, her car exploding outside the Levan Co building in Texas. No leads, no trails. He went into a deep depression, lasting months. Even with Jenkins on the side, there was still comfort. His family, gone. Now the only heir, he found to be in a tighter watch than he usually was. The pressure was getting way too much. He was suppose to be perfect for the job; but he wasn't. One day,  he was walking down school and then suddenly encountered a golden watch, having numbers in roman numerals. After following his day and was about to sleep, the watch began to glow for him. Shocked and confused, Jack walked down to see, only to his surprise that the watch was also talking. It introduced himself as Xervius, an AI being that was looking for him. He was studying Jack for a very long time, and had traits of a warrior that died eons ago; a few years after the Moon Kingdom's destruction. Unfortunately it did not know much due corrupt data. However, he had power to transform Jack into Cerberus, a Knight of Darkness and Revenge. 

It wasn't long till Jack put his new form into action. He used it against some bandits who were trying to rob a bank. They were armed with AR-15s and handguns. Thanks to early self defense training, he was able to dispatch all of them in a quick amount of time. It gave him a rush, an adrenaline rush. He loved it. It wasn't long that Cerberus began taking down more criminals, even taking down a local Cartel group. He began to be well feared, and many of the folk began to call him "El Perro." Aka, The Dog. A year has passed and Jenkins being in the loop, He usually patrols at night, and with each new battle, it grows more confidence into him, making him almost unstoppable. 

Personality: Jack is more outspoken than his mother, and if there's a problem, he will tell it to ya to your face. He does have a bit of a temper, especially in his Cerberus form. He is quite friendly though.

Apperance: He's 5'7 and 175 lbs, but has a more Caucasian color to him, having a few tan lines thanks to the Texan weather. He is slim, having a bit of a chub on himelf. He has brown, straight hair and hazel eyes. He usually wears a white shirt with a brown set of pants, with a cowboy hat.

Cerberus: As Cerberus, he has a different uniform of course. His original form did have a bit of a tuxedo form. But seeing Jack was going against criminals, he needed something more modern, and not flashy. He has a grey sweater like coat, having a hood. His pants are blue jeans, having shin guards that looked like it came from a soccer group. He does have leather gloves on him, arm guards to protect his arms from physical attacks and a black plastic mask to cover his mouth area. However, he does have a Type 3 bullet proof vest on him to protect himself from rifle rounds, shotgun shells and handguns- seeing he faced many criminals with one form of gun. He had been shot one time, but it was blocked thanks to the vests he used.

Abilities: Jack in form doesn't have really any powers. He's not the smartest, nor anything special. He is quite the eater though, loving food and can eat a lot while staying slim. However, he does know a lot of self defence. Ranging from boxing, kick boxing, judo and nujitsu. 

Cerberus: As in this form, it's when his power really shines. He has super human strength, 3-4 times more than usual. He can be incredibly agile when in the darkness, however. Enough that he can avoid actual gunfire. However, when in the light, he is more weaker. In later forms, he can even turn into a shadow himself, but ONLY when there's a lot of darkness and in that darkness. He can even teleport if there's more cover, but in a poof of darkness.

Attacks: Cerberus does not have none at the moment, only to rely on his physical strength to get the job done. For now.

That was a lot. Enjoy!
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Jack Levan (Cerberus)

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