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 Selling: Rare Bandai Neo Queen Serenity Crown

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Star Seed

Star Seed

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PostSubject: Selling: Rare Bandai Neo Queen Serenity Crown   Sat 1 Dec - 21:23


I've run into some money troubles so unfortunately I have to start selling my sailor moon collection starting with this item.


This is an Bandai proplica (?) Neo Queen Serenity crown from the 90s. I can't read Japanese so I'm not sure of the exact details of the item. The box it came in is pretty beat up but the crown itself is in good condition. It still works and plays music. 

Asking for $275 plus $10 shipping. This item is also up on ebay under the name sailor_remy if you'd rather go through that site.

And as I mentioned above I'm selling my entire collection which includes most of the proplicas:
- Cutie Moon Rod (no box tho my dog ate it RIP)
- Spiral Heart Moon Rod
- Crescent Moon Wand
- Rainbow Moon Chalice (the bottom part covering the battery area has trouble staying on so it'll be discounted)
- Both Sailor Moon Lockets (The Pink Crystal One's back doesn't stay on properly so that'll be discounted)
- Sailor Neptune's Transformation Wand
- Chibi Moon's Wand

They'll all be up on ebay shortly but you can also message me here if you're interested. Unless otherwise noted they're all in near mint condition. They've only been put on display on a shelf. And all will come with batteries already put in.
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PostSubject: Re: Selling: Rare Bandai Neo Queen Serenity Crown   Sun 2 Dec - 1:09

:0000 wow I haven't seen one of these up for auction in a while... Amazing collection list!

However... please don't try to ship the toys with the batteries already in them. They can pose a hazard and may not even make it past customs. You can always look up the policy about batteries specific to the shipping company you're intending to use for more info.


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Selling: Rare Bandai Neo Queen Serenity Crown

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