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 My Various Sites

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Abenti Galger
Star Seed

Abenti Galger

Star Seed

Title : Feline Senshi
Posts : 16
Join date : 2019-01-29
Age : 39
Location : California

My Various Sites Empty
PostSubject: My Various Sites   My Various Sites I_icon_minitime6th February 2019, 10:48 am

Site Name: Sailor Christmas dot Com
Description: Decking the halls gets an all new meaning when a new history teacher comes to Juuban High School so soon after the death of the previous history teacher. Also a mysterious new transfer student who gives everyone the cold shoulder arrives in class. Watch and see as Holiday Senshi collide and surprizes appear around every corner. Celebrate the holidays, Senshi style!

Site Name: Sailor Tiger's Grotto
Description: Join Abenti Galger, a young woman, who until recently believed that she was an ordinary nurse - well, as ordinary as a nineteen year old prodigy can get.  Several weeks of weird dreams lead up to the point in which she finds out that she's destined to be a pretty sailor suited soldier of a feline nature - with more lives than a cat, and just as many problems.

Site Name: Book Of Otaku Senshi
Description: Book Of Otaku Senshi (BOOS) is a site based upon my Otaku Senshi called Sailor Savior. Her profile is chalk full of info, it might be a story upon herself.  Not recommended for those who might get offended around religion based senshi.

Site Name: Rogue Moon
Description: Long ago, one of the guardians within Neptune's court would up being ousted due to stuff beyond her control. In the present day, the now rogue senshi, Sailor Galatea is called on to take care of some unfinished business.

Site Name: Eternal Eclipse
Description: In an alternate, negative (kinda like a photo negative) universe there are alternates to all senshi. In this one, there's a big difference between the Nega-Senshi and the canon-verse. All are Sailor Nega(planet name here) with no tuxedos, genders are opposite... and instead of the senshi of the Moon being the lead character, Sailor Negaearth is in charge, and she doesn't always fight fair.

Site Name: Rogue Moon
Description: Long ago, one of the guardians within Neptune's court would up being ousted due to stuff beyond her control. In the present day, the now rogue senshi, Sailor Galatea is called on to take care of some unfinished business.

Site Name: Sailor Chibi-Moon's World!
Description: Long since stagnant shrine to the pinkest senshi of them all!

Site Name: Pokemon Amber: The Untold Memoir
Description: He's never been seen.  In fact, he's only been mentioned once within the whole entire animated series to date; even then, it was by his wife to his son - an up and coming pokemon trainer named Ash Ketchum.  Who is this unknown man?  What is he like?

Site Name: Project Pachyderm
Description: After a Protoform Stasis Pod lands without either the Maximals or Predicons initially finding out about it, a Maximal emerges and begins to live with the pachyderm herd that her beast mode is based on. Eletron eventually has first contact and joins into the fray of the Beast Wars.

Site Name: Cybernetic Showdown
Description: There's no such thing as a 'normal' day when it concerns a pair of misfits on the run from the very syndicate that made them that way.

Last edited by Abenti Galger on 27th February 2019, 10:11 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : First Edit: Added Eternal Eclipse. Second Edit: Added my Chibi-usa Shrine.)
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My Various Sites

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